PERSONAL (Box No is included in price.

lineage: £10 for tip to 30 words plus 25p/extra word. Semi-display: £14 for up to 20 words plus 50p/extra word.

I Saw You: Free for tip to 30 words.


lineage: £6 for up to 30 words pltis 25p per extra word.

Semi-display: c l 0 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word.

Display: £6 per single column cm. excl VAT.

(Box No costs £6 extra/ issue for non-Personal ads).













ll your advert doesn't apply to any of the ahm e sections. please contact us and \y e can arrange a new section heading for you.


It has a border all the way round and vs e can inelttde your company logo.

Rates are £6 per single column centimetre (excl VAT). Minimum size 3 column cm. Minimum cost £18 (plus VAT).


It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. Minimum eost is L'lt) t'or tip to 20 words plus 50p per extra vvoi'd. Personal ads iii this style include a Box No and cost from £14.

I This is a lineage ad. Minimum cost is [6 LUI' tip to 30 words pltis 35p per extra vvoi'd. Personal ads in this style include a lio\ .\'o and L‘tisl lit'olll L ll).

Net/w Ilnlr’ Lineage and Semi—display ads are ittc‘ltlsi\e til. \":\'I.

DISCOUNTS Lineage/Semi-Display/ Display

3 consecutive insertions 10% .i consecutive insertions 15%


4 consecutive insertions


6 consecutive insei tioiis

: Print in BLOCK CAPITALS E Name ......................................................................... ..

I . Address ..................................................................... ..

Print message one word per box (NB 'I'elephone Numbers count as one word).

Which Section?

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Tick il‘ you want a Semi-display ad i_i

Tick il‘ you want a Box No (obligatory in personal) ._'i Total Cost £ _

m Not required lot" I Saw You or lilatsliare

All adverts must be prepaid. Cheques and Postal ()rdei's should be made out to The List Ltd

I enclose cheque/postal order/cash for £

Alternatively. you may pay by Access or Visa credit card.


l I Number: / ,I / ,I i Expiry date __J__/

: (Tardholdefs Name ..................................................... .. I (name and initials as on card)

I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

| Please debit my

E Access/Visa card VISA

Address ..................................................................... .. (it not as above) ......................................................... ..



.'\(I\CIII\CI\ must supply lull name and QILIKIIC\\ l \t )l' loi ptihlieationi

.Ihe test-Hes the tight to ieltise oi \vitlidiavv .iiiy adveitiseiiient at our discretion and \v ithout e\planatton

3 With series bookings. :ilteiattons cannot he made and no tetunds allovved on cancellations alter the inst iiiseition

I. In compliance \\ itli ctiiieiit legislation. ads tioiii gay men can oiin he accepted it both the adveitisei and [‘Clstili sought are met IS

5. .’\(I(llc\s‘c'\ and telephone nuiiiheis .iit' iiot aeceplahle loi publication ill personal ads.


t (Topy for Classified ads must reach tts by second post on I r s s v y s V r \ m \ v r \ ~

. IIIURSI)A\ A “Itltk IH‘J‘ORI‘. I’l BI.“ Al I();\


I “I. \\'I{I.(‘()i\lli (':\l.l liRS at H Iliin Street topp John kum‘v

i I llousei. Izdtnhtti'gh. during business hours

Post this form enclosing payment to: Classified Ads The List Ltd 14 High Street or at the CCA Edinburgh 350 Sauchiehall St

I b EH1 1TE Glasgow CZ 3J0



I Room available in l.eith flat sharing with one other. £250 pcm incl C‘fTax. Tel 0| 3| 555 1556.

I Wanted female to share in large. central. sunny flat. All mod cons. £165 pcm. Telephone ()l3l 557 3390.

I Fantastic views of Arthur's seat/Forth. l min Princes St. Sitigle room available in central. spacious. newly renovated

i (ieorgiaii flat for mature. quiet.

i professional. Non-stitoket’

preferred. Available now. £250

5 pcm + bills + (,‘fl‘ax. Tel ()l3l 556 9398.

THE CLUB FOR ALL SEASONS... .Joir. row for the ties: in skint}, sports 3.".(3 social events all Tetra-if Non ski-sis ‘.i.'e!;t::ti-3l We iiieez every Tuesday from 8 303m downstairs in Fairer 9‘1 ll?'.'.'-3 Ste-3!.

“a. .'],r~.iyw\'rst «\n «Amiga-

Edinburgh Ski Club, 2 Rowe Street, Edinburgh.

Tel: 0131 220 3121

IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? .-\ei‘ohics‘. Hill-vvalking. .‘vleals ()ut. Badminton.

Bridge. (‘inema. Dancing. Tennis. Theatre. Parties. I-‘oothall. lixhibitions. Ceilitllis‘. Weekend Trips and lots of other activities too numerous to mention?

It could be with IVC

a sellli‘un eluh t‘oi' go-ahead people. Membership is less than £30 a year. You can give us a try tor a month or so u ith no obligation toioin but u e‘i‘e sure you'll \\ ant to? Delttlls lil'tilll 0131 3321342 l'oi' lidinhtirgh. 07020 955482 litil' (ilttsgti‘a or 01382 737839 l'or Dundee.

(i ll‘ipiii.

IMPROVE YOUR CAREER AND YOUR SOCIAL LIFE lidinhui‘gli .lunior ( ‘Iiamher ol (‘omiiiei'ce prov ides a unique package oi business and social opportunities lot‘ individuals aged IS to J0.

locally. nationally and internationally. it otters: ° personal dev elopineiit 0 business iietvvorking ' social activities ° coiniiiuiiit) involvement

For details call Daniel on 0131 669 7960 or check out

I Cafe/Bar Sunday brunch? Friendly. interesting Edinburgh- based professionals in thirties

, invited tojoin similar to widen

sociin circle. Phone l.i7. on ()I 31 226 6212 or Tom on 0467

27-1959. I Theatre going wine drinking. Cil’l‘ attending. hill

walking. normal people \VlTM

similar. Contact 28 l‘)2‘)76(a‘ or list Box No. 3-15/;\("l‘/| and tell us a bit about yottrsell‘. (ilasgow based.

(jay or Lesbian and (‘atholicl’ So are we! Quest is a sell‘ help support group. [it times of calm or crisis. telephone 0141 948 0397. livery Sunday between 7 - l0pm.

I Glasgow Bisexual Group

for women/men. Meet l'oi‘

support/socialisiiig. 7.30pm 2nd

last \\'ednesday of month at

. (Lilasgovv (iay & lesbian (‘entre or write David ('i‘aig. ('i(il.(‘. ll

Dixon Street. (ilasgovv (il -«l.-\l..



I/u- Muir/Ire [hum/m Iiuu H'I'l’lit'l'III-II [TIMI-Hr“. I'I'II/t'ulullll/

C" A \pI'I‘IIIIIIIhI/ [trap/t1

9 You enjoy your job 9 You read The List 9 You buy (:03

9 You like Movies

9 You relish eating out

9 You live day to day 9 You want more You are alone and would like to

meet a partner to experience and share these and other things.

It you are serious about a long

term relationship. Take control.

Call Elite and meet genuine people. who want to meet someone. inst like you. i

Alter ‘) years and with 5 otticCs in Central Scotland. lt works.

lilite lntroductions. 4 It's as logical as Mr Spock.

0I31 620 7777 ()14I 256 7777 IOam to 10pm

()pen 7 days.

("fit I r I" run I/Ir' I t” A,

$31)», I». r‘ .‘ 39’ do {131' '3sz

()ur Approach is still the most SllCCCSSl-lll to (late?

'5‘ 01786 825 777

I i,:.::." t tin/ruin '1 .'irI.':.:.

.I/y’n'ul. I.'.i.‘t HUI; 1': "I

For further details phone 0131 558 1191

ll'll‘tl'. {nil/trl—apprmrt'l).mark

U'.’('II .'Iu’.'.’.l.’(u‘. Ilt l (I (.Illu’ld'ln

104 THE LIST 2/ ()(t ') How 1098