CLASSIFIED i saw you


0 I saw you Waterstone's (ieorge Street. Sunday 18/10 by -l.()()pm. buying book III base- ment. You ride black (‘B75(I with yellow wlteels. Browsing book you smoked cigarette. .\Ie waiting for bus opposite. Please write .\Iale adoret'. Ho\ .\'o [/346/I

U I saw you honey rrronkey III my neck of tlte woods. seeing you made me swing from the trees. let’s rnortkey around again soon. Btu No [7346/3

O I saw you lleatl eltet or the (irain Store.’ Yoti cooked rite a tender piece of pork. rntnrn. I wonder if yours is as juicy. See you at tlte (‘tty (th. Bo\ No [/346/3.

0 I saw you Srnillielace in Ryan‘s on 3 HS: your grey top dazzled me I nearly knocked my drink over. Your scarred friend tried to sa\ e a forest. I.L‘I‘\ Il;t\t‘ coffee. The \IIIIIICII kitten. I‘lo\ No ['/346/4.

9 I saw you grartt slug. being a sqtttggle. burning potatoes. pre- tending not to be tccle. I would- n't trust you with rtty pot plants. bttt I “I” always be your pen- gtttn. Bo\ .\'o [7346/5.

Q I saw you cheerful \vaiter

w tilt the l‘rench accent III the I’IIIIIIIotIse bar Ill/Ill. lost for words. Should have cortte across to your table. I think you are gorgeous too Bo\ .\'o ['1’346/6.

0 I saw you dancing at Substance. You looked amazing. then I heard you ordering a Sauza and lemonade. With such great taste I knew you were amazing. Amaze me by phoning.

0 I saw you outside Ryan‘s. Yott dark hair w rtlt lots of girl- friends. .\Ie sitting III Ryan's coffee shop. Yott way ed and called me to come over. I should Itavel\ go for a drink. Box No [7 346/7.

0 I saw you Attstraltan boy- lStmon'.’) at Brotlres III August. Interested Ill retrieving my corn- bats. as yours don't fill Please get III touch The (‘anadians Box Nob/3.16m.

. I saw you Her/meta 'I’r'ayerse 22/lll. You. yotrng dark handsome tnale III brown furry zippy slnrt. .\Ie. silvery guy in specs w Ito'd ratlter watch you tltarr the play. Box No [7346/9 O I saw you ll] ()ddbms. You: dark eyed. ltatty arms. .\Ie: shy. Mount Ilurtle who wants more than a bag. Is 'l'lrreshers tny des- [IIIy”.’ Bo\ No ['/346/l[).

O I saw you Dee at Dhanakosa. Your l‘ace Down Dog sends me barking. You look ]lIs[ as gorgeous upside down. Want to practice at home'.’ Nine months since that mad bus trip and I love you more than ever. love attd lots of kisses. I'ace [Pp I)og. Bin No [3/346/l I.

106 THE lIST S Ilov 19 Nov 1998

O I saw you Dave itr Tesco. Nicolson Street. Iidiriburgh. every Saturday. You've scanned my barcodes. how abottt doing it the other way arourtd'.’ Now I'm in lidirtbtrrgh maybe you can help me eat all those crisps . . . Box No [l/346/l3.

O I saw you Acid Angel. still hanging round those bookshops. eh'.’ You look bigger. better & brighter than ever. l-‘lottrescent even. And what's with the girl painted on your jacket'.’ She looks sorta l‘)2()s: a refttgee‘.’ Like me'.’ So listen. good lttck with the sales. One day every- one will ktrow who you are. .le t‘adore. .‘vlonsiettr Rimbaud. Btu No ['/346/I 3.

O I saw you in (‘ommon Grounds coffee house Ill/ll). You. Itaving a fag with mates. looking sexy with your new hair. [’s. permanent fixtures on sofa. (’orne join us for a java next time! Box No [i/346/l4. O I saw you Stt. Yott fill my with lyricism. arid the urge to get mystical. Let's git gorn in ottr funky new lurve wagon. Brighton to Glasgow via Glastonbury Tor'.’ Maybe a wee trip to Germany for crinklemass‘.’ Who knows-1’ The world's ottr pearly pink oyster. love you till the end of it all. Dee. Box No [7/346/15.

O I saw you flirting with tall. dark and ltruttrvely (‘aholl Irish guy. you crazy suited freak. ['s: Silvery Spikey Star-top and dart- gerotts pin-striped Josephine Baker. Now it really is TlMIi T() ptrt the P in l.AY. Box No ['/3-I6/l6.

O I saw you black t-shirt. sil- ver glasses. dark hair. thick tteck. light blue jeans. silver

watch. black bracelet. face to die

for. body to match - at ('(' Blootns on liriday 23rd. PS. Not a freak. just slty. Box No 346/I7.

O I saw you on Saturday night Iii/ll) serving Bacardi-(‘ola ("1 the [fnderwor'ltl Then we met again in Planet Peach. You are a reason to be on earth. llope so

much you‘ll remember tne: pirate :

beard. ear ring. Swiss. .Ittst to II. Please. Box No [7/346/IS.

0 I saw you Sti. away from your computer . . . and l clocked you had been writttrg art IStnt- You to me. I didn‘t read it though. Will wait a fortnight to see it III T/It' l.rvt. The suspense killing me. And it's about titne. Ilow are we going to keep up with I‘irrger Doctor and Jane'.’ No rrtore ratcatching. Just plenty time for poverty. freedom and love. Keep on grooving. love I)ee. Box No [l/346/I‘).

O I saw you in the Phoenix (festival time). you said you were alcoholic. I said you were beautiful and kissed your hand. Do these things work'.’ Box No [l/346/2ll.

O I saw you many moons ago on the Meadows. Yott: chilled out. ginger guitary bloke. tts: iakey freaks. You liked our gut- tar. you cart btty it off me if you get in touch. Box No [l/346/2l. O I saw you at BUI’A (it'ettt (‘aledoriian Rttrt. You female 30. bttns of steel arid legs to die for. (‘an we get togetlter".’ Box No [7346/22.

0 I saw you with your yo-yo. an natural 23/10 red curly hair. red sweatshirt. black leather trousers. Wrap rite round your finger tool Box No [l/346/33.

O I saw you Oh (‘aptain My ('aptak so scarlet. I saw you Tackno 26/9 dancing with wombles and other super heroes. Save me frorn this evil planet. and other baddies. Box No [7346/24. 0 I saw you Bettrrets Sunday night 35/ll). Short red ltarr. adidas top with orange stripes on sleeves. I wanted to ask for a dance. Too shy. Will a coffee do‘.’ Seen you before. Box No [7346/35.

0 I saw you finally. on a bean- tiftrl Sunday in the Malt Sltovel. Hope I didn't scare you with my feelings. Take all the tirrre in the world. I will wait forever. Box No [7346/36.

O I saw you desperately seek- ing Alison (‘ox ex-RGIT student originally fron l.anark. Would love to ltear from you. if possi- ble. before l5 November? l.ove. .\Iisbah. Box No [7346/27.

0 I saw you David. iii a badly lit tea house last year. I had a permanent smile for weeks. it didn’t last. I still don't quite understand. I hope you're fine. Box No ["l346/2S.

O I saw you beautiful skater boy in Bar Brel. You have my Kirbys arid hog the duvet. I like it too much. l-‘ly lobsters. 11y! (‘ltirps. love the Happy Bunny \. Box No li/345/2.



0 I saw you on btts to Penictrik once you blonde girl me guy sitting behind yott. Arid you kept looking round at

me arttl touching your hair. Would like to meet up again'.’ Box No [7345/3

O I saw you working in The Tap. we drank coffee all day. Your name tag said l.ottise. we read gorgeous. See you soon. x. Box No [,‘/.345/4.

0 I saw you Blackfriars Bar. You Itad big hair and a big nose. you looked cool with turn tips and boatirtg sand shoes. (‘an I make your pint cloudy some- trrne‘.’ Archibald Arrows xxx. Box No U/345/5.

O I saw you Tron care 7/10. You: female brunette smoking. drinking coffee. Me: captivated by your eyes shining over my friend's head. Love to find ottt what‘s in your satchel}? Box No [VHS/6.

O I saw you again -- bus stop. York St. Saturday afternoon. Yott: blonde. glasses. blue denim Iiacket. Used to pass you by on way to work. Iiyes met long enough again to stir my heart'.’ Box No [l/345/7.

O I saw you Martin. Colin and the other Glasgow boys in Ibiza III September. The lidinbtrrgh girls want to make contact. Wear your Armani shirt Colinl Box No U/345/8.

O I saw you Idllttltouse: K. how's life'.’ Long time no see. Let‘s walk down the yellow brick road again soon. and see how many emergency services will be involved this time! ()deon I). Box No U/345/9.

O I saw you lladdows. Mount Florida. Friday 9 October. You: combats. black jacket and bought wine. You gave rne that look. Say hello next time! Box No U/3-IS/10.

O I saw you tall. dark atrd lttu- trr'vely (‘aholl Irish gtty. Me: crazy sttited freak now looking for you to ptrt the K in fun. Box No [.1/3-15/1 l.

O I saw you Jekyll 8; Hyde btrt you didn't see me. Your 1 saw you replies are getting scarier arid scarier. Wrong person. Whoever you think I am. I'm not going to be the ‘father of your children‘. lay off the drugs. Box No [l/345/I3.

Q I saw you (‘artside Street. Shy gtty. I would like to know you too bttt I don't even know your natrre. Give me a clue or even a phone number. I don't bite! Box No U/345/l4.

O I saw you Dazzling blonde female. I.eith Shore. Saturday l()th ()ctober. ()ur muttral smiles caused me to almost fall for yott. Blonde male is struck dttrnb no more and would love to meet for a drink. Box No [VHS/IS.

O I saw you [3/10 chatty and

5 cheery Mancunian irt Boots

Princes Street store. Why dont we go for a drink arid you can answer my questions - girl in blue. Box No ['/345/I6.

O I saw you iii a fotrr poster near chocolate heaven. Did you feel the pain when you stepped into the dungeon'.’ Marsh mal- lows do not taste the same with- ottt yotr. Box .\’o [,1/345/17.

O I saw you at an airport in Greece. You're a doctor in lbros (not a ntrrsell. We shared a taxi into Glasgow. Would you be interested in going ottt some- time'.’ Box No [HMS/IX.

v I saw you I kissed you, we laughed. You tasted of Sauza and lemonade. I liked it. Fancy refreshing your memory as well as your taste buds with a Sauza and lemonade, ice and a slice of lime?"

O I saw you III Burger King white t-shirt with a logo. little make-up arid a beautiful smile. The way you acted made me feel love. Can we AGT together"? Box No U/345/I‘).

O I saw you Kalpnzt. 13/10. lunchtime. Both engrossed irt our lives: you in plaid skirt. with two friends. the with embar- rassed glances. ‘Neither knows where the other goes or lives; We might [rave loved. and you knew this might bef'. Box No [VHS/22.

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE


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