BBCZ, 4 Nov, 9.50pm.

If you're the sort that gets upset at the .slrghtest glzmpse of hare hutto<k flashrng arr'oss your TV s(r‘een, BBC 2's ne\'.' four-part ser‘res Naked rs proha‘ply not for you In rts guest to unrover people's relatronshrps mth therr podres from adoles<ence rrght through to old age, the programme reveals more flesh than a naturlst mum on. a hot summers day

On the other hand, anyone tunrng rn for graturtous shots of trts and burns (an loos elsewhere The hra'n-(hrid of art-srhooi graduate lacy Bialsstau, the series rs a posrt'\.«'e|y tasteful study of the human forrn r". all 'ts assorted shapes and sr/es Steerrng \'.e?‘ (lear of the (urr‘ent trend to\.'v.'ards no-frrlls fly- on-the-txall dors of the Iced that drs(o‘.rere(I Jane Ierona d, B|a<stad (aresses every (rease and pore e‘ he" sthe(ts to (reate what 's prartrra‘ly a IeIewsuaI Reut)er‘s

‘Ohvrously the (ontent al‘t.'.ays (o'nes frrst,’ says pr‘odure',/dr'e<to" Blakstau But to my nttr‘d 't's te!e‘-.'s.on not rado and therefore rt's "we to expe" rrrent \‘thh the yrsaai sroe Espeea'ly as a -ot of peoples self—r)<“'<(‘-_r)tro"s o‘ t"e hody are very rnurh ted at) t" that t"ey rook Irke

Having :nte'“.re'.'.ed around -1()() people for each film, wound up ‘~.‘.'th a (ore groap of subjects fron‘. \.'.:id|y saryrrig '-<s ot Irfe, but all ;ng to strzp o’" to some degree and drsr uss t"e' prts

t"e "waxed tea-'r‘


Freezers, sharks and trannies: nothing’s ever normal in Soapland.

Anne Malone: frozen out of Corrie

Poor 'Ayley bound to go doxzn r: Coronation Street's h:sto"y not on y as the shox'fs first transsexual, nut jUSI about the only person exer to leave Janrre Battershy ‘ost for unords

After her shork revelatzor‘ 'r‘ I.Irl<e Baldvtrrrr's undenzrnrr far tory that she'd tr‘red both y-fronts and pantres n 'r‘er‘ trme, the Rovers was I)u//:"g t." every (ornrr eupl=ernsm the nunters (ouId rorr7e up art“ But dear old Roy's hurt en2I)ar'r‘assr“ent atte".'.ar‘ds \.'.‘as more pa'nful than all true :okes The s<andal even overshado‘c.ed t"e 'erer‘t drsromery of mad super"‘a'-<et manager Anne Lla‘orte st“ as a ‘zs'r‘r frnger rrt the store's deep free/e, a stor‘ylrne haunteu hy the rr‘ss "g ‘gm‘e of (iurIy Watts, < early gest neg to ' aye heen I’rur e Suspett r>efor'e t"e (K tor's

124 THE lIST 2/ 0:: f) '998

Naked: televisual Reubens

line results, attl‘oug‘rt Ir(*(l;r("‘.'.Iy tourl: rig and ofte" funny, are perhaps urtsurprasrr‘g I.lzddIe-ageo peop5e drdn 1 ‘.'.ant to gr‘ox‘. (ould'r't stop ta‘k :‘g anout tlie we of thear owns and rr‘e'i "ad u‘rf‘rru ty taI-< ng about the: nodes at a’

"Ihere's noth'ng that In: settv‘g oat to maxe peop-e thww,’ 'But I'm "oprng that ti press some

() (I, ()"N‘II

says B-asstat: '-<"‘(: o" er"ot or‘a‘ hutto" and that " tr‘eo'y yan see teenage < h

tren, your rr‘urn ar'd yoar' dad, poyt’uer‘d pe people r" true serres that r "g pels'

I" s"‘o"t ‘.'.e get to see om :>ar'e"ts naked \‘."‘<" s garte a sra'y tr‘rmgl‘t

«Elle Carr

V() c: '- I‘he'e \.'.r

personaI prohier"s "eress'tateg a (IUK k "e‘.'.r‘rte As Sp=der and Ain‘a pattreo to (fear "Is narr‘e, you <o:.l : <at< "

g= rr‘pses o" the ()"1gth p ot ne" r‘d t“e story, ‘.'-."tr< h "ad to he rapper: up ‘.'.III‘: tr‘derent "taste

T"e s< nptx'.r ter‘s eue" "ote r“ thesr o‘.'.n (' trgue, as a srept (a? (oppe' po‘nteg out The o”; p'<>l::e"‘ ‘.‘.3t': you story rs that no one n. t"e " ' g"t mznd taould ‘.'to Mr” \‘r'atts attrar t 2e

St II, as ‘\.'.ays to lease the (ast go, I)("‘(}(ILII(KI’D/(’71(X‘ATSQOZIHK; gummed to ueatr‘ ny ar‘ extrerr‘e‘v pathetrr shark, as "appened to t"e ghastly Melrnoa T"- Sunset Beach, after tI‘e (:Fr'er to" had used up a?' the pudget o" tne trda '.'.a‘.e The Bear rs answer to L r‘ga Ir‘pp ‘.'.as one ot the rats \.'.I‘o "fade It off Arr‘e' (a's s:o'\.'.est s "king sI‘p you t"oug."t l'a’anrr took a long true about It? The a'na/ "g Neptune || r'tanaged to stay upside donzr‘ :ust

o weeks, grurng exeryone on. hoard p=enty o‘ true to ‘rnd the“ 'ong-iost daughters, naxe s\.'.o"d "gets, nox'. et( Exeryorze ex<ept t"e (ar)ta'.", tl‘at rs, In a or

helox'. t"e sur'f'ate tor a ‘u t‘.'.

