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Countless colourful worlds have been conjured up by Disney Studios, but never before have these titans of animation attempted a Chinese setting. Until now, that is. The latest Disney feature, Mulan, is a romantic adventure set in the anCIent empire during an attempted invasion by the Huns. All the usual glamour and slapstick is there in abundance, but it's the gorgeous design that'll take your breath away. (Andrew Burneti

Mulan is released on Fri 76 Oct. See review, page 28

Rovers Return

Two years ago, Rebel Inc published Children Of Albion Rovers, an anthology of fiction by the pulsing young bloods of Scottish literature (Welsh, Warner, Reekie, etc). The book attracted both literary celebration and legal scrutiny and now Its sequel is finally here. For Rovers Return, team boss Kevrn Williamson has picked another strong sguacl, \‘JIIfl original players Gordon Legge, Laura Hircl and James Meek ‘2 touted by recent

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l)asec'l Irish writer Emer Martin, hot chef Anthony Bourclain and Chelsea fan John King, Don’t expect a quiet pint and a cosy conversation With Bet Lynch, mind.

lBr:an Donaldson. Rovers Return is published by Rebel /nc on 'l‘nu 1:3 Oct, priced [8.9.9.