It’s probably about trme Capercarllre released a greatest hrts album. From humble begrnnrngs In remote Argyll, these proneers of Celtrc/world crossover musrc have achieved \VOTldWIdO sales of more than a mrllron records, the world’s frrst and only Top 40 hrt In Gaelic, the theme song for a lTldJOT movre (Rob Royl and tours of 30 COUTTITICS. Thus It IS that much-admired singer Karen lvlatheson and her cohorts release Dusk Till Dawn, whrch lllClleeS seventeen songs drawn from therr srx prevr0us albums. The band \‘Vlll also be a lTTdJOl' attraction at thrs month’s Bng Bug World musrc festival rn Glasgow. They'll be Jomed by Gurneau-based HIJas Del Sol, whose tradrtronal chants added an earthy flavour of North Afrrca to Capercarllre’s Beautiful Waste/and album; wrth support from Lunasa, a new Celtic band wrth an Impresswe herrtage. (Andrew Burnet)

Big Big World runs Sat 77~Sat 37 Oct, at various venues in Glasgow. Caperc'ai/lie with Hijas Del Sol and Lt'inasa play the Old Fruitmarket on Sun 78 Oct. The Best Of Capercail/ie, Dusk Till Dawn is released by Survival Records on Mon 79 Oct.

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Reeves & Mortimer

Whether you consrder them the greatest comedy duo srnce Errc and Ernre or about as droll as Hitler and Hrmmler, there Is little doubt that er lvlorr (aka Vrc Reevesl and Bob Mortimer altered Brrtarn’s comedrc landscape the moment they assaulted the nation’s tellres rn 1989. In thrs easrly drgestrble biography, Bruce Dessau traces the path from Goldsmiths Tavern to Shooting Stars. And there are some stupendoust amust and/or embarrassing photos to complement the tale.

lBrIan Donaldsom

Reeves B Mortimer is published by Orion Books on Thu 22 Oct, pric ed [7699.

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