letting you know it was a difficult process. so you weren't ashamed of the l‘act you had to work at something. I reckon it's the same sort of thing with somebody like .loe he’s not there to shit on you. he's not there to betray you. lle‘sjust trying to get himselt together.‘ But .loe‘s loyalty eyentually becomes the chink in his armour: when he l‘alls in loye with health worker Sarah (Louise (ioodall) and unwillingly does a drugs deliyery to get his pal Liam (l)a\'id McKay) oil. the hook. he‘s forced into a no-win situation. Despite the fact that the film plays against a backdrop ol’ unemployment. alcoholism and drug abuse.

.\lullan belieyes that (ilasgow emerges from My Name Is .Im‘ in a positiye light.

"l’he city comes out really well because it's a great film and it shows real human beings tackling real problems.‘ says the actor. whose last dealings with drugs on screen was as Swanny in 'Ii'uins/mlli'ng. '.\'ow. take the kind of “(ilasgow's .\liles Better" people if those wankers still exist. who think that‘s the only way you can present (ilasgow r then I‘m sure they’ll hate it. Like any city in the West. there are ridiculously high leyels of inequality and poyerty. It says a lot tor the natiyes that they can get angry enough to make a film about it and do it well.‘

Another factor endeared My Mum ls .lm‘ to

.\lullan: as the Scorsese—autographed strip suggests. he's passionate about his football.

But the scenes where .loe acts as manager ol

an amateur team soon turned into t'arce.

'So the lads could get to know each other as a team bonding. the usual bollocks ~ Ken had us play a couple of games for real. and l was the manager for real.‘ .\lul|an explains. '()ne day. when we actually got to shooting. Ken told the ref to giye us a penalty. And. sure. did we not go and miss the damn thing. So within about two minutes. the ref gaye us another penalty. And the other team started going beserk. I mean. l‘orgetting it's a fucking

human beings tackling real problems.’ Peter Mullan

l‘ilm. The referee was getting some serious yerbal abuse for real. And. sure. did we not stand up and miss it again. Poor Ken was beside himsell'. I’m standing there acting as Joe. but I’m perfectly aware of Ken with his head in his hands. going "What do I hate to do to get them to score a goal on screen". l)al't bastards!~

Loach shouldn’t worry too much. He’s not the only person who can’t encourage a bunch of Scottish footballers to get the ball in the back of the net often enough. Sometimes truth

just shines through the fiction.

My Name Is Joe opens on Fri 6 Nov and is reviewed on page 30.

An ordinary Joe: (clockwise from top left) Peter Mullan argues with the ref; gives the brush off to Sandy West; on his own; and romancing Louise Goodall


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