RENTAL Great Expectations (15) 105 mins

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D («V‘s left so woo 6:" (1'1t(:i.‘ate(:t'te2Etna" (lax-(e .s annoying as a now no. memo :"to a ‘amoos i)(i"‘.’.("' oy a 'If‘y’sif" o..s Benefactor, who also alioxxns him to come back “.10 (o"ta(t I'm one o‘ "s 1.50, snooty. G.‘.3.r‘etn Patron Anne Ban "0“. aoo Rome": )0 N ro (zoo mo.” to the «01;, :).1! :)j. in" the host {who aoo..t t"‘s‘ "2 s T"(" ‘.‘.()"(10!‘?'...r§.r onerse sets A121

Deconstructing Harry (18) 90 mins

Fox Pattie

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Wag The Dog (15) 93 mns

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Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (15) 148 mins

Bow 1" the o "(’( '.o"’s (r‘m', C of Eastaooo mot-s"? see'r‘ to we s t'. "(; (onif'oi‘talny as '10 UN ~. ('s t" s 4..:<*, sfo'j; (most a {300:} 5on1" non .' .04 Kogir‘ Some; (i((:.'s(‘(i()irs:1..'i(;"'8 one" J11(I(‘l,<‘:.'.


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Oscar And Lucinda

(15) 126 mins

(Winn. Airwst'o'io wakes a (flaw (afterwot (at moto'M; If‘i‘ qua t:es o" i'm'nnlw (no.0 ton: 'mio‘e Pete! Carey's "one! (a BOOKO." P":/(‘-‘.'. now Ralph. Fiennes .s per'mos a title too fo'oety as t"-e 71‘ ss:o"ar\,-< ..n‘-(;am:)ler .'."o "raises a: sexier 31m: Australm‘ lioness Cate 81.1% "-021 tl‘at he (do tursoort N” mass <"..r( " (u "oss the (owitw i'eoloontq. ixnsotfl. :0100R (it, the f irv‘ s 10’. oor." oy ts "'SI"T()"1( s(or(> Fox 9.5100 AM

WIld Things

(18) 1061711118

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1M" '.".(" "("d'l)‘, "Lawns A: the (1o (mow (()L.".'s(‘ or 921.21? ()1 o", '.'.l:os .a<<..s<‘-(1<>‘"(moon 'st, ' (" I) °.<

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The Rainmaker

(12) 112 mins

i'ua'x s Fo'o C oooon "as" f "‘(mbeo ins (ymtest .'.o'\s ‘o' ,m's "on, o..°. at1<=astt"s (on o'a'wa s‘.’ oes (armo 07' 'r‘ost 1‘0"" Cn’xs'ua'“ s( '(‘("1 (a(:(i;)tafzo"s Hotte’-t"a"-"ot Matt [MW-o" ways (a '()()1s.(‘l(i.'.‘l.'(" '.'.i‘o .."(o‘.‘(>rs (a "doe "swamp sm'“ ".n‘ i). (i(:(ii1.. (()'l)()'(ii()" .'."("‘ '10 ("euro oos the (use o‘ a 1‘43" o. "o {um (‘..k(""‘. (‘1 ("0 ‘o"“:.:.‘: 3'o' '."s {/00 of‘ .s set '2 sto'w, mo t'n'. ‘o'ws sorso "(‘- n<i "<; to :)o«.."<(‘- :vowo 5Y7S no a l)'("(2 ( t:ii)x(‘ sto", "(- (1, Al.)

US Marshals

(15) 127 mins

1‘ (1 *,().r so“. s (a o (; ouooet (mso :“o.:<‘- r‘: tor: Hollywood s‘.(‘:' n"(: 5()")("(1(‘(("‘i omos, insoiw .11} f 7. the

Nosing ahead: Gerard Depardieu is at his best in Cyrano De Bergerac (Tartan, U, 132 mins, * 1k sir i it), available to rent and buy (priced £15.99) for the first time in three years.


Persons Unknown (18) 95 mins

reviews VIDEOS

Kelly Lynch in Persons Unknown

Question: why is a tightly plotted thriller with a relatively well-known cast relegated to a video-only release in Scotland? Answer: it didn't make big bucks at the US box office. Its foreign financial prospects, therefore, were


Persons Unknown does have the feel of a ’straight-to-video’ movie. Perhaps it's the somewhat unoriginal story, beginning with a heist, followed by a chase here between thieves and drug dealers culminating in a violent climax. Perhaps it's the film's low budget look: unimpressive locations, fuzzy dialogue and a cheap synthesised music score.

However, the modest production values do add to the appropriately seedy atmosphere, while the story eschews a gimmick or concept, instead drawing strength from its characters. In fact, the plot is driven by them, low-lifes and losers: an ex-cop, a corrupt cop and two sisters, one a drug addict, the other an embittered and handicapped hit-and-run victim.

These characters are fleshed out by a fine cast including David Mamet favourite Joe Mantegna, Kelly Lynch, Naomi Watts and the late, great JT Walsh. However, George Hickenlooper's film (he previously directed the startling Apocalypse Now documentary Hearts Of Darkness) is merely solid and uninspired. We’re deep in B-movie territory here. (Miles Fielder)

Persons Unknown (Tartan Video) Is awn/able to buy from Mon 2 Nov

1) l‘, ".()'.'.(“.(‘.’, >.. mom: sowethli‘o (a t) '.< (issrw 1'0'1‘ ‘..".(‘- sooner to [no fJQ/f/J‘, tr‘er‘ yo..' no (1 saooor‘teo

At least loi'o‘fi. lee loves -s on: it (IS Sn'i‘Cw'a'o,i)..ttitlst"1(="s (logo'sa'fi), “(woo "1(I"“.'.(‘-SJ(‘~, 5" pes, ‘.‘.o.. (: (moo-(r to on“. o..'. g)‘ a law'io (inmost s..o(>"x.‘"uao Home's waiver

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l'o'o "no to (:o I" To om; :15:



Live Flesh

(18) 97 mins‘

inst-(i o.“ (a Run Reooo slow, i" s s :wooao Poo‘vo Aioouooum's "dost .i((<>ss hie (if‘ll olfu'uiiv .H‘sritlsf‘, no "1 to onto Do": (it t'tnt Home ‘.’()l. ‘.o.. (do our. 2 to you (;.’d""‘,, "‘."(l A no (01min .3 (0"‘1'wo to (a '."(‘("("(i‘.' (i‘to' {)0 "o s"o'. o‘. (a ,'()oi". .'.'3()‘)(‘:)(>!()(1‘11("()M“,ilds‘vifik'“ olfio' (*".()..()l‘- to 3'de nonooa'xo M‘s"(ui<*1:o.os:)‘. so<i..<."o We mzmm '1‘ ss..s, l(‘<i(i "(3 to "1..( ". or‘ns'r "(i or Levi“ (no .1 .'."of '(‘-o!'.‘ s((=".si:o l’nt'w (189‘) Bi)

Fists In The Pocket (12)105mms

I" .1 21..) oo‘so ‘~ A small :Za {il‘ Town, (I

"1“ m“ ‘(>:.'

(':.(i'o", Tic-(>0? '.'."()"1s..1°:(“ "()f“ (whips). ()"4‘ son, Snwro, 11H .oos to

"t";" " s "‘o""<‘:i l)'(:’.".(>r Augusto "o"\

(".0 (or‘f'oeweot of Eve: by killing o‘f lizs (mother and s:i)':fi(ls 1.1(‘zr‘to Beiiouruo's feature Lads one of the most '(W‘nrl-talne 11a! .3" (looms oT iiii‘ 60s As Sar‘oio, loo Caste: (i(*l".t’ls a (la/moo, rv‘eu’ arm ;)<>"()'ivm:‘.<e m a 7'ij (“at o.( Ls (roar: ‘nw (no 'v‘.i":a(}es, i w so "mi 1‘ i'...’();)(‘<i" n"'."o..s(‘- ( i'l("“.(i of Hir- (I'm; to sat "so too Vest". e or {'10

ooov'oeo SH" BH (‘5 ()9 ,»\l’.1

Motty Takes The Mike (E) 55 mins 'Sf'ao

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Coos oewo‘ I)‘, sowe to i.‘(" (“0 lint-st i()()’.i)<il: (()-"‘.'I‘("".<i'.()l o‘ '12s

<;(*"e"at on <i"(i(1t‘.’ om: UVOIP‘wIsas 21:0 oox's i) (most on." ‘1‘ toe (use

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