Tweedale Museum. Chambers Institute. High Street. 01721 724820.

Seeds Of Time Fri 23 Oct—Fri 20 Nov. New work by Borders-based artist Liz Douglas exploring the theme of seeds.


SMITH ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM Dumbarton Road. 01786 471917. Tue-Sat 10.3()am--5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Victorian Stirling Until Thu 31 Dec. A fascinating look at the people and culture of 19th century Stirling.

The Wireless Set Until Sun 29 Nov. Vintage radio equipment from the l‘)3()s to the l970s. including a reconstructed 50s living room.

Independent Schools Art Exhibition Until Sun 15 Nov. Artwork submitted by independent schools in Scotland. featuring three-dimensional pieces as well as more traditional painting and drawing.


lectures & events


Marc Newson Wed 28 ()ct. 6pm. £4.25 (£2). Glasgow Film Theatre. The Australian designer Marc Newson talks about his work which includes creating furniture and interiors for Alessi and Cappellini and the Coast restaurant in London.

Edinburgh Demolished Mon 26 ()ct. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Famous

for her ntwv-demolished House and casts of

mattresses and baths. Rachel \Vliiteread is a star of the British art scene. Her work is discussed by Christine Thompson.

Art And Madness: Sir Alexander Morison Wed 28 ()ct. 12.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Siobhan Dougherty and Nicola Kalinsky talk about Richard Dadd's painting.

Cross Currents: Location And Identity Wed 28 Oct. 2~5pm. £5 (£3). Royal Scottish Academy. A panel discussion chaired by Glasgow-based poet Donny O'Rourke featuring invited American artists Stacy Levy and Debbie ()rloff and Scottish artists Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion.

Slide Day Fri 30 ()ct. 11am—4pm. Royal Scottish Academy. Held every hour. on the hour. Slide talks by visiting .utists. exhibiting 111 the current show 'I'I'u/isutlmttit‘ (‘o/uit't Irons.

Portrait Of A Young Man Hi 30 ()ct. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Christopher Riopelle discusses Francois- Xavier Fabre’s portrait.

Performance Art Sat 31 ()ct & Sun 1 Nov. lptn. £5 (£3). Royal Scottish Academy. Performances by iiiko Fan. Jeanne Jaffe and Leah Stein. Marc Atkins and Karen Strang. Part of 'l'runsutluntic Colt/tedious.

Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin Mon 2 Nov. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Bill Hare talks about the work of formaldehyde-kid Hirst. and limin. the tent—maker known for her passioned drunken outburst alter last year‘s Turner Prize.

John Campbell, 4th Duke Of Argyll Wed 4 Nov. 12.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Hugh Bclsey talks about Thomas Gainsborough's painting.

Modern Architecture In A Historic City Wed 4 Nov. 6pm. Heriot-Watt University Main Lecture Theatre. School of Architecture. Lauriston Place. 44‘) 51 l 1. Tickets and further info frotn RlAS. 22‘) 7545. RlAS Continuing Professional Development Services present a lecture on conservation policy and action. Speakers include Ian Spence. a Conservation and Design Manager at Edinburgh City Council and John Forbes from The Burrell Company.

listings KIDS

theatre and dance groups. the event highlights the quality of musical talent in

city schools today. Parr oflnspirmimi From Word.


Morag And The Water Horse Sat 24 Oct. 2pm. £3

(£2). Seottish Mask &

Puppet Theatre Centre.

8-10 Balcarres



Avenue. Kelvindale. 339 6185. Ages 6-11. Jack O. Lantern Puppets present a shadow version of this traditional Scottish / fairytale.

Peter The Pirate Boy Sat 31 ()ct. 2pm. £3 (£2). Scottish Mask & Puppet Theatre Centre. 8—10Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 13‘) 6185. Ages 3-8. Help Peter the

Pirate Boy face up to dangers on a mysterious island in Kcnspeckle Puppets' new show.

Magic Bob's Halloween Sat 31 Oct.


PASS THE PARCEL Sat 31 Oct, 11am ,

81 2pm. £2.50. d . 6.30pm. £3. (,"raw'fortl Theatre, MacRobert Arts Jordanhill Campus. Southbrae Drive. Centre, v' . . ‘)5() 3438. Top tricks from Magic Bob University Of \~\ in a special show for the spooky Stirling, 01786 season.

461081.A es 2+. Live music an comedy in Oily Cart's unique show with the emphasis stron I on audience participation. C i dren are actively encoura ed to take part and help so ve the parcel of problems which includes sorting, matching and labelling.

Dramatic Licence Tue 3 Nov. 7pm. Mitchell Theatre. 6 Granville Street. 287 551 1. For tickets call 287 5522. Performances by young theatre groups in Glasgow. including The Diary ()fArme Frank from East Glasgow Youth Theatre and Lord ()f'f/ie l-‘lies front Raindog‘s Young Blood. Purl of/nspirutimt I’m/n Hit/kl.

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We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Activities And Fun

Willow Wildlife Sun 25 ()ct. 2— 3.30pm. £1. Mugtlock Country Park. Craigallan Road. Milngav ie. 956 610i). Weave a willow creature and then take it home to watch it growl

FORK's Halloween Party tin 3t) ()ct. 7.30pm. Friends ( )f'l'he River Kelvin. Ha'penny House. Kelvingrovc Park. 332 3881. Get into the spirit of things with a barbecue. apple dooking and other seasonal activities.

Halloween Horrors Sat 31 ()ct. 6.30pm. Pollok Country Park. l’ollokshaws Road. 632 ‘)2‘)‘). Search for ghosts and ghouls with the countryside rangers.


Asterix 8: Cleopatra (PG) on Sat 31 ()ct. 1.30pm. £3.25 (£2). Glasgow Film Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. See Film index.


The Top Forty Wed 28 ()ct. 7pm. Adelaide's. 20‘) Bath Street. 248 4‘)7(). For tickets call 287 5522. An evening of new song from city school bands featuring the talents of secondary school pupils and some of the best-known professionals currently working in the music industry in Glasgow. Part of lnspiruI/(m l-‘mm Word.

The Music Showcase Thu 2‘) ()ct. 7pm. Henry Wood Hall. 73 (‘laremont Street. 204 4540. For tickets call 2877 5522. An event to showcase the an skills of pupils in Glasgow, with performances linked to or inspired by literature. Featuring a cross-section of talented school bands. orchestras.

The Citizens' Company presents

Merlin , the Magnificent

by Stuart Paterson . 24 November - 26 December 1998

"Only the boy born to be king can yell (lie

lltflyjiC sword from the stone"

Tickets £2.50 - £10

0141429 no

.22 O'cl‘ ‘3 Nov 1998 THE UST 95