Lineage: £6 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word.

Semi-display: £10 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word.

Display: £8 per single column cm, excl VAT.

Box No costs £6 extra per issue for non-personal ads.


(Box No is

included in price). Lineage: £10 for up to 30 words p us 25p per extra word.

Semi-display: £14 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word.



If yOur advert doesn't COrne under any of the above sections, please contact us and it may be possible to arrange a new section heading for you.


This is display It has a border all the way rOund and we can include your c0mpany logo Rates are £8 per single column centimetre (excl VAT).

Minimum size 3 column cm. Minimum cost £24 (plus VAT).

This is semi-display It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred, Minimum cost is £10 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word Personal ads in this style include a Box No and cost from £14

I This is lineage.

lvlrrfix‘num cost is {6 for up 20 30 words plus 25p per extra

nclude a Box No and cost from £10

Please note Lineage and Semi-display ads are inclusive of VAT

DISCOUNTS Lineage/Semi-display/Display

2 consecutive insertions 10% 3 (onsecutive insertIOris 15% A ronsecutive iriSertIons 20%

6 roristi-rutive insertions 25%

word Personal ads in this style


:Name ................................................................... ..

:Address ............................................................... ..

Print message one were per bOx (NB Telephone Numbers c0unt as one word)

Which Section? How many issues?

.Tick if you want a Semi-display ad D ETick if you want a Box No (obligatory in personal) C]

Itotal Cost £

i Not 'eaaired ‘c' Sax: or "aTS"a-'e

:All adverts must be prepaid CheQues and Postal Orders should : be made out to The List Ltd

l I enclose cheque/postal order/cash for £

:Alternatively, you may pay by MasterCard or Visa Credit cards I Please debit my

:MasterCardNisa card

m M I Number: / / / / l Expiry date —[——/

:Cardholder’s Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . .. : (name and initials as on card)

:Address ................. .. . '(if not as above).



1 Advertisers must supply lull name an : address NOT for publicatiom 2 The List reserves the right to ' W W :hd'aw Any advertisement at our discretiOn and with0ut explanaton 3 with series bookings, alterations cannot be made and no 'e‘mds allowed 0n cancellatiOns after the first -nsertion

4 Addresses and telephone numbers are not accepted for pubFication in personal ads

Copy for Classified ads must reach us by second post on lTHURSDAY A WEEK BEFORE PUBLICATION

:WE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High Street (opp John KnOx's 'House). Edinburgh, during business hours

5 Post this form enclosing payment to: I Classified Ads E The List Ltd

: 14 High Street at the CCA

\/ Edinburgh 350 Sauchiehall St


db EH1 11E Glasgow 62 310

For further details phone 0131 5581191

96 THE LIST 8 22 Oil 1998


IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? Aerobics. Hill-walking. Meals ()ut. Badminton.

Bridge. Cinema. Dancing. Tennis. Theatre. Parties. Football. Exhibitions. Ceilidhs. Weekend Trips and lots of other activities too numerous to mention!

It could be with IVC a self-run club for go-ahead people. Membership is less than £20 a year. You can give us a try fora month or so with no obligation tojoin but we're sure you'll want to! Details from 0131 332 1342 for Edinburgh. 07020 955482 for Glasgow or 01382 737839 for Dundee. 6- 10pm.

I Cafe/Bar Sunday brunch? Friendly. interesting. Edinburgh-based professionals/ academics in thirties invited to join similar to widen social circle. Phone Julie on 013! 228 I432.

I Glasgow Bisexual Group for women/men. Meet for support/ socialising 7.30pm 2nd last Wednesday of month at Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre or write David Craig. OGLC. ll Dixon Street Glasgow GI 4Al..

QUEST (Jay or Lesbian and Catholic? So are we? Quest is a self help support group. In times of calm or crisis. telephone 0141 948 0397.

livery Sunday between 7— l()pm.


I Looking for Mr Right'.’ Slim 5ft Sin I-Idinburgh-based male (2(1) seeks creative girl with bubbly personality for friendship and romance. Interests: music. sport. pubs and science fiction. etc. Photo appreciated. Box No 343/I.

I Passionate attractive Scorpio psychotherapist Iinglish female. early 40s. loves nature. \s ild dancing. cats. massage. seeks sensitive aware unattached Scotsman 35-45 with openness to personal growth and possibility of falling in love. Box No 343/2.

I Affectionate intelligent graduate prof man with a liking for books. blowy hill-tops. classical music. winter sea shores. tasty meals and giggly cuddles seeks vs arm. honest woman (35 H with her on n dreams and a willingness to serioust share and make logetlier. Box No 343/4.

I Retired, cultured ry-oiiiig Stir professional male w rth (}S()Il and positive outlook seeks female companion/s for city forays and countryside explorations. idle chatter and serious discussion. and growing friendship. Box No 343/5.

I Edinburgh girl, 3 I. gorgeous

smile looking for intelligent.

passionate and inspired heefcake

(28-38) for r'elationship/friendship/fun outdoors and in. Photo please. Box No 343/6.

I Positive, entrepreneurial. sensitive. ambitious. emotionally aware. lit intelligent. attractive .

. and modest Glasgow guy (3|) with a zest for life loves movies. travel. people. food and drink. ideas. creativity. city life. country tranquility and talking 'til dawn'.’ You female and ditto. Box No 343/7.

I Professional guy. 34. successful. attractive. tall. slim. Positive out-going outlook on life and people. GSOH. emotionally literate. interested in ideas. talking. listening. being serious/frivolous. Scottish culture. politics. books. music from jazz. to club. Looking to meet attractive. emotionally mature. secure woman 30 plus to prove men and women can be good friends. Edinburgh. Box No 343/8.

I Optimistic male 30s. seemingly from different planet. seeks female with open mind and warm heart for mutual enjoyment and exploration of whatever's going on here. Box No 343/9.

I Attractive multilingual female. 30. loves travelling. films. music. laughing. WITM genuine gtry with similar interests and (}S()ll. Photo appreciated. Box No 343/l l.

I Attractive guy, 34. into movies. art. music. pasta. comedy. badminton and theatre. \N'IITM a woman who will promise not to pinch any of my ‘Aero'. Get your own woman! Box No 343/l4.

I Very cool black man, into politics. Radio 4. films. the arts. I am tall. slim and attached. however WITH a woman who is independent. equally cool. any age and status for something else. discretion assured and expected. Box No 343/l6.

I Intelligent, attractive female 37. professional graduate. Enjoys cinema. art. galleries. reading. countryside. Seeks clever. funny male of similar age in the Iidinburgh or Stirling area. Box No 343/17.

I Is there a spirited. intelligent woman otit there capable of disturbing the reverie of this N/S Glasgow area professional male. 431’ An appreciation of (ll-T. Granta. Steely Dan. Skin Two and Tablet would assist. Box No 343/l8.

Female pals wanted (3()ish) by me! (straight female) Interests include punk/indie. shopping. exploring. people- watching a devilmentl Edinburgh.

Box No 343/25.

I Act on impulse! New to Edinburgh: attracti\e. witty. sparkling. forvsaid-thinking female. early twenties. prolessional. enjoys alcohol. clubs. reading. cinema. Work interfering with social life. Ilelp required. Vacant position . requires a handsome. out-going. educated. generous male. (iSOll (23—30). ALA. Photos appreciated. Box No 344/l.

I Professional guy looking for happy. trendy female. any age. I'm 40. 5' l l". slim. healthy and handsome. Photo required. Please. Please. Box .\'o 344/2.