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I’or ftrrther info phone;



small flat move spocldms

6 years of stress-free moving


full—time, friendly, convenient 8. dependable 0131 229 8361 Mpz//

also see us in...

The Big Issue, Yellow Pages 8 Thomsons

'l'C-te-a-tC-te or dinner party? lbeSeIlabha tloes first (‘Ids‘s t'ttrsirie tor yott iii the (notion of your

own Ironic. Contact ()l 5| -l-l-l .2696

sonar-cs \‘l P H °

Um?” 36

tBow trauma

fun & funky dance/aerobic classes with S'I'V's ‘(iet it ()n' presenter ROB & other superb quality teachers

.\ \‘talri-ii-


EASY MOVE for light removals and general transporting. The friendly professional service at affordable prices.

Call Gordon Allan on 0131 3321904.

I Typing service Anything including CVs. reports. essays. manuscripts and more. For details phone/fax Stephen ()I4I 64‘) 0598 or e-mail sskilkieCa‘ nexus I




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PLATFORM BEDS FROM For! A FREE Esrmims mow: GORDON Russstrom 669 5082

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I ’t i'rm/ (H't'bth’t'f/H'fl/ timber metal/fir.

Stu/i trim/nu iii/Marian. flour min/rug.

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I fir/)ir/Ii/Ju/ pro/£173 completed.

on 014 I 578 4606

Ill/Itr (i/im) far /l'tt town/lath)”.

102TIIELIST.."’ ' ‘.

f: I'l’lR

I Translations Private. business. most languages. Education private tutors provided (and required) all subjects. Self-study mathematics and book-keeping. Assessments intelligence. subject abilities. Details frotn Jaymar liducationalfl‘ranslation Services. 01324 7l7lI-1.

BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS AND PORTRAITS Children. pets. local scenes. Commissions now being taken for Christmas.

For details call A K Clark on 01368 865634.

Also furniture paintings and murals.

I True stories: Have you come through a crisis'.’ Has one moment changed your Iife'.’ Journalist would like to hear from you. Call Sharon on OHI 400 0548.

I Confidential mail hold and forwarding service. Your name our address. Phone (I l 3i 332 l‘)()4.


I Competent, creative drummer required by potentially exceptional. thirty-something band with excellent well crafted. slighty rootsy pop/rock songs and own practice and recording

3 facilities. Tel Alan on ()l3l 332 4849.

I Singer and lyricist wanted by guitarist songwriter to finish

songs and ptit band together. Influences include Tinder Sticks. Pixies. Scott Walker and Neil

Diamond. Phone Alastair on

f ()l3l 343 (is l 3. . I Are you a seriously

ambitious singer/songwritet"? Why not record your CI) at the Music Production House with the help of the best guitarists. bass. keyboardist and sax players in Scotland! You don't need to play an instrument at all. Call John ()l4I 337 2358.

I Singer seeks pianist to practice jazz standards -- perhaps perform if we're any good‘.’ Box No. 345/BM/l.

I Rhythm guitarist and

' keyboard player required to join newly formed druni & bass

project. Tel ()I3l 555 2870.

I Drummer and bassist required to join songwriter who E is currently recording 2nd IiP.

lixpanding for live work. Contact 0| 3| 55f) ()(iIS. I Drummer and vocalist

aged between 17 and 23

required to form (.ilasgow-based

, guitar band. Influences: Blur.

SI'A. Beck and others. ()wn

equipment required. but ability and experience unimportant. Box .\'o 345/BM/2.

air air 'z’cr' 4* 2": :3:

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I)! u.


Brand new Warwick Fortress bass guitar. Four string, dark wood, very good condition. Reluctant sale.

£700. Phone Garry on:—



I Rehearsal studio/meeting space 400 sq ft. Quiet central city location. heated. with natural light. Chairs. tables. drinks vending machine. Available days/evenings/ weekends. Contact Y.P.S.(). on ()l3l 2204244.


I Fancy a pool? Female teacher requires others to form a car pool from the east end of Glasgow to the West End of

Edinburgh. leaving approx

7.15am. lnter‘ested'.’ Call ()I4l 771 6843.

I Thinking of buying a PC or struggling with the one you have'.’ For hardware and software advice and assistance

contact: PCMS(a‘poboxcoiri or tel/fax: OH] 636 15H) t24 hr answering service).


BODY & SOUL B O O K S H O P 31.11112?field! complementary :ize'apies. spiritual

GIT/Will 52314:..‘133icn NEW AGE MUSIC VIDEOS, CD ROM

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C'ca’IS, persona:


A ‘l‘l {51- “’3 t,. “TOMS, (3‘ ~4 vy"_i|f";r\" ""(‘Q")l\.3 mi Q c‘g]:

'.”.‘.-T"lf;-;‘- Batettas and so much more

52 Hamilton PI, Stockbridge tel: 0131 226 3066 &

166 Bruntstield Pl, Bruntslield (lonnerly Read Books)

; I lyengar Yoga Don't delay -- phone now for details of lyengar Yoga classes iii (ilasgow and

surrounding area. All levels catered for. Beginners welcome. Tel (ll-ll ()45 3031

r I Astanga + lyengar Yoga all

. levels including beginner classes

in Glasgow West End. (‘ontact (ierr‘y on III-I I 400 (I464 or e-

mail: geri'yta trk

TAROT/ ASTROLOGY READINGS at \X/ildwood, to High St, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

01 31 557 4888

I Sahaj Marg: meditation on the heart. A natural path of transformation from within. that balances spirituality with ordinary life. No fees. Open to all regardless of background or persuasion. Contact: ()1875 830358 (Iidinburgh) or 014] 337 3255 (Glasgow).


I Eating disorders Help and support by qualified and experienced therapist. Get to the root of your eating disorder and start feeling happy in your body. Details phone Louise Hay Training ()I3I 3l5 3532.

I Relationship, personal

emotional difficulties? : Counselling can help you make

sense of your feelings and explore options for the future. l‘or details. ring Michael Rigg on (II-ll 05‘) 2345. STRESS, ACHES, FATIGUE l'se therapeutic massage to soothe and refresh mind and body. Janet Bremner DTM MSHP. 0131 661 6692.

Dissatisfied with your life?

Find out why and ways to

COMPUTERS change with the ltelp or .i

- qualified and experienced

counsellor. Individual sessions (also telephone counselling) and

workshops. for details phone

Louise llay Training til3l 315 3532.

I Professional Therapeutic Masseur Rob McNicholls

MGCP, welcomes clients both

new & old to his new practice at

20 I‘ortli Street. Iidinburgh

Iill I. Daytime. after work & weekend appointments. Call

D-lfiS 6135-17. HOMEOPATHY HELPS lixani fear"? Poor concentration'.’

Bad ineruot'y‘.’ Acne. IBS. asthma. PMT. eating disorders. Student discounts available. Contact Heinke Woodbridge


GESTALT THERAPY tillt‘-lti-tillt‘ llL‘lIi with life problems. personal growth arid self-exploratioii. Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658

Scottish (iestalt .\ssocratron member

PERSON-CENTRED COUNSELLING Bereavement. relationships. couples counselling. stress. creative therapies. personal

development etc. l-‘ee negotiable.

Initial session free. Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448

(24—hour answerphone I.

Qualified and registered hypnotherapy help for your problems. Stress, fears, Smoking. etc. [\tetiiriq, weekend and home visits.


CONSULTANCY-Z 0I3I 467 IIbO -0l3l 620 6200'