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Glasgow drug awareness protect ’Fusion' IS to utilise the City’s Vibrant club scene to promote its message of 'harm reduction'. A host of bands and DJs Will perform together at The Arches on Sun 22 Nov, and novelist IrVine Welsh has lent his support by penning an introduction for The Survrvor’s Guide To Drugs And Clubbing 'FtiSion' between

represents an alliance three organisations —- Enhance, Crew 2000 and Protect Diffusion who came together in February of this year specifically to address Glasgow’s Black and ASian communities The venture is supported by the Maryhill Children & Young Persons Befriending Scheme.

’Diffusion has carried out several studies Which reveal that the level of drug use among young people in ethnic minorities is similar to that among the rest of the population, but there is far less information and Support available,' says protect team supporter Nagina Malik. 'We’re aiming to change that.’

Although taking place on the final night of European Drug Prevention Week, Malik is keen to pOint out that Fu5ion’s is a mission to explain, not condemn. 'We're about harm reduction and informed choices,’ she explains. 'I think we’ve seen that an authoritarian approach is not gomg to work With young peorile '

And as IrVine Welsh puts it in his intro ’People have been taking drugs for almost as long as they’ve been having sex, Those inclined to stop people doIng either are always gomg to have their work cut out.’

The night at The Arches has been christened 'Dis- Organised-Fusion' and Will feature such acts as ParanOimia, Knucklehead, Capone And The Bullets, Naeem And Cash


Capone And The Bullets: helping create Dis-Organised-Fusion

and bhangra guru DJ VIP. Punters attending Will be given a short questionnaire (voluntary and anonymous) on arrival, as well as the aforementioned Survivors Guide and Issue One of the Fusion fanzine, Head Start, which addresses drug and race issues.

Malik feels the event comes at a cruoal time for Glasgow's young Black and Asian clubbers: 'I hear more and more that certain venues are barring members of ethnic minorities. In that sort of climate, it's Vital that we take this opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity and show positive attitudes to drug awareness Within the black community'

The success of the proiect, as well as the relevance of information obtained by the questionnaire, will be evaluated at a forthcoming conference on Black drug use, the first of it’s kind to beheld in Glasgow. (Rob Fraser)

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. ... . Braveheart: heading to your computer soon

have been able to sell the game in Scotland?

Before being serzed by the entrepreneurial spirit, Campbell and his co-founders established a strong pedigree working in England on such phenomenally successful titles as Euro 96 'We realised that our ideas were strong enough to make vast amounts of cash for other people, so we decided to give it a try for our own benefit'

It's a gamble which has paid off, With Red Lemon one of only five European

ywood green light " at

The Scottish Inquisition

Questions you don’t expect. This issue: Helen Bayes, Projects Co- Oridinator, Glasgow Film Office. Tabloid or Broadsheet?


Career highlight?

The success of the Glasgow Film Charter, and facilitating the new Boyzone video

Name a work of art you cannot live without.

The Godfather and Beethoven's seventh symphony.

Where would you spend your last night in Glasgow?

Film at GFT, then huge party at Air Organic.

Glasgow, City of Architecture 8: Design 1999: which building should be destroyed?

The City Chambers (my place Of work) but only in a Virtual reality film sequence.

The Lifetime Contribution to Scottish Culture award goes to . ..

lrn Bru.

Top Scot for the new millennium? Honorary Scot Seamus McGarvey (he lives in Glasgow). One of the brightest, up—and-coming cinematographers (Butterfly Kiss, The Winter Guest, forthcoming A Map Of The World) Who’ll undoubtedly go on to bigger and better things.

What should be in the Millennium Dome?

Films, DJS, drink

What motion would you make as a Member of Scottish Parliament?

Definitely tax breaks for artists. How do you see Scotland's future?

Through rose-tinted glasses and/or a drunken haze. (Compiled by Rob Fraser)

A Scottish games designing company have signed up ‘.‘.’llll Hollywood bigWIgs to bring William Wallace to computer-generated life Executives at Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox have licensed Cilasgow’s Red Lemon outfit to produce the official Braveheart game, to be launched world-Wide next spring

The deal represents a major coup for the company, which has grown considerably from archetypally humble beginnings 'We started off With three people in l996,’ MD Andy Campbell told The List ’Now we have 35 staff

26 THE lIST 5 19 Nov 1998

and new offices in George Street '

The Mel Gibson connection practically guarantees the game hit status, Which Campbell sees as fitting reward for his tearn‘s efforts, 'We've been developing this for two years,’ he said 'It's meticcilously researched in terms of historical accuracy, environment, and battle tactics. We've also been sanctioned by the Clan ASSOCIation, who've approved our use of the crests, badges and tartans That Was every bit as important as the Paramount and Fox endorsement, because without them we wouldn't

companies in negotiations With Sega for the Dreamcast system, although Campbell is tight lipped on the details. ’lt's a first-person shoot 'ern up, code- named Project TTB ' was all he would reveal

One other project, however, has a name and nothing more ‘The working title for the Braveheart game was Tartan Army Obwously, once the Americans got involved and we became official, we changed it But Tartan Army is such a great name we registered it, and one day we'll release something called that (Rob Fraser)