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The Granton Star Cause

Royalty' Although I written especially for '_ soundtrack. it could justas have come from the Screafil" album Vanishing Point - all strange echoes. electronic squeaks and drum beats from futuristic tribal sacrifices.

S )ooky. to be honest.

T e Gyres: 'Break’ (.irounded firmly in the Britpop genre. which in turn fully paid its respects to the guitar-based jaunt of The Small Faces. The Kinks et al. 'Break‘ is a beefy rocker from the Lanarkshire boys. Think Cast. Oasis and Ocean (‘olour Scene. The Pastels: 'Nothing To Be Done' A dead-pan delivery from Stephen Pastel oyer a steadily chugging guitar. Sounds like a

20 THE “ST 22 OC‘. '3 New 7998

It's the first Irvine Welsh movie since Trainspotting and the best film soundtrack album since . . . ehm, Trainspotting. The Acid House, based on three of Welsh's short stories, hits UK screens on New Year's Day, but the disc is out next week. To whet your appetite, The List goes track by track on a trip peppered with Scottish trail-blazers.

Words: Jonathan Trew

Primal Scream: 'lns . {from the ‘8‘) Pastels album Sittin'

~ Pretty.

student disco at the tail—end of the 80s and. lo and behold. The (ireul Rock [)1'sr'ugrap/iy reycals it’s

Barry Adamson/Nick Cave:

'Sweetest Embrace’ Long-

term comedy duo Adamson and (‘aye get maudlin on yo‘ ass with a desperately sad and beautiful (obyiously) ballad. The title. of course. refers to death. Sample line: ‘To think we can find happiness . . . that‘s the greatest mistake there is.‘ Ho and. indeed. ho.

Bentley Rhythm Ace: 'This Is Carbootechnoodiscotechno bOOtO' It takes longer to write the title of this one than to listen to it. Absolute nonsense and absolutely irresistible. this is the party—time antidote to the preceding track by Laughing Boy Cave.

‘HE .. hemlcal B u. i

A Soft Touch

The Soul Renegades with Texas: 'You'll Never Know' Sophisticated. string—tilled commercial dance with Sharleen ‘Texas' Spiteri doing her soulful thang oyet' the top. Specially written for the soundtrack and a possible radio biggie.

Beth Orton: ’Precious Maybe' The eyer-sensitiye Beth sings of lost loye. inlidelity and the heartache of deception that her ‘baby‘ has wrought. All in an acoustic stylee with a distinctly (iallic accordion. (‘reated specifically for the soundtrack and rather goi'geotis.

T-Rex: 'HOt Love' Mmmm baby . . . hot-loyin' soundtrack

for swinging summers with what.

at the time. were referred to as 'foxy chicks'. Difficult not to swing your hips and click your

Arab Strap

lingers to this. even if it does make you look like a tool.

Belle & Sebastian: 'Slow Graffiti’ In which Belle & Seb explore a previously unhinted fascination with death metal. .\lebbe not: rather a gently swelling yet wry song that couples will use as a backdrop when they want to read loye poetry to one another. Not as fey as suspected and written for the soundtrack. Arab Strap: 'I Still Miss You' Not an ode to last night's lager. but more scrapings from the seemingly bottomless well of the Strap‘s bitterness. Not easy listening - more like a scab that’s been picked especially for the soundtrack. Oasis: 'Going Nowhere' Mid- tempo. wistful. almost melancholy. goddamit; yet there‘s still a yague euphoric charge to it. Mark my words. I think these (iallagher boys have got something.