In The Pipeline

Here’s some forthcoming tastebud tan talisers which will be opening shortly

Glas ow Pizza Exgpress The S(‘( end PIX/d Express .1‘ Lulasaoz'; has opened on Saurhrehall st'eef, 332 6'136‘? (érea‘. pr/xas rn a ;:e"‘ s’.‘.?'sh settrna are the start‘e :r'e'. Peckhams 'he apertz'rzr a St'1'1‘fzrtil‘r‘r‘”


ar‘rr‘arket rieir str‘res are sane! del! or: (:lassfer‘rl :2 11' Niagerrllwr A

xl ‘.'.r:‘.e azuirehouse, rt Will a‘sr‘ "aye a raft set tron

Betelnut A nets; utterld rafe/har rs set ititillr‘li-filtll1(‘\<‘111(‘ltilBylt‘S Road and {Turnharton Read ‘.\"atr h thrs spat-q-

Spy Bar A Silliir‘tldlit‘dli style bar has opened on 1‘33 Bath Street, 221 77"; Rather "atty trhre optrr lruhts "it-an tttat the llltllt‘i\\§1l1\ldllll\’

.' See next issue tor aefa is

Slug And Lettuce Already omnr; (treat TlrL'TS 2". mlor‘, tlxs pr‘pular rharn of 11s Lipt‘tittit; a hrant h on St ‘.'-"¢-;‘-".t “late Ill Noyernher Airy and 'ezaxed, tprornrses to satrsfy the

we; kis“ as well as the thirsty

Primo Piatto There's a new ltalran restaurant at 244a Bath Street, “564

'2 3“ ()uer‘ seven days a week, they "‘.;i\:"li“.'(‘l1l7(‘ll(‘l than Marnrna "axes fat {S 9'0 for a two (ourse

urn; it and £6 80 for a two

("e Theatre rnenu


The Tower Atte' i‘t‘ltt‘r-i\"‘;1(‘llilr‘t1, ‘.‘.' To her” r' ('1 the air" ‘fl'ar‘t n ‘cr The inner, the

.rttizn the next" National .'~.':.sea.'". (it Stottarfid Served hy a


e ta'ate eef'ante, lhe lower ‘."/|ll offer ":1."'rual:tyrr:er‘usalr:nrrWithhr‘eath- his”: '.r(‘-'.'.'s :>'.er Edinburgh More t '3 Mil”; Erawan Oriental The that [Jawan llidl ' '~f,:\.'.r'it l‘:i\'>t)(‘11("(ld’. 1.1 South St st'eet, 836 12242 Alonz; wrth tuna“ on ll(>\.‘.’(‘ Street and “ma.” Exti'ess an Rose Street, rt Tr Iterrwnstrate leSi why Thar

rapidly in

Pick up a pressie from Peckhams

eating &



The Basement

10a-12a Brouohton Street

SS7 0097

Restarrrant duality fowl at put: rrruh prrres, served 'trl 10pm rn lr'.'ely, \OlOUlllll surroundrnos

Common Grounds

2/3 North Bank Street 226 1416

Arnerrr an-style coffee house on The Mound Food served all day Live rnusrr‘ most evenrnos 32r Brouuhton Strr 1178 7246

Global lood wrth stylish der or luesday

V 3124’» A A \


- Saturday nrohts, Sunday lunt h We need 'U' to tun DSK to it'll'SK 197 Hrrrh Street

220 5277 6’

Chrrstrnas rnenu avarlahle throuo 1 Dec 3 courses [13 9S, Mon-Thurs trl' 10pm, Fri-Sun trl' 7 30pm Also ternptrno daily sperrals served daily until 7pm



88 Lothran Road a 229 5932 FILMHOUSE Relaxed, atrnospherr; rate l‘ar_ servinzt great value snar ks, salads, spe; rals and l‘rrllrant (apputrrnes 10am trll ‘ate Hasta la Pasta!

