Christmas Cards

Now that you’ve carefully weighed up JUSI who makes the final cut of your prestigious Christmas card list, finding that ideal piece of paper which says it all about you will probably prove to be a nightmare. How can you possibly break away from those fat Santa pictures and traditional snowy landscapes. Fret no more: we’ve discovered two solutions that prove Christmas can indeed be a groovy time of year.

First up, the Scottish Bobath Association have released their pack of charity cards. ’Urgh, we hear you shriek, charity cards are so drab, so dreary, so . . .’ But wait: in a novel take on the idea, Bobath have called in the talents of seven Scottish designers. Check out cards numbered 1—5 for a selection from a very cool set indeed by Pure Design, EH6, Pointsize, TANK, locofoco, Map Ref and Navy Blue. It has to be said that everyone who worked on the cards did so for nowt, and they have produced some very funky pieces of paper. They are available from the Street Level Gallery and Zwemmers at CCA in Glasgow; and the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. Also try Bobath Scotland at 2028 Great Western Road, Glasgow. Phone 0141 402 1010 for more details. Prices are £3.50 for ten of one design or £2 for seven assorted.

If those don’t take your fancy, then your friends and relations will no doubt be warmed to the core by these three alternatives (numbers 6—8) which also caught our eye. They’re available from Paper Tiger and Pie In The Sky in Edinburgh and the Glasgow Art Store in Glasgow.

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