eter".a one,

prere o‘ (astrrrg piayeu hy the hloke '. Boat

After a ga'tk ‘It'tatron deranged gossp (olarr‘nrst Bette, he sagiy san-t park -"to ohsturtty along t"ose

2"‘o (aptarr‘eo l/ie lot/e

other :)e"rut‘te(: e>tras ‘.'.'=o "srsted o" stang r: "‘e parIroo'r‘, r (-a' y Here" ‘ia‘.r'1gsee" [he l’oserdorr Aduerrtrrre

A sertar Ii'IfP', an (wtligmlte, a t tlal ‘.'.a‘.e (a" t pe Io"g pe‘ore We Beat I‘ s n t by a': aste'oo‘ Andrea aney

PREVIEW Drop The Dead Donkey

Channel 4, Wed 28 Oct, 9pm; repeauxISat3l OcLlOpn

Berng hoth up-to-date and Iu"."y rs krrtd of essentrar If you \'.'ant to desr rrl)e your shov. as ’toprtal (omedy' The wrrters and performers of Drop The Dead Donkey, about to embark on Its sixth and frnal serres, knou'; ths haian< ung a(t only too \.'.ell 'It's a terrrfyr'fg prospet t,’ admits Stephen Tompkrnso'r, a‘ras news reporter Damren ’We only get a (er‘ta!" amount of material up t."t-' the day of the sl‘ox': and \.'.e get 't to ('nar‘nel Al apout t‘.'.'o Izours before 1 goes out '

You'd tr‘rrtk that KI"(2 of pressure mould r‘rase peop‘e Ioat'te to ret:.“‘ Yet, return thev hate, to (true Bar, Hague, As‘tdouzn et a a ‘resh hoot ap tr‘e ass 'It's so'nethmg \.'.e a'? unanter. to (orne har k to,’ says Ionp-enso" 'Ir‘e'e's a '.'.ays

Kick ass comedy: Drop The Dead Donkey

(]()ill() to he nexus and ergl‘t dt‘t’erent ‘.'.ays of p avrng a"y pa't ( alar‘ story petause a‘i the ( har‘ar ters are so r:“e"ent a"d so ‘.'.eir fzes'1ed out It's t." ed and tested and ‘t unorks' B'ar‘ Donaldso"


The Usual Suspects Channel 4, Sun 1 Nov, 10pm.

A" :"star‘t ('assr and randr: ate ‘or t“e hest " o‘ t" s gerau‘e, Tne Usual Susper ts rs apout as good as worres get (jreat a<tors spout e-ert"< gaiogue [)a‘. d I‘.‘.ar"et "‘eets Rayn‘ror‘d (‘Iia'rgler as a stee‘ t'ap of a pot “Mods I". tashparx

A gang of t" enes get or: tl‘e \.''rg srde of Keyser‘ Sore, a‘-rr‘yt"r(al underuzorld ger"'-go(:, ar‘g are ‘or't ed to nail a rest as payhatk C." pp‘ed flair“ ' I‘o‘.'. t"ese \(‘C‘D

sa‘tprr‘g to <o"< usor‘s, out “(what's ya'“ pero'nes e'.e' "‘ore ((1"‘;)(>¥; uni“ all

Me'haE K"‘t st." the resaltrng hoogpat" and teases out We ta e o tough gays (arr‘e toget"e' and (a"‘e to grre‘ I"e aag e"<e Ke t"e Lops you (a“ do rs apprer ate ‘.'.on Osra's ‘o' tir‘e' "‘a;<" engoy

Best bit: Spare“, lh \ greatest rung "route at tor

REVIEW Living With The Enemy BBC2,\.Ved 21 0a

The I“v‘sll"(IU'SQE'KIH‘QS

t“e "fasten, o‘ artor a"g s("("("".'. not" :3‘ '.'.ho'r‘

ess '.'.ork Unp ug the phone, out t"e :;"ts a"(:

Roi) F'ase'

it"()‘.'.", up pt, t"e ge' e'atior‘ gap are otte" a so;.'<e By exare'pat ng t'iese d “erer‘res, Inn'r‘g fut/'7 The (Fem,

prodared one o‘ tr‘e ‘tarr‘rest 1) ts o‘

of "rotous r*‘ "t"

H M "rr‘v'r‘ory

lose Rot) "so" s e.g“tee" and a tan o‘ Made 0" f' t“, a" ragast'ra got“ pang ‘.'."o profess to he I" ‘a‘.o;.' of Sata"-\.'.o'sh:p, rxunar‘

"tetal satr't're a"d r>re'<"(;s r" _.."(()lr‘-

Ja"et rs Iu‘ses anue'standapiy

S"e espet rallr,

‘ortahle pa<es and s"‘e s perhaps ‘-.'.orned ahot.t "e' so"

Mrs Robinson finds a nice young man

doesn't ‘se t"e pa"d's I-s" 'ts '.‘.":(". say Jesus s a (r."t

s“e ‘.'.asr"t ‘.'.o" e(:, '.I‘.("‘ lose propap '. '.'.o_.‘:f"'t \U C 'ad'e

toned o" to sti'1a.,

()t rrf" anywaay

So [uses 'r‘t."t a"(f sste' go on tou' t" t"e pt“ d a' ': t’te' so e ta "‘ n<o'r‘p'ene"so", gsro‘.er tI‘at t' e‘. are real. w at!) ..' a we .' e'

"runs ast Itse other young " e' Qt. te tam“ u a' r: .e'\. ' a'

,()".<I.' (1" I702.