-1/ llrll S1 lane Neth An rnexpensne restaurant where the I food rs good and the der'or a little errentrrr Find :t between Fredrrrk St and Castle St for lunr h, drnner of Just a (offee

226 336‘:

Pancho Villas 240 (attenuate

r>67 44161.1exrran horn owner 1.1ayraNune/ says '11 you're (li‘ill-i] to eat Mexrran, then don't he l:»|and' lunrh untrl Sprn, drnner ur‘trl 11pm


2‘1 Deanhauoh Street, Stotkhrrdrre 332 4476 (_osrnopo|rtan r rrrsrne mth daily set plltt’ drnner rnenus from £12 50 rhookrno advrsahle), quht lunrhes, toffees, beers and Wines

Peter Sellars

11-13 erllrarn Street, 226 3161 Irelandrr expenenre, new a ursrne (ornes to E(lllil)lll(]li on Sundays ‘.‘\|ill the best of Nordrr food - FOOD ()F Till (BODS'


‘11 \Nest Nrrolson Street 667 6676 [‘7’ Come alonrr and enjoy thrs {‘93 srnall hrstro wrth a hit; menu, “as featurrnr; dishes from all (orners of the world Remember to hrrno your

own bottle to enioy wrth your meal

Back Alley Restaurant 8 Ruthven Lane 334 7165 World Wrde (ursrne, weekend hreakfasts,

Happy Hour, lunr h rnenu, eyenrnr; sper rals and Glasgow's hest huroers'


Si West Redent Street

3.31 1080 Not hrri, not desroner, not sexy, rust hrrllrant

llrrih quality lndran r uzsrne at affordahle [‘lH es

Brel bar: restaurant 39 Ashton lane

342 r1066

Beluran heers



tdraft Leffe and lloeoaardere, trne wrnes, rustrr food, tool rnusrt, atrnosphere

Caffe Latte


S8 Vrrrrrnra Street, , I") ' (Slasuow, l SS3 256% PIX/as, PyrstasSalads, hes, Snar ks lrtensed rrntrl rnrdnroht, seven {lays Relaxed, frrendiy atmosphere Grassroots 20 Woodlands Road 353 3278 Sr arefree fowl, orrtanrt (trr‘uerres, extellent bread, frne t heeses, herhs and spit es, wholesome foods yum, yum Le Petit Pain 239 Ryres Road

33/1118rp..onr fax {Hide

(ntfees, trualrty sandmt hesand paste-rs to do sta‘. (Eutsrde raterrnrt

or to


Market Bar 241 Candlerroos S64 3005 Relaxed atmosphere at thrs stylish new har/krtr‘hen, servrno


modern international (ursrne 'trll 8pm Mojo

l58<l Brill] SilOOl

331 2257



a unruue blend of modern hrassene (ookrnr) in an intimate settrno


28 Gibson Street

334 2665

Fresh Srottrsh rnoredrents, dllllH‘lllK and original rer rpes, award-Winning tookrnrr, Irver and rnforrnal atmosphere

The 13th Note

Krno Street 553 1638 Bar/r ate/venue With a totally verran menu of \‘v'holesorne food Within a relaxed atmosphere

The Ubiquitous Chip ,

12 Ashton Lane Ubi‘lvlhu/ a? 334 5007 One of (alasoow's

finest restaurants ser‘vrnrr

rnodern Srottrsh fayre

Tron Bar _ _ Chisholm St 552 858/

C enternporary European style bar, hurldrnt] on the Tron's reputation for (llldllly food and drink Open weekdays and weekends trll midnight

For details of how to include your restaura nt/bistro/café/bar in this directory, call advertising department on 0131 5581191

97’ '5 &%


El l‘lllllVlN lilllleiéz


" llllli llllfil f N11 llllllfillf Illllll 15 Elrllilllllll'fi lllSl" " lllllllill CUllll' it}

177 _ d 13 rarrrrez'r 5rrrrarfi wr r nun rrrrtarrraam i5: Harri HOURS rrrrvarr R0011 wranrs wrrwrrrrr

rrrromrr rrrrrrrr an in ear 71115

>2 scurrarrn m

CHE} "005

Change of plan. Buy 12 Rolling Rock beers, stay home with friends

and play dirty Scrabble.


Le Sept

7 ()/(/ l’llr/UNz/I‘frr’f (I/w‘r’ lfz/l'lrb/rrlqlr

lunt'h and drnner Monday to 'I'hurs‘day. Friday, Saturday and Sunday open all day


0151225 5428

‘5 19 Nov 1998 THE “ST 127