Visual fusion : recent work by Bruce McLean is on show at 12 gallery

Mo Farquharson Tue 3—Sat 14 Nov. Recent sculpture.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 221 6000. Mon-~Thu 10am—8pm; l-‘ri l()am—5pm1Sal l(lam—-2pm.

Six-Ply Wed ~1~ -Tue 24 Nov. New work from artists' collective. VIRUS.


l8a Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon—Fri l lam—5pm; Sat l()am— l pm.

Soul Mining Until Tue 3 Nov. A solo exhibition of paintings and pastels by Karen McIntyre.


23 Union Street. 557 247‘). Tue—Sat l()am—6pm.

Editional Art Until Sat l4 Nov. An exhibition showcasing the work of Dunfermline l’t'intmakers featuring artists Marcel 0' Connor. Sottas Maclean. John Binning and Sandra Baxter.


35 William Street. 225 2 l‘)6. 'l‘ue l-‘ri Ham—5pm; Sat llam—2pm.

Jenny Smith Until Sat 3| ()cl. New paintings and prints.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon—Sat l()am—6ptn; Sun noon—5pm. Continental Drift: Europe Approaching The Millennium Until Sat l4 Nov. A fast-moving interrogation of European ‘cultural nortns' in the first instalment of 'Photo 98’. with Martin Parr's photographs of Brits at leisure. Marie-Jo l.afontaine's startling portraits of the continent‘s yottth and Joy Gregory's exploration of identity and background.


36 St Stephen Street. 226 6355. Mon-Sat noon» 6 or.

Artist fThe Month Until Sat 3| ()ct. litchings by Helen D. Moore plus lcelandic arts attd crafts including paintings. ceramics. glass designs and textiles.

listings ART

Matthew Harrison Orla Ryan Boris Ondreicka Manfred Pernice Yvonne Fontijne Chad McCail

Transmission Until November 7th, Tue-Sat 1 1am-5pm

28 King Street (31 SOP t/f 0141 552 4813/1577


22a l)tmdas Street. 556 2l8 l. Mon—Fri 10.3()am--6pm; Sat l0am--4pm.

Alan Sutherland l’ntil Sat 31 ()ct. A collection of new figure drawings in red chalk by the Edinburgh portrait artist.

INGLEBY GALLERY 6 Carlton Terrace. 556 4—1-1 l. Wed-Sat l()am—-6pm.

Craig Murray-Orr l’ntil Sat 31 ()ct. Wood carvings and assembled sculptures are shown alongside a series of watercolours by this New Zealand artist.

INK TANK 28 St Stephen Street. 226 544‘). Mon—Fri 8am-8pm: Sat l()am—me.

The Boxer Fri 23 Oct ‘Thu 24 Dec. Linocuts by Adam l.arkum.

22 & 25 l(th STREET, GLASGOW Gl 5QP Tel: 0141 552 0704 Fax: 0141 552 2919 e-mail:


QALLEBXJ QALLEBXJI MONOtypcs - Neil MacPherson Invited artists using the monotype printing technique to create very different results. Artists include: [Elizabeth Blackadder, Adrian Wiszniewski, Ken Currie, Sam Ainsley, Ross Sinclair and others.

The Original Print Shop


An early career in architecture and a fascination with the urban landscape of his native city, Glasgow, have culminated in Ian McNicol's current exhibition of etchings based on city centre buildings.

An exhibition of paintings by this Caitbness artist.


l3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon-l‘ri ‘).30am- 6.30pm; Sat

9.30am 1.30pm.

Three 20th Century Writers: Bernanos, Aragon, Breton Until Hi 20 Nov. To celebrate the festival ‘l.ire l~1n liete’. a documentary exhibition featuring three writers of the 2(ltlt century.

I2 66 Cumberland Street. 558 9872. Mon—Fri l()am—6pm; Sat l()am-4pm. Bruce McLean Until Sat 21 Nov. Screenprints by artist Bruce McLean.

JUDITH GLUE GALLERY 60 High Street. 558 I866. Mon-Sat ‘)..3()attt«6pm; Stilt l0.30am—6pm. Banks, Braes 8: Bonnie Beasties Until Sat 31 ()ct. A selection of work front contemporary artists and craftspeople inspired by Scottish and ('ellic design. KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street l.ane. 557 5454. Mon Sat llatn 74.30pm.

Pulling Their Own Strings Until liri () Nov. Recent works by Jeanette Lassen and Barbara Middleton.

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