Japan has been gomg yo-yo crazy and the fad is once again sweeping Britain. In these hectic times, is it any

wonder that folk young and old are turning to this calming medative tool? Apparently Napoleon was well into yo-yos in his time, so we know what was going up and down in his room when he said ’Not tonight Josephine’. Whether you use one to expand your mind or just as a streetwise fashion accessory, you Will be in fine company ’Walking The Dog’ or ’Splitting The Atom’. Quality yo-yos and introduction classes are available from Wind Things, 11 Cowgatehead, Edinburgh, 622 7032.

Jigsaw Menswear

Men throughout Scotland have breathed a collective sigh of relief as the Jigsaw Menswear store opened in Glasgow this month. The store is located at 28—32 Royal Exchange Square and mixes a historical facade with a modern, industrial interior to provide a comfortable and masculine appearance.

Two lines definitely worth a mention in the Jigsaw Menswear range are The Edge and Bailey. The Edge is aimed at a younger, club- orientated customer with an urban, streety feel; whilst The Bailey Collection is the brand new line being launched this season and will offer simple and classic clothing with a minimalist 90$ feel.

118 THE “ST 22 Oct-‘3 Nov 1998