The Brothers are back

Responsible for heavyweight hip hop albums like Straight

Out Of The Jungle and Done By The Forces Of Nature, The Jungle Brothers have embarked on a UK tour, reminding everyone just how important they are.

Words: Lawrie Thomas

Even if they weren't still going strong in '98 albeit now as a duo following the departure of long serving DJ Sammy B, The Jungle Brothers' name would already be written large over the pages of hip hop history. Following up their long overdue Scottish debut as a last minute addition to the T in the Park bill, The Jungle Brothers are back in the UK for a major national tour.

They formed in the fertile hip hop breeding ground of mid-80$ Manhattan, when aspiring MC’s Baby 8am and Mike G hooked up with DJ Sammy B and promptly won their high school talent show. The Jungle Brothers remain a throwback to a time when hip hop was a whole lot more organic and in a lot better shape -— not awash with lazy soundalikes, bland over-produced G- funk and vacuous part anthems.

Last summer saw them break their four year silence,

i brought about by switching labels from Warners to Goe

Street and a decision to step back from the hip hop fray and rethink their strategy with the release of Raw Deluxe. Despite their recent rapid-fire series of re- releases, Baby Barn and Mike G are not content to ride

The Brothers are gonna work you out catch the Scottish leg of their tour this fortnight


the crest of a Jungle Brothers nostalgia trip, for the new album is well in hand.

'We're working on a new album with Alex from The Propellorheads. We’ll be getting back together next month once we get back home to finish it off and hopefully it will be out in the spring. We want to make sure that the album stays funky and keeps with the roots of The J8's,’ explains Nathaniel Afrika Baby Barn Hall.

However, if the prospect of a new album isn't enough to see you through winter then get this: The Jungle Brothers are poised to make their acting debuts. 'We’re working on a new movie called The Brothers and basically it's the story of how we met back in '86, how we got together with dreams of makin’ it in the music business as entertainers and winning our high school talent show,’ says Hall. ’And the success of the first album, comin' over to Britain for the first time and all the people we met and the influence we’ve had through the formulation of the Native Tongues. We’re playing ourselves and obviously we'll go to the Native Tongues family and see who else wants to get involved. The idea is to keep it as comical as possible sort of a Cheech and Chong meets Abbot and Costello.’

The jungle Brothers and special guest Peanut Butter Wolf and MC Rosco play Glasgow at Queen Margaret Union on Fri 23 Oct.

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Bukem: frustrated batsman

LTJ Bukem

Commander-in-chief of Good Looking Records, LTJ Bukem takes time out of his insanely busy DJ and production schedule to answer Rory Weller’s probing 0&A.

Full name: Daniel Williamson.

Date of birth: 20/09/67,

Place of birth: Croydon.

Single or attached: Attached. Current place of residence: North of Watford.

If you were to explain to your mum what you do, what would you say: Director of a few musrcally-based companies.

Describe your own musical style: Undefrnable.

Did you have any other career aspirations: Cricketer, footballer or chef

Who knows you best and why: Mum and dad for obvrous reasons

Where does your mind go to when you are DJing and what brings it

my last tune.

What was the last record you bought: A (1.35% big band album from 1981 and an album by Scott Joplin wrth 'The Entertarner' on It.

What do you have in your pockets at the moment: £30 and some thange. If you were to say you had one vice, what would it be: Smoking occasronally.

What is your favourite smell: Chicken and rice.

If a statue of you was built, where would it stand: On the ground.

When was the last time you threw your hands in the air and waved them like you just didn't care: Riminr, 1994

Do you have an easy life: Don’t be Sllly.

What gets your goat: Negative minds Are you any good in a fight: Come on, then

What can we get you at the bar: Ewan

Earth 3 is released Mon 26 Oct.

I Jengaheads, Colin Walker, Stevie

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Club News

YOGI HAUGHTON lS starting a new show from 9-1 1pm on Radio Forth (97.3FM/1548AM) on Sat 31 Oct. The playlist is black music-based with garage and rare disco, or more to the point, ’It will be real garage, London underground and some rare boogie cuts in the middle,’ says the man Haughton. A refreshing change in music policy from the Forth Radio crew; following dates yet to be confirmed.

RADIO BABYLON was listed in the last issue for Sat 10 Oct but was cancelled at the last moment due to The Shooting Gallery's lack of a licence (they are blaming their lawyers). Radio Babylon will be back Sat 7 Nov. ’The Big Din’ promises much XXX-raunchiness at around midnight next time. You have been warned.

AFTER YANG, PLANET Peach and 62. Glasgow has another three clubs opening this issue Budda, The Shed and The Temple. The Temple will occupy gargantuan site of the old Cardinal Follies and sees former Archaos/Babaza DJs Geoff Mbntford, Scott Richie and Chris Harris taking on Saturday night in this venue. Mark Goldinger (also ex- Archaos) is the frontman for the project, leading a team that includes Brian Mcllveny who previously worked for King City Leisure that own, you guessed it, Archaos.

Meanwhile, CPL who run the Garage are busy with their two new babies: 62, which opened last issue, and The Shed which is managed by Stevie Falconer, who used to be the ever-smiling face at Reds. He's bought with him Paul N'Jie and Grahame Ferguson, who both lost slots when Reds closed down. Budda down on St Vincent Street opens this issue too, brought to you by the crew who had a hand in Mojo and Ocho. The 200 capacity club sees residencies for The

Middleton and also the first weekly night from Graeme Thompson, the man responsible for Love Boutique. Look out for the free CD they're giving away, selected and mixed by Middleton.

Stuart Middleton mixing it with Budda

i. its

22 Oct-5 Nov l998 THE “3179