CLASSIFIED i saw you


O I saw you Jogging in Iloly't‘ood Park Saturday 19/9. \Yc passcd tyyicc. I said. 'You made it" by thc car park. Tall. dark-lraircd guy. \ern arc you" Work out with mc" llo\ .\'o

1/ ‘y-I-I/ I.

O I saw you Iiicc hoy- in ('(‘.-\ calc iZI/‘)/‘).\'i You l'or'got iny col'I'cc and gay c inc a l'icchrc' I'd loy c to buy you one hack

gL‘I Ilt touch, Ho\ No It/ HJ/l. O I saw you Hcinadcttc in Salcway. Ily'rcs Road. 5 IIIIlllllt‘s nut to thc I'ro/cn pix/as iust \yasn't cnough. lct‘s drink coIIcc III KcIy Ittgr'oy‘c I’al‘k at midnight again soon. I.o\'c ('r‘aig. Box No [VIII/3.

U I saw you l)a\'id Y on l/‘) in (‘alc llluc at the 'l‘raycisc and read your party rny'itation with its I\\o dclihcralc iiiistakcs. l)o yott riccd asstslattcc Will] your spelling arid diary inaiiagciricnt" Ho\ .\'o [fill/J.

0 I saw you “I Ilrllaiy .Ioncs’ I‘ricnd at the (‘crlidh Ilousc 35/0. l)on‘t trust a lo\'c rat. Instead. lcl inc hold your hand again. You ncycr kiioyy what thc l'uturc might hold. Ho\ No [WM-U5. O I saw you 2(r/‘) 'I'onr. my compilation coriipanionl 'l‘lranks Ior llrc tapc l dcl'initcly

approy c. l cspccially likc Astrid. looking [toward to thc nc\t c\changc troyy' Sec you soon and on I‘)/ll (Irrolinc Ho\ No [7 III/7

v I saw you and thoughtofSauza.You are tall. cool and refreshingly different. You also have a unique sense of taste. I am a unique person - do we share the same taste?

O I saw you Sir. rroyy ilu- Ratcatcliing is o\ci \\ c hay c all lhc [Illlt‘ in thc \yoild Isn‘t that giooyy and grand I.ct's c\plodc .l lt‘\\ slats .tIItI t'\[tlttlc .t I-k‘“ inoic uniyciscs \Yc -.Ionc \ycll. t‘II ' I o\ c you Iliolt‘ llI.tIl lllllc words can say :\s thc poct said. "Its .iIltiost as \yolttlclltll as Rcd |)icairis :\nd Ra/oihladcs. Iriorc hla/ing than an Acid Angel aird [asllct IIIIIII 'l'hc Illltl SCL‘II,” \eral irroi'c can I say" 'l‘hoiiras. 'l‘hc (iiooyy (iiccn (& (irirgci ('rtl Ho\ No [VIII/H

o I saw you I) doli'l ically know what to say. c\ccpt I

.\ll( ill'l' miss ya loads ls'ccp an cyc on thosc chiyy .iyyas \y hilc I'm oll lriidrng a ncw lIlt‘lItI. llopc you'll he I )K \y itlr tlrc luniiicsl guy in thc world

c\cr' l)oit I \\oiiy. yotrll sttll [\c .ilylc to scc my [raps Iioiii Iokyo IIti\ \[I I 'YI-I/‘I

i O I saw you Jane. struggling

your way around the monopoly

hoard. You could only scck

sanctuary itr jail. the only hiding placc. Bankruptcy or poorhousc takc your choice. It's a dog—

f cat-dog t'ttthlcss world out thcrc.

but don't worry you‘r'c always

, welcome in my Mayfair

I’cnthousc suitc. Roll ‘cin dicc

Baby 7.. . . but do not pass (So. do not collect £200. 'l‘hc I'Aittgct' Doctor. Box No [UM-UH).

O I saw you surveyor. latc on I lIlt. l.othian Road. (ioh-

smacked hut Ilattcrcd by your

ad. Must admit things a hit Ira/y. (‘laril'ication rcquircd. Boy .\'o ['/ H-I/I l.

O I saw you l)i.rnc (k llugh ai

' Ihc 'l‘apas 'I‘r'cc Ell/I). 'I‘lianks Ioi

I'll he

a lo\ cly‘ cycning

drcairring a little drcani til you

hoth in Noycinhcr. .-\ll tlic hcst oI cycrytlrirrg Ior thc I'ulutc. l&o\ No I l/3~I-I/ I 3.

