Take a deep breath and scream your lungs out there's a killer on the loose again. MICHELLE WILLIAMS, star of TV's Dawson’s Creek and new horror movie Halloween H20, spills the beans on spilling the blood while, over the next few pages, The List looks at the Halloween events in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Words: Peter Ross


LIKE HER CHARACTER JEN, THE BLONDE GIRL WIT " ' I 'RK PA mould-breaking American teen drama Dawson '3 (' ’ek. Mic Williams has a confession. ‘l have a guilty pleasure.‘ ‘he gig<y think that l.a l’emme Nikita kicks ass.‘

Some might find it strange that this eighteen—year— ld actr fan of the low-rent TV adaptation of Luc Besson‘ high- hitwoman movie. After all. Williams is intelligent ' he gra from high school three years early at fifteen) and *ell-rez devours Dostoevsky. Nabokov and Faulkner). llo ' yer. it a mes down to the strong female lead. Williams. who s ‘s witl amie Lee Curtis in Halloween H20. a twentieth annive Jary s uel to John Carpenter‘s 1978 psycho-killer classic. is more thz willing to give contemporary slasher movies a feminist spin.

'In the 70s and 80s. it was all about big—bre ted women in implausible situations getting their throats slit while they hap ed to be in a bikini.‘ she says. ‘The recent horror films have really put women i ie role of the heroine rather Tan the victim and really coming out strong and sm' 1. Scream is what started it all. , ‘he role that Neve Campbell played was really em wering to women.‘

Ah. Scream. 1997‘s self—aware slasher l ovie from the post-modern pen of Kevin Williamson the Hollywood wunde 'ind also responsible for scripting Scream 2. I Know What You Did Last .S'ummr and Dawson '5' ('reek. Although

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