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(By audition).

Associated Board.

Courses tail0red to your needs.

Microphone & Musical Theatre Specialisrs


ACTING COURSES: By experienced Television. Theatre Actors & Specialised Coaches (Acring. Voice. Accents 8c

SINGING COURSES: Strengthen & Build your Voice and Vocal Technique. Microphone Work. Recording Skills. Pop. Musical Theatre. Classical. Whatever the style we have the Q

PERFORMANCE COURSES: Creating a professional outlook to performing for children (By audition). Musical theatre training for adults by professional Performers 8c tutors

EXAMINATION COURSES: Acting/Singing. From Grades to Diploma entry from LAMDA. Guildhall. London College.



.-\I I. ('UI’RSI S .'\l.\ll l) -\’l‘ 151'” l)l\(; ('()\l “)1 .\'(l


lirom 5 years

Individual Tuition Available

Phone: 0131-445 7491

Fax: 0131—445 7492


Beginner to Advanced.

All styles taught by qualified professional tutor. Telephone GARRY LYNCH on

0131 661 6652


BE COOL Develop your creativity by learning guitar at The lidinburgh Guitar Studio. Satisfaction and results guaranteed.

Bookings: 0131 553 1617.

I Want to make a film

or shoot a video‘.’ learn how to at the l‘ilm and Video Access (‘entie Affordable

and accessible. call (HM 220 ()220 for your free information pack now!

I French or Spanish tuition given to all levels

by ftrlly qualified teacher.

('all ()l3l 554 36”.


Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

Any ability. BA Music Studies RSAMD

Tel: 0131 6595926



Spanish at Spirit. Costa Rica.

.\lc\ito. l‘crti. I'\ll.I\l()l and ( itlxi

French. (Herman. Italian lll


(ittba I..lilll daute and Spanish

language holiday. 13 3S l’t'l‘lllal‘


(iap Year pingiammes

Caledonia Languages Ahmad. Tel. 0131 558 7118

Fax. 0131 558 71 1‘7. e-mall: caledoniaamcmallxom

The Spanish Language Centre

o (i lt-yels ()l Spanish classes

' After School ('lttl) fin t‘liiltlrt'ii

° (‘oipoiate 'l raining Programme

0 'litiirslntitni is“ llll(‘l[)lt‘llllg Service

3 Millet Street (iltisgim 1.] ll \ ' lel l-.i.\. (ll-ll 2210687

I French native teachers gi\e tuition in com ersation. translation. grammar. literature. ('ttll (ll-ll ()4‘) S979.

I Music production tutorial

courses in studio technique and

record production by long

established industry

bi‘ofessional. I‘m more information contact (‘S

f Productions on 013] :30 Kill.


' ' pi'iiiiio'rtii—riduw" ‘—

by enthusiastic. professional teacher. All grades and ages beginners \velcome.

(‘in centre location rttist off I .ondon Road). l’etei‘ Bream (SRNC‘M.

Tel: 0131 652 0624.

BAGPIPES 'l‘irition at all leyels by e\perienced teacher. Reasonable rates.

:\lso ay ailable for weddings. ceilidhs and other functions. Call Ewan on 0131 668 4954 or 0131 556 4918.

I Spanish lessons. .-\II levels.

(it'otlps, llltll\ idiials. children

It'll Ill} l ()(i.\' Elf)?

- Violin tuition lessons for beginners to advanced from Professional teacher and

performer. il)ip. R..v\..\l. l.R:\.\l ). All le\el.s \velcome. Phone “MI ()45 .106 l.

I Learn Gaelic with experienced. friendly tutor. All levels. lndiyitlnals (\- small groups. Introductory lesson & adyice (ilasgo‘e.x’Kn‘kintiliocli aiea. Kenneth .\lc.\laims .\l.'\ ((ilasgo'e. -. Dip llNl) -S.rl‘lial .\lt)t ()sluiti.H ‘l‘el‘ Ul-ll TTf)

I Fiddle lessons .i .iiiahle Irish. Scottish and iinpioyisation. Beginners \yelconie. :5 yet halflioin‘ lesson. l united number of places l’honc .l.’.ll‘i'.‘s lllli .“ i: I Learn to be happy? (‘hange your thought change your life. Personal «l.'\e!opni.-nt through positi\ e thinking. l.otiise llay \\orkshop 7th/Mh \o\ US

liidi\ idual sessions also a\ailable. Phone I oiiise llay 'lraining MRI 1 if 1513.

I Drawing on the right-hand side of the brain \\'e.-kentt coiiise tor adults in l .hiiburgli il ()etobei '? .\i)‘.‘.‘liil‘t'l 'aitlt artist .leiiitx Sziiitl: B \ llonours Begiiiiiezs “.seltoiii.‘ l'oi details call oi <1 “.1 tour),

I Spanish tuition by native speaker tioiii .\igentin.i.

('ii anxe learning toi all le\els. l’ and \\est l‘nd. ('oiitacio; ‘.i 1571‘):

I Modern Greek language tuition lioin .i name speaker. intltyiilually oi sniall groups (all lhiiiitii on lll-ll Vo SUSo I Italian lessons by name speaker in (ilasgou (‘oineisational ll.tll.:1!. help \\illl ()(iraile. higher .ii:.l degree

Inli‘. itiiial oi small groups \Z-iy reasonabln pitces Ring | 'it.; on Ill-ll ii" I Guitar & vocal tuition fioiii ( il.l'\'lll.‘ .\l. )oziald B.\lns ill')l‘i\. \ll st

.'\ls~i .:\ .:ti.:i\i.' to pio‘. iile li\e

‘.l.‘\llt"..’l\. iii'asi. at unmitiin‘es. parties. ll} a: .l ‘," it) ii‘)

I English lessons

llltll\lilll.ll teaching lioizi tIllJllllt'il ll'l‘l tutor lltill\iiill.ll Suitable loi lt".‘t‘ls. lx’easonable rates l’lione line. on HI)! <9; tos”

" t); lr‘)t\l\ lbi

llt‘t‘\l\ eitlv'l t'tl It -l

\isiting \lllil.'!ll\


CEROC PURE DANCE ADDICTION The original and best form of modern jive.

Now on the Web - point your browser at: Beginners welcome every week at any night. 45 minutes beginners class follovved by dancing to lt).3()pm. Learn to dance to any music: club. l.atin. rock 'n' roll. etc. A licensed bar is available at most nights. (‘ome alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). Doors open at 7. ISpm. Beginner's' class at 7.30pm. Aberdeen: Thursdays at The Palace Nightclub. Bridge Place (off Bridge Street). Attention: Aberdeen only. doors open (i.~15piii. Beginners class 7pm. l-‘reestyle till lllpm. Dundee: Wednesdays at The Mirage Club. St Andrews l.ane. Glasgow: Mondays at The ("lada Club. 85 Westmoreland Street. Queen's Park. Southside. Wednesdays at the Glasgow University llnion. 32 University Avenue. West iind. Edinburgh: Tuesdays and Thursdays at St sit-phe‘s ('hurch Hall. St Stephens St tbottom of None St). Sltx‘k’bt'ltlgt‘.

Falkirk: Tuesdays at The .‘ylartell. Btn‘nbank Rd, off (irahams Rd. l‘Rl-Il-i ()pening ’l‘uesday l3 ()ctober. Livingston: Mondays at The l.l\'l Nitespot. livingston Stadium. l‘lel-j ()pening Monday l‘) ()ctober. Note: (‘las'ses are open throughout the year including bank holidays. Further details from 01324 613209.


I Salsa Sabrosa at The 13th

Note ((‘lyde Street) l-‘i‘idays from Spin. Beginner and intermediate c‘l;t\.\es in merengue and \(tlsa. lintry £4 'L“ For Beginners welcome

no need to bring a partner. More details“? ls'aien l’asi (ll-ll 33‘) 1103.

I Dance with attitude llip hop/street dance and lit/Iet'c‘lse classesl l ll L‘llt'l gy lull-based tlttllc’t‘ Lllltl L'\c‘lcl\t‘ c'lttsst‘s. Beginners nelconie. Student concession. Saturdays Nortlicotc Scout llall. l\'ictoiia Circus. llyiidland. ll),45am hip hop/street; ll,-15ain tax/ercise. Wednesdays l’artick Burgh

l esser Hall. 7pm liip hop/street; Spin |;l//t‘lcl\t‘. (‘las’ses start l5 -\tigiis!. More details‘.’ Karen l’asi Ill-ll H‘) .1 Ill}.

I Lindy Hop! Charleston! live! This is your chance to leai nl \o espciience or partner in cessai y. Weekly Thursday classes \\ itli local teacher's. Beginners '7 it) 8.30pm. Beg- lntermisliates S. it) ‘),‘\()pin. £4. Workshops v. llll (‘aiolene iv ls’iissell on Sunday -l Member and S Noveiirbci. Beginners

I for) I illtllll. Intermediates

3 .it) 5.00pm. tilt) each. All classes in The (‘alton (‘entre. l_‘l Montgoiiieiy Street. l'tlinburgh. Information (llil out on)". Niall.l)a\iest<l \irgin. net http://ystvys IINI )S/i

6.1 i) tta. 1998 THE LIST 101