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Music Development Officer (Re-advertisement)

Around £18,000 Ref. 386/98 I N G F F

Dundee Music Partnership wishes to appoint a Music Development Officer to manage and deliver this 3 year project funded by a Scottish Arts Council 6'90? mom, 9“??? Company. great People. "New Directions" Award and Dundee City Council. great opportunities.

Working as part of the Arts and Heritage Development Team, you will be responsible for delivering and developing the project in association with Dundee Music Partnership comprising Dundee Jazz Festival, Dundee Guitar Festival, Traditional Music and Song Association Dundee, Dundee Music Consultation and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

You will be a highly motivated person with a strong commitment to

Great Style Wicca}...

Telephone; .5 0l3l 468 8333 now (24hr) Great Jobs

developing music projects across a range of different types of music and - Are you 16 _ years building new audiences. You will have experience of managing projects, "

have worked in collaboration with other agencies and be able to Have you ever had a one night stand or sex with demonstrate a working knowledge of the music industry. a new partner on holiday or at a party?

Two years’ experience in a similar role and an ability to co-ordinate people 5 DO you find it difficult or easy to discuss using

and projects along with computer skills are essential. Applications previously submitted will be considered.

Application forms and job descriptions may be obtained from, and returned to, the Director of Personnel and Management Services, ' Do you have opinions on these topics?

' : 4 / 5, fl t0 th n 8 City Square, Dundee, (Tel 0138243 054 43405 I no a r a WE ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE To HELP WITH 30 October 1998. NATIONAL SAFER SEX MEDIA CAMPAIGNS. If you’re interested, A: As part of the Council’s equal opportunity 3“; 3"» \x please CODtaCt 0171 413 8969. u I I policy, applications are welcome from 3 M , persons regardless of disability, "

City COUDCII marital status, race or sex. Arts and Heritage Department 1 (l a Great Style , lg HOTELS .

condoms? Have you had a sexually transmitted infection?



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C L E A N I N G S F F spectacular events held in the city comprising the UK's ' In Edinburgh area largest outdoor ice rink. entertainments and sideshows and a H O U S E K E E P I N G S F Aged 18 _ 35' gift and crafts fair. We are now accepting applications for: Great team, great company, great opportunities. If you have recently / Telephone ' Stoppecj Us'ng GCStaSV to rent cabins at the Christmas Fair for arts, crafts and 0| 3| 468 8333 now (24hr) Great JObS & would Ilke to be part quality gifts. Prime sites available at very reasonable rates Of a project |Ookmg @ adjacent to Princes Street. A quality chriStmas shopping

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DR DAVID SE[\',IIp-Lf__ in the box office and other duties. For further information on trading concessions or staff vacancies contact: 0131 537 6834

Conf‘dem'aIIW 835W?“ The Gilded Balloon, 233 Cowgate, Edinburgh. Tel: 0131 226 6550

Shian Halt or Mick Bateman at

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