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Campbell, worked for Mark Lamarr and sold the Spice Girls' sequinned asses all round Europe. Now, she's preparing to front The Key, a new BBC show which seeks to define, unlock and act as a guide to the Scottish arts scene.

'We're going to look at key issues, key events and key personalities in arts and entertainment in Scotland,’ says Beattie, a petite, slender redhead with a penchant for bacon butties and visual art. 'We might have a Tom Jones concert in Glasgow one week, then Douglas Gordon and Ewan McGregor,

'I presented a bit on youth fashion, Which was great because I got to run around the Sub Club and get felt up by 12-year-old boys.’

Vicky Beattie

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‘We don’t want people to be p "the arts”, as we are going to take view of what it means. The Key will feature All Saints as Suspect Culture,’ she ‘of people imagine that the arts aren't acces they couldn't understand anything to do wit Morrison. But, in fact, they could pro understand so much more about him than Sco Opera even though they hear about them m often. It's about exposure. We want to cover thin that people might otherwise not come into contact -' hem in a way that isn't

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Thu 22 Oct, 8pm. 14msusr 8 22 no. ~