SCANNER Christmas games

PLAYSTATION/PC Tomb Raider III (Eidos £44.99 £39.99) Out late Nov.

See's oat K No other noeo gar'i ng (ita:a( te' "as ("osseo one." into the < ...tur‘al n‘a "strean‘ gu te ke la'a Croft le 1996's Tomi) Ram/er aeg the ‘o. oxxn‘g year's s'..pei‘..‘:'.i‘.'e Tomi) Ra/der‘ //, t"e {)0in (1"(I‘.(i(‘()I()(}ISI is.ov.eoo:ayers net: exels o‘ atmosphere aeo‘ iota: ga'ne n‘nie's.<)"- I'i" ear y l"(I!(<iiiOl‘.S suggest Ilia: Iomo Raider /// :s an :rnoroxement, with lara see-eng to." n etes of a

sa< r'eo "()(k over fifteen leves aeo t'we o"‘ei‘e'it e'n'ii‘onn‘e'its TIIOI!7(lld"t'.;71(li(‘, London, Area SI " Nevada, a South Pa< r‘i( slang ano Antamt (a (M! none: 7 Nat‘, gust a oioooy great gari‘e


(Electronic Arts £39.99) Out for PlayStation & PC, Fri 27 Nov; N64, Fri 12 Mar.

Flemrornt Arts' footie sin‘s ti‘aoitioeally s.'. as'.r‘:oe tl‘e Clii‘ist'nas games ("arts se a In; FllA-lxenseo fairy a'io, Lara ( rof". pernwttiog, tne'e's no "eason ‘.‘.I‘.y :ne

latest 'v‘sta! '1‘077'. ‘.'.()l"°. the too spot <i(}d!l‘ ane< tat=oes are it go. thanks to the onliiam e o” ‘v‘xol/d (11;).98, out I'll/l 9.9 nun! annost (ertav'yy (l(‘I;‘.(‘." toe gootls Addeo reahsn‘. and M r'easeo game 'nooes are lITt‘l‘ldll‘.(iiil'dUIO’W,311:!)I’..l't)l)(‘(371 Dream league 'nooe you play 2" a league 1N sutling AC Mean,l'.la'illa':(1Pav‘zs St (Ber'nau‘v orovio-ng the ma." ex< tement


Spyro The Dragon

(SCEE £39.99) Out now.

Sega and N:ntenoo both have the!" olat‘or'i‘ (;assl(s, out PlayStat'ov‘ nas al‘.'.ays laiien sl‘o't U'itzl ll()‘.‘. Sod Some move over I‘vIdl'lU, ente' tne Dragon Spy/o is a 3D olatfonnei \.‘.'I‘l( in taxes an ain‘ost Nu‘tenoo- esgtie figure as .Is (e'ttr'ai (Ifdlk‘fl Iev‘ a (ute omnie wagon and gives -t st.( It a range of a( tions ano evno‘uons §,/a\'~.'nii‘g, la;, r'vieg, ‘.‘.i"r\|l7(], tev'ioi Il‘at It ".as more pe'sonal magnet's'n than a ."oon‘t'ui of Hypnotists on (one Sin/"o’s ‘ellots oragons nave been. turneo into ( oysta. statues ov (.1"()l( tlie (i'iast‘. and you most free you! s<aly buooies one" ses'e" ‘.'.'o.v‘ (is and 30 levels of smooth, (o <>t.rfu , tun-‘2; eo game play Male S().'l‘.(‘()l‘(’ nappy ( nrist'nas

out a “find in t'tei" sto< long

112 THE LIST 5 ‘9

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas

without mountains of turkey, forests of mistletoe and third-degree blisters on your thumbs due to prolonged wrestling with the top new video game Santa brought. To ensure you experience at least the third of these festive musts, now's the time to start saying things like 'I hear Lara Croft's new outfits are very revealing' within earshot of loved ones. The List is here to help you decide which games to beg for by suggesting the twelve best titles either recently released or which will be out in time for Christmas. Happy hinting. 22m; Peter Ross



Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (SCEE £39.99) Out Fri ll Dec.

" "g “to tow." I..Si oe‘o'e ( st'i‘as «e a 'aot: "3.11 a sr‘o..‘. ‘;w o‘ s"().'. '."e ‘.'.o"(: s .e", gooo aoou’. tr‘e .ates'. esta. e": n Nauget'.’ Dog's (rash series You n'ooeI tee s"ai "‘g, '. "wng oeastie '..'"'()..(;" st"(:»\"(e"1lg.:)t, Ro"‘e, Lien eua IV‘g a"g a"(: oa< \ to t"e :: "osa.." e"‘: Jurassx Bars anyone? Neg“. uoe suoer‘-oo\.'.e'eo ooo. s a"‘s /:."v(l s .oes, gouoe innps ar‘ti (:eat" Tornaoo so!" He also (("“(‘S

egu ooeo a ase'-g..' (leg aoo e oaxooxa a"o a‘. (e"ta n ootnts, one a 'itotov'o \e, a [OT-Ski a"o‘ e‘. >'

o ot a let-o a"e (set yo. " oats e" t" s


Tekken 3 (SCEE £34.99) Out now.

It's oeen out 'o" a

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(l‘l"‘("' l)e(<)".‘ f‘ll ‘g 'eatives,

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Snowboarding (Nintendo £39.99) Out HOW.

()I‘ \.'."a’. ‘iir‘ o" a o'te-norse one." seig" Year, "g"t leaxe

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