SCANNER Christmas games

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TOCA 2 Touring Cars (Codemasters £45) Out Fri 27 Nov. last ( ltristrnas you gave l()(/\ four/no ( a! your heart and its nexe! been out of the games ("rafts sin<e And ‘.'.rllli dooo 'eason it's (ll‘ at)solutely l)r:lliant "a(e" Boast no ignite the Donner, tx‘nr e the tau and I‘.'.'l((‘ the tra( ks, the t'evev‘sishfy a"ti( rpated seuuel loo-ts set

to be even better All rats, trat ks and (l"‘.‘(‘l’8 of' me 1998

Brrhsh lour nr; Car ( harnp onsi'xhs are represented, nlus \

you have the opoortunit/ to experieme "a( int; on an ir‘ternational s(ale, rat and on a wide sele( tto" ot (:r( nits from round a S(ottislt lo< h to through the lren< h Alps ( ) Those who found the look of l()('/\ to De its only downside should be delighted the seuuel's enhanted ."il- res graphir s. TOCA 2 is anything but the pits

PLAYSTATION Music (Codemasters £34.99) Out Fri 20 Nov.

H‘IS tould see an end to teenage Karts 'n' (ourtneys orat tisii‘g air guitar :n the 'nirror Destrihed as 'the ultimate musir Creation systern’, Mus/t lets you (reate your own hanuih' dan(e (hoons front oxer £000 :“d'ndual instrument, per< assior: a"d votal sounds as '.'.elt /‘>() o'e-set riffs lvlasterrnete (ontoleted, you save the tratl to "‘errory (aid or, my linking your (orisole to a h vetord straight o'vto (asserte, rn:nr drs( or DAl You (an exe". dirett your ()‘.'.'!‘.

'1' nov' video The only thing this won't do is no out to the all-nioht oa'aoe for inunthies


Bust A Groove

(SCEE £34.99) Out Fri 6 Nov.

Now that hreakrlanr and is the neu'.’ yo-yos or ‘s()lll(".llill(], there (ourdn't he a better time for th's stu‘f-st'xittinu sirn '\.'.'hi( h leatu'es all manner of (ool 'iead-soinniv‘o antxs In a nutshell, Bust A (iroove s l’a/tappa Hie Rapper :neets that Ruit [)lvl( .«deo lere

various \.v:oe-trouse'ed types do down a warehouse to see '.'.l.o's do: the llyest inoves lhere a varrety of (harar ters and (:am e styles to master, t'rorn disto-(Jroo.'iri’ ‘.'.i'.h a ‘\.'.l‘.ite-f'lared

lravolta figure to t'raduinq in the ‘ornr o‘ a silver soare alien Weird lhis .sn't the land of game hat v takes over your life Res/dent {ml-style, but it ntales a 'li( e festive ( hande from all that running, inrnprnt; and shootiht; rnalarkey

114 THE LIST 5 19 “to; 1998