(itlham's take on lltnttet .\fl l‘hompson's assassination of 1|1e:\mer1ean Dream is a glorious mess of a movie It remains true to the authors 1 1s11111 of moral torpor and psychosis. \\ lulst mieettng a good shot of (iilliam's ms 11 ttliscssltilfl lilawed. certainly. bttt eptcally degenerate. :\nd thtts pure gun/.11. See preview and review. (ilasgow' .-\B(' l’1l111(‘e111re lidtnburgh. ABC l-‘ilm ('entre. .\B(' \lnlttpiex. liast l's'tlbride. L‘Cl. Freeriders 1 l 'S.-\. l‘)"1\1\\';11'te'11 Mtller presents lays dropping actton and breathtaking scenery. combuted w ith a ['8 pop soundtrack 111 this global tour of the most challenging snow -laden slopes in the compatty of the worlds top snow riders. l’hew (ilasgow (il’l.

Funny Game51 1.s‘11.\11.~l1ael llaneke. (ie1'111any. 190111 Susanne l.othar. l'lriche .\Itthe. l’t‘ank (itet'tng Ill} mitts .\ wealthy famtls are s11b1ec1ed to .111 Increasingly horttftc series ot games~ by two young men iwcgunttug \1. 11h |1111111i1atton and ending in torture '111d 11111:der. 'l he ltorror-thrtller s‘et ul‘ see111stan11l1ar. but l-‘tmrri (innas is one 1he111ost 1111111\at1\c.1ndshocking lilmsto reach (1111' screens this decade ('hilltng. calculