Space NK

There is simply none better lll Brlldlll for hip, independent make- up and beauty products than Spate NK Apothecary. Despite the exc lusrvrty of the stock, the shop retains a remarkably unpretentious vrhe. Chances are that when you lose hours testing the essential products, the shop assistants \Vlll be right next to you ooh-int} and ahh-ing over the latest fragrante, lipstick or


\A/lllllll four years, what started as a small London boutique has grown to (ult proportions. Seven London stores and a rnarl order catalogue later, Space NK is making a long-awaited rnove northward. Although opening a few weeks later than anticipated, we can confirm that Space NK Apothe<ary is due to open in Glasgow on Thu 19 Nov at 36 37 Princes Square, Buchanan



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A Second Skin

Edited by Kirsty Dunseath, this is a collection of pieces by women writers reflecting the place that clothes hold in our lives, indeed the hold they have on us. Ranging from the lighthearted and hilarious to the profound and nostalgic, the whole collection is a reflection on the crisis-inducing body coverings that we call clothes. A great choice to wind down a hectic day spent bargin hunting. Published by The Woman's Press on Thu 12 Nov, priced £7.



Off the peg

The column that shops around for fashion news

DR JIVES ARE planning to open a sales shop in Glasgow stocking their back catalogue of clothes, shoes and accessories by the end of November, site yet to be confirmed. Want to know the best bit? Prices will start from a fiver.

LOOK OUT FOR the launch of two new ranges from Glasgow- based designers Niall Ryalls and William Sutherland. The first is called JengaThreads and, as you might have guessed, it is connected with top big beat 015, The Jengaheads. The brilliant T-shirts are being distributed now among friends and influential people, and a launch of the full range looks set for sometime in early January. The second range is still a bit of a secret but Niall assures The List that it will be 'nice’. Expect to hear rumours now before the actual launch at Christmas.

THE FINAL WORD of the moment on the Harvey Nichols saga is that they are ’still deciding’ on a location for their Scottish branch (read Glasgow vs Edinburgh). As a result, the company could not even give us a ballpark date for an opening but hope to make an announce- ment soon.

A NEW GLASGOW shop offering something a little unusual is Thistle 'N' Spice on Queen Street. Claiming to stock Scotland's largest range of exotic mahogany and teak hardwood colonial Dutch-style furniture from Indonesia, the shop has a hefty range of exquisite items and small bits and pieces that won't destroy your budget. Phone 0141204 0110 for more details.

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