O I saw you Acid Angel.

glittering among all thc . hookshop tncdiocritics. I w anch

to buy you pctals and pcarls. II. I

was a rich man. I would till you

with vibrant colour. Ar Icast you know my lrcart is in thc i'iglit placc. Ilil could. I would cdit thcsc loosc Iccllllgs. IttII Its It Is. I must sriccunrh to thc urgc to yya\ lyrical. .Ic t'adorc .\IUII\IL'lII' Rimhaud. Ilo\ .\'o

['/ ‘\~I-I/l ‘s

v I saw you .\Ioi;rg. walking past me III l.i\ingstoii. Your shoc sccnrcd to cry out. I did noticc. I‘ll ncycr' I'oigcl your titsi aura. chp in touch ya iadgc 8 Ho\ No [/‘MI-I/I-I

9 I saw you (‘oi‘sica Ii\ploicr in a (‘alacuccia pr/Icira You. Ilcaltlry liducator‘ irr ls'irkcaldy. inc: ("into clriirhcr l'rom ('ostoiphinc. A too hiicl L‘Ilcolllllcl' lclis inch again Ilox No ['/.I-I~I/l5.

. I saw you Iiilccn lay lot I’lcasc wittc \y itlr your address I wait! to .sclrd yotl sorttclhtllgl strangc hut ti'uc. Katharine [' Ilo\ No ['/ III/lo.

9 I saw you through thc crowd at tlrc hcat room. You \ycrc singing to .i ('iah. Your sriay c dcnrcarror Icl't inc \ycak at llrc kticcs. Tell me Dcirdrc is only a I'I‘Iclttl. Bc thcrc nc\l \\ cck .tIItI scrctiadc rrrc. lio\ No [7 i-I-I/I 7

O I saw you 'I'hursday l ()ct

5pm working in

\Yalcrstonc‘s Sauclriclrall Stir-cl (ilasgow, You tallish woman. slioit dark hair. loycly liirglislr .icccnl .\Ic short Itil'ty haircd Ictitalc sludcnt \ycaring dcnrm iackct asking tor a discotitrt' lid low to huy you a diiirk' I‘Io\ .\'o [/ 1vI5/l

' sitting hchirid you. And you kept

9 I saw you hcautil'ul skatci hoy in Bar Brcl. You liay'c iny ls'irhys and hog thc duyct. I likc II too much. My lohstcrs. lIy' (‘lrirps. low the Happy Bunny \. Bo\ .\'o [7345/1

O I saw you on hiis to l’criicuik you hlorrdc girl inc guy

looking round at inc and touching your hair. \Yould likc to meet up again'.’ Box No [7345/3.

O I saw you working in 'l’hc

'l‘ap. \Yc drank col'licc all day.

Your namc tag said l,oiiisc. \yc icad gorgcous. Scc you soon. \. llo\ No ['/ I-I5/ol.

O I saw you lilacklriars llar'. You had hig hair and a hig irosc. y-ou lookcd cool with turn ups arid hoating sand .sllocs ('an I nrakc your pint cloudy soinctrnrc'.’ Arclrrhald .'\I'l't)\\ s \\\ Ilox .\'o ['/3-I5/5.

v I saw you 'l‘i-on ('alc 7/Io. You; Ictnalc hruncttc smoking.

drinking col'l‘cc. .\Ic: c;iptiyatc(l

hy your cy‘cs shining oycr my l'ricnd's licad. I.oy c to find out whats in your satcth ’l Hm .\'o I’/§-I5/(i.


9 I saw you again hus stop. York St. Saturday altcrnoon You. hlo:rdc. glasscs. hluc dciiiiri iackct. [‘scd to pass you by on way to work. liycs nict long cnouglr again to stir my lrcart" Ilo\ No ['/ “5/7

C I saw you .\laitrii. (‘olin and llrc othcr ( ilasgoyy hoys rn lhi/a in Scptcmhcr. 'I'hc Iidinhur'gh girls want to makc contact \Ycar yorii .-\iniarii shrit (‘oliii' IIo\ st. room

0 I saw you I'llltllltHhL" K. Ito\\ 's liI'c" long time no scc ict‘s \yalk do\\rt tlrc yclloyy hirck road again soon. and scc lioyy many cmcrgcricy scryiccs \\Ill hc iiiyolycd this unit" ()tIcoll I) Ho\ No I'M-[SN

U I saw you lladdoyys .\Iounl I’IUIIIIJ. I'lttllty ‘) I )cloltct You comhats. hlack iackct and lyoright \\ inc You gay c me that look Say Ilcllo rrcyt linrc' llo\ \o [/ KIS/Il)

O I saw you tall. dark and luritiiwly (‘aholl Iiislr guy. .\Ic' cia/y surch lrcak Iloyy looking Ioi you to put the Is' in lun llo\ .\'o l'H-I5/ll

O I saw you .Ickyll t\’ IIydc hut you didn't scc inc Your lsayy you icphcs .iic gctting scai'cr and scarici \Yiong pcrson. \Yhocyci you think I am. I'm not going to he thc 'Iathci oI yotlt clirldicn' lay oil Ihc

di nos lIo\ .\'o I'M-15H:

9 I saw you You \ycic my IMII‘t'. \Ilil Ilttl citll\t'llt‘tl yt‘l. lu\c|y VIII. scc you .it nc\l luycly ilx’lll. I “I” [w your slrc [Icy ll IIU\ \tt [i/ 5-I5’l5

v I saw you ('arisidt- sum-r Shy guy l\yotlld likc to know

you too hut I don't cycn know your name. (iiyc inc a cluc or L‘VL‘II a phonc nurnhcr. I don't

hitcl Box No [7/3-‘I5/I-I.

O I saw you Dal/ling hIondc l‘cinalc. l.cith Shore. Saturday Illth ()clohcr. ()ur mutual siiiilcs caltscd Inc to altttost [all Ior y'ott. Blondc male is struck dumb no

IIIot'c and would onc to meet for

a drink. Box No ['/3~I5/I5.

O I saw you IZ/III chatty and chewy Mancunian iii Boots l’rittccs Strch s'tor‘c. Why doth wc go tor a drink and you can answer my qllcsllotls girl iii hluc. Ho\ \o ['/.‘\-I5/l().

9 I saw you in a IUIII‘ postcr' ncar chocolatc hcaycrr. Did you lccl thc pain when you stcppcd into the drrrrgcon'.’ .\lai'slr mallows do not tastc the same without yotr. Hos .\'o ['/3~I5/I7. U I saw you at an airport in (ii'cccc. You'r'c a doctor iii Ihrox (not a nurch i. We sharcd a hut into (ilasgow. Would you hc intcrcstcd in going out sottlclitttc'.’ Ho\ .\'o ['/3-I.5/IX.

O I saw you iii Burger King white t-shii't with a logo. littlc nrakc-up and a hcautil'ul smile. The way you aclcd niadc inc I'ccl lo\ c. ('atr \\ c :\("I~ Iogcllrcr".’ Ho\ No ['/3~I5/l‘).

v I saw you l-ingcr Doctor kccpriig your cool as I lost more oycr thc (‘lydc Ilridgc. .\'ccdcd to \\ciglr anchor hut l \yas too lar gonc and stuhhorir to admit II. My \\IIIL‘I\ hlock is almost as had as lhc diaiir ()nly your ict sticam cart clcar rt. Iliit hayc you got 'pciinissioir' " Ilahy/ \\. llo\ .\'o l'/§.I5/_‘()

9 I saw you with large Icathcr hag waiting for a bus. \chncsday' 30 September n.3tlish. You smilcd and rnouthcd ‘thIo'. I was confused and embarrassed and jumped on a no. l-I. Do I know you?! Box .\'o [7345/3 I.

U I saw you Kalpna. 13/10. lunchtime. Both engrossed in our' Iiy‘cs: you iii plaid skirt. with two friends. nrc with cmharrasscd glances. ‘Ncithcr knows where the other gocs or liy'cs': We might have loved. and you knew this might th'. Hm No [7345/22.

v I saw you in Bar Sauza. drinking Sauza and lemonade. I thought your name was Sauza until I realised I had misheard your friend. It sounded like Sow Zar but turned out to be Sue - bar. If you fancy another round call


O I saw you .Ianc. cllloy’lllg your new power showcr. like a kid with a new toy. lost in tlrc 'hcat' ol' the moment so to speak. Big Ilulil'y' towcls. hottlc oI \y'inc. sparkling cony'crsatron. ('Iar'iiis products. hig hand \(tllII[l\ in thc hackgi'ound - this is no drcain. (io on pinch inc. itist don’t ask me to sing. The I‘ilrgci‘ Doctor. Ho\ No [7345/


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