PREVIEW Anatomy Of Desire

Channel 4, Mon I6 Nov, 10pm.

Whatever takes your fancy: Anatomy Of Desire

Sex Nothr'rg to rt really Boy r'.‘-eets grrl or any varwat:on on that therner, hodrly flrrrds and/or pl‘one nurr‘her‘s are swapped and ()((asro"aily heaat'tal 5rrendsh:ps e'1sue

Unfortunately nothrng rn Irt'e rs ever that sample, as (hannel -1 sets out to prove in rts new se'res Anatomy ()f [)esr/‘e

to early man's Inst ‘ur‘rhies, the tlour-

Ira(;r‘g the mat'ng garr‘e ha(k

part dorur'tentaw (alls on experts :n r)sy(hology, hro:ogy, history and relrg'o" to .IIustrate hov. the most


All sorts of accusations are flying around in Soapland

I'iese (rays, ’\"'e/gr'r.’)()urs strlr ".as the (heen, trt e se(, ‘.'.It.". a of Ra'risa‘, Street together I‘-tl‘.itt(] a

'\.'.holesome good tr're tut on(e the

last note ()5 f’tat rrrst.‘t'eraI)Ie tune dres av.ay, you're plunged nto ts nnost reahstw errtotr(>r=al (Ira'na srn(e Boom e' 's d'earn

St'argl‘t-Wawd l)o(tor Karl, you see, 'r‘as hee." (long the ‘0. Id thrrig vat"

see-eyed ter'rptress Sa'ah, the

vnternaf'or‘a ras";on rr‘ode: tt.rned (rI’s 'e(ept;on:st -(Ioesr‘.". every surgery have o'ter‘ And now hrs ur‘suspe( trng wrte Susan, derr 'notl‘er to numerous trouhled tee-"s, has found out and for on(e Ir.'tsh(>r()ugh's youngsters aren't (entre-stage It nay not sou"(: :Ite the rnost o'rg‘rtal storyrr'w, hut a(tr.'a:Iy rt's \.'.o"k:'ig really well, thanks, no douht, to sor"e he?ter—than—Iekely \‘.'r‘rt:ng and tv.o de(e'rt a(tors l)l()‘.i!‘.(} they (an do more than ms: oe Iorls to! the -atest oat(h ()5 heautrt'urly dentureu Igrds Sosa". iets ‘Iy s‘ath her trsts, gurlt»r dden Dr Karl “as to sI'rik off to a motel, and tall turns out to he dear old Ioadfrsh's fault (treat stuff

More vrolent outhu'sts rn It s’. week's hysterrra Iasterrde/s, where l’at 'n' I’eggy trader: rnsaits and vane glasses ‘.‘.hrle Roy Iranl, shared (onhden(es on the ledge ot’ a drain-«tony (at part: and r‘ tI‘e depths ot lo'rdort's oddest oar ‘no‘.'., a soap se‘. there r'rrght he Iunr lhe two s-"o\.‘.ldo\.'.'ns were run (on(urrently, presurnahly to herghten the d'ar'a, though they rn ght have

rmpor'tant ex(hange on the planet has evolved

We learn from enthusrastr( a(adernr(s that men have developed to sow therr‘ seed wrdely whrle women are rn(lrned to he more (hoosy lhat thrs rs the world's oldest exurse for sexrsrn rs hesrde the pornt, hut the good news for gals rs that, whrle we rnrght pr(k our marn partners (arefully, takrng lovers :s essentral for the survrval of the spe(res

Sprung thrngs up wrth a IrttIe hrt on the srde rs pretty rnu(h the deal wrth thrs ser‘res Werghtv a(adernr( theorres form the ha(khone, hut the surprrse element rs a sedu(trve Irne rn pop seonogy

In Programme ()ne we hrt the streets of Iokyo wrth Mr Nrshr, one of the many Japanese sex hunters who get pard to pr(k up passer‘s-hy for men and a few women too husy or too shy to pull for themselves llsewher‘e on the sexual tour‘rst trarl, we vrsrt Nevada's Naked (rty where the aptly named [)r(k l)ross has (r‘eated a town populated wrth top-shelf totty

Just as you thrnk rt's all gettrng a hrt Iur‘otras/r, the programrrre-maker's take us ha(k rnto the Iah for a hrt of s( ren(e Ilere we drs(over' \‘.hy men go for partr(uIar women and why \.vomen are more Irker to wear io\.v-( ut tops at (ertarn tunes of the month Most fas('nat:ng of all, though, rs the nurnher of women prepared to snrff men's urr\.‘..ashe(r' shrrts rn the name of resear(h Islayhe we haven't evolved that 'nu( h after all rl Ilre C are

Slap ’er: Peggy hit Pat a good one in EastEnders

heen rnore thrIIr'rg (ut hetween ea(h other

(amper' than (any ()n (amp/rig, the a(tron horled down to a few (hor(e phrases strung together through iahoured (onversatrons ‘You h:t(h" ’Yot. (owl' ’I 'ate you" 'Money rsn't exerythrng Roy" ’You'd pay more at lhe Ix’rt/I' And so rt goes, an lastlnde/s (rrsrs of the krnd rt spe(raIrses rn, where nothrng rs resolved hut se( r‘ets are revealed whr(h you just know wrl' (o'ne out agarn later 'Irank has a tour-year—old son, hy the way, whose photograph was (aret'ully not shown to grve them leeway when they (ast hrrn for the next hrg showdownr

Roy, who started the eprsode ready to end rt all, was remarkath easrly talked out of rt or perhaps he Just wanted to get Iranl: to shut up And (an I’at exer T’orgrve I’eggy Ior des(rrhrng the (oa(h and horses whr(h (arrred her to her vveddrng as 'ostentatrous'r‘ (r()(l Inows what she would have thought of that har rAndrea Ivlullaneyr


Channel 4, Mon 16 Nov and weekly, I 1pm.

lnsprred IV (on(epts or rngenrous mar‘ketrng devr(es? Whr(hever way you look at rt, ( hannel 4's programme '/ones' are rnvar‘rahly worth delvrng rnto they home rn on the suhre(ts that hrt the spot, he rt the sex trade or the se( r‘et world of (ops

Bla(k lrIe and (ulture rs the latest topr( up for /onrng, WIIII the return of last year's ex(ellent season The Ba Ba /ee Ia(h. nrght kr(ks off With a do(urnentar‘y, hut thrs rs not (hrn- s( r‘at( hrng stqu (r/a/nour (irrl/ takes a partr<u|ar|y skewed look at (urrent h|a(k (ulture, wrth rts profrle of two h|a(k porn stars (hasrng su((ess rn a wnrte porn world

Stardom or bust: Glamour Girlz

(Ia/y; Sexy, (oo/ ( he( ks the sexual pulse or Br‘rtarn's young, h|a(k women, whrle When Saturn Returns tells the hr/arr'e Irfe-story of drum 'n' hass star ()()I(II(‘. Ihere are more hmvywerght rterns, hut the I()( us of The 8a 8a fee rs enjoyment,

wrth a mu srnatter‘rng of lrlrns, shorts and (omedy Ihrs rs a season \Vrth no other agenda than openrng up the s( he(lules to the h|a(k experren(e (I‘llre Carr)


Leon BBCZ, Sun 8 NOV.

A r'omantr( thrrller wrth a drtferen(e, [eon proves what N/k/ta suggested that lu( Besson sure knows how to do ongrnal hrtrnan frlms lhe twrst here rs that the rnrl(I-rnannered, rnrlk- dr‘rnkrng, plant-polrshrng (r'a( kshot takes an orphaned grrl under hrs arm and tear hes her the art of the IJ/r

fioastrng Irrst-( lass perforrnan( es hy Besson stalwart Jean Reno as Leon and Natalre r/‘t/Iar's Atta<ksr I’or‘trnan as pre( o( rous pr‘e-teen gueen Matrlda, [eon even manages to sguee/e In (rar‘y ()Idrnan as a manra(al, prll- popprng (or’r'upt (op

It (ould have heen a (In hed (o( ktarl of Beethoven and uItr'avroIen(e, hut fiesson's rnovre trnds rts dark (entr'e In the sexual trrsson hetween the hrtrnan and her Never explortatrve, rt’s a genurner tou( hrng story of two lost souls who Irnd rneanrng rn ea( h other from rtssuper(har‘ged start torts explosrve frnrsh, [eon rs r‘rght on target

Hitman in New York

Best bit: Jean Reno's tasty arsenal (Dawn lrndseyl

SATELLITE PREVIEW FilmFour Daily, 6pm 6am. When (hannel ‘1 was laun(hed rn 1082, rt swrt'tly he(ame known as an Island of sau(y Iorergn trlrrrs rn a hr‘oad(astrng sea where Wendy ( rarg's tan trghts rn Hutterf/res were the herght of erotr( aIIy-( harged vrewmg Now ( hannel -1 rs shakrng up rnovre- watthrng agarn \vrth the laun(h of lrlrnlour, a suhs( rrptron satellrte (hannel dedrrated to showrng the hest of modern rndependent (rnerna from the UK, /\rrrerr(a and round the world lhe (hannel, whr(h laun(hed at the start of Novernher, wrll pr‘ernrere all

Home Cinema: Catherine Keener and James Le Gros in Living in Oblivion

new Irlmlour pro(lu(trons rn(|udrng l/e/vet (JO/(lHI/llt‘, My Name /s joe and The A(/(/ House It wrll also explore the (uttrng edge rn rts Ixtreme (rnema season, Ieaturrng notorrous rnovres Irke Romper Stornpe/ and Man Bites /)og Ihrs Iortnrght's hrghlrghts rn( Iude l/vr/rg In ()h/rvron II n () Novl, Hul/et In [he Headtlue I0 Nov‘v and Kurt; Of New York rlhu I‘) Now (all 0800 4M UM for detarIs

'I’eter Ross»

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