October 21 7pm - 9pm October 24 100m - 120m

Wednesdays starting Saturdays starting

Duration 8 weeks Maxrmum Places 10 Cost £80

This practical course will introduce you to Internet and Cross Platform Web Page deSign using:

' Apple Mac Computers - HTML - A range of software applications

At the end of the course you will have your own Home Page on the Internet

Introduction to 0

Wednesdays starting November 4 5.30pm - 8 30pm Duration 6 weeks Cost £95

This course provrdes a short introduction to the prinCiples of English Language Teaching includung:

' Lesson Planning

- Resource Evaluation

- Teaching Skills - Classroom Management

CONTACT: Pauline Graham: 0141 357 6058 or Claire Hewitt: 0141 357 6063


p h o t o w o r Is s Fee paying workshop dates photography courses. August 29th/30th. September 12th/t3th. October 24th/25ih. N0vember Nth/15th December 12th/13th Black + white beginners evening course Look into DOSSlbllin of running this evening class. tue evenings 4 COnsec-

utive weeks from October 13th - November 3rd

Composmon and Printing Evening course

Thursday evenings X 4 August 27th - September 17th (depending on demand). October 15th - November 5th, November 26th - 17th December

26 King Street, Glasgow G1 SOP Tel: 0141 552 2151

ruminant .n The Actors IVorksbop

Will take I‘IJLL' at THE FILM a VIDEO \X'ORKSIIOI’. H ALBION S'I‘REE’I‘, GLASGOW? (iI ILII on Saturday I‘tli October (ll ipm. I’unctual attendance required.

The Actor's \V'orlcsliop shall be introdtncd lit Attor

'I'raincr Playwright Artist. Rober! Parilful firm/i \\‘lIIi .in lITITHtIth tion to documentary production by Anqu .Hc'Can/c'} and short tiliii pfiislilkiiiili. Irv I’eler Lang.


Tel: (ll-ll 336 383.3

Tel, liars: ()l-il H" .2 %()~i


Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

The. Spanish Language (1e. nt re.

- ‘3 levels ol Spanish (lasses

Any ability.

BA Music Studies RSAMD

- Alter St liool ()lui) tor ( liiitiren

- (.orporate Training Programme

- Translation dc interpreting Servlt ('

Tel: 0131 659 5926

3 .‘i'illi'r Street (ilastiow oi lilA (evenings).

° Tel 't‘ax: ()l/il 221 9687

92 THELIST 8—92 ()(t 19’18

new st


Dialects) Key.

(By audition).

Associated Board.

Microphone &' Musical Theatre


Training Prom 3 years

CONFIDENCE PERFORMANCE 'I'RAININC FOR ALL Adult and Children ’5 Courses ACTING COURSES: By experienced 'I‘elevision. Theatre

Actors &’ Specialised Coaches (Acting, Voice. Accents dz

SINGING COURSES: Strengthen dc Build your Voice and

Vocal ’I‘echnique. Microphone Work. Recording Skills. Pop,

Musical Theatre. Classical. Whatever the style we have the I; /-U


PERFORMANCE COURSES: Creating a professional outlook to performing for children (By audition). Musical

theatre training for adults by professional Performers &' tutors

EXAMINATION COURSES: Acting/Singing. lirom (irades to Diploma entry from LAMDA, (iuildhall. London College.


Courses tailored to your needs.


Individual Tuition Available

Phone: 0131-445 7491

Fax: 0131-445 7492

I Want to make a film or shoot a video‘.’ Learn how to at the film and video access centre. Affordable and accessible. call ()1 3] 220 ()220 for your free information pack now!

I French or Spanish tuition given to all levels by fully qualified teacher. Call 013] 554 36i3.

The Dance House a new dance centre for Glasgow 3 vanefy c‘ 'iigli qua‘ib/ exeri'ng classes

96 Oct - 5 Dec

3?. Napierstiali Street Centre 6’ Big Hands Centre, Seven

tel 0141 445 6000

I French native teachers gixe tuttion iii conversation. translation. grammar. literature. (‘all Ill-ll (i-l‘) 397‘).

I Flute and singing lessons front experienced teacher. All ages and all le\els \s'elcoiiie. Reasonable i'aies. (‘all Charlotte on (llJl 33‘) 94-1 l or (HID-188


I)e\elop your Cl'CllIl\'iI_\' by learning guitar at The Edinburgh (iiiitar Studio. Satisfaction and results guaranteed. Bookings: 0131 553 1617.

PIANO TUITION b} enthusiastic. professional letlclict All gi'atlc‘s tiiitl ages beginners uelcoiiie. (at) centre location iiusi olf London Road i. Peter Breaiii (iR.\'('.\I. Tel: 0131 652 0624.

BAGPIPES Tllllltill at all le\ els by c‘\[‘t‘t‘iciict‘tl teacher. Reasonable rates.

.-\lso a\ ailable for \seddiiigs. ceilidlis and other functions. Call Ewan on 0131 668 4954 or 0131 556 4918.

I Spanish tuition b} natixe speaker froin :‘srgentina. (‘realive learning for all lesels. Polloksliields and West End. (‘ontact 014] 423 7.192.

I Music production. Tulot‘ial courses iii studio technique and record production by long established itidlisit‘}‘ professional. l‘or iiioi'e iiifoi'iiiatioii contact ('8 Productions on l)I.‘\| 3263-143.

"fist-667"— " '

I Spanish lessons. All |e\els. (iroups. indi\ iduals. children. 'I'cl; Ill ‘tl (ibh 3 l()7.

I Violin tuition lessons to: beginners to adxaiiced from Professional teacher and perfoi'iiier. i Dip. RAM. LRAMJ. All Iesels \selconie. Phone (ll-II 945 306],

I Learn Gaelic mitt experienced. friendly tutor. All lexels. IiitIthliiuls & small groups. Introductory lesson ck ad\ice. (ilasgoxs/Kirkiiitilloch area. Kenneth .‘schanus MA i(ilasgov i. l)ip llNl) iSablial Mitt ( )sltllgi Tt‘li Ill-II 7gb -75-

I Fiddle lessons a\ aiiaiwic Iiisli. Scottish and iiiipioxisation Beginners \ielcoiiic 2.8 pct half hour lesson Limited number of places. Phone .lanies (ii-1| 333


I Homeopathy introductory classes (‘oiiie and lime great fun lcaiiiing iiioie about this tl_\ii.i|iilc s}siciii of medicine (‘all loi iiioie iiitoiiiiatioii .lilliaii Rcclsic Ill “l 55“ All ('lasscs stall IUL‘VIJ} :ll ( )ctobei‘

‘)[‘lii l)iiiiibied_\kes.

I Learn to be happy? (‘iiange sour thought change )oui' life. Personal deselopiiieiit through positise thinking. Ha) \torksliop "tli/btli Nm ()8.

llitli\ idual sessions also .ixailable Plioiie Louise Ila} Titillillig (il.‘~l .‘sl5 3533.

I Drawing on the right-hand side of the brain Weekend coiiise foi adults iii Edinburgh *1 October/l .\'o\eiiiber \s itli artist Jenn} Siiiitli BA lloiioiii‘s. “Vi—"liners \selcoiiie. for details call 'ii3l 554 i999

CEROC PURE DANCE ADDICTION The original and best foriii of modern JIVL‘.

Now on the Web point your browser at: Beginners welcome every suck at any night. ~15 minutes beginners class follou ed b} dancing to it).3(lpm. Learn to dance to any music; club. Latin. rock 'ii' roll. etc. A licensed bar is available at most nights. ('oiiie alone or with friends iiio need to bring a partneri. Doors open at 7.l5ptn. Begititiers' class at 7.30pm Aberdeen: Thursdays at The Palace Nightclub. Bridge Place ioff Bridge Streeti, .-\IlL‘IlIl(iliI .»\berdeeii only. doors open (i 45pm. Beginners class 7pm. l‘i‘eesule till lllpiii. Dundee: Wednesdays at The Mirage ('lub. St Andreus Lane. Glasgow: Mondays at The (‘lada ('liib. 55 Westitioi'elaiid Sli't‘t‘l. ()lict‘ii's I).III\. Stitillisitlc Wednesdays ai ilie (thing l'ni\ei‘sit_\ l'iiioii. ‘2 l'iiixeisit} .-\\eiiue. \Vesi liiid Edinburgh: Tuesdays and Thursdays at St Sic-plies (‘liiirch Hall. St Stephens St Ibolioiii of Him e S! i. Stockbridge.

Falkirk: Tuesdays at The Martell. Buriibank Rd. off (il;ili;iiii\ Rd. l‘RliIi ()peniiig TUCsclJ} l3 ()c‘ltil‘t‘i‘ Livingston: Mondays at The l.i\i Nitespot. l.i\ingstoii Stadium I'Rlili Opening Monda} l‘)()ciobei. Note: (’Iasses aie open throughout the seat including bank lioiitlass Further details from 01324 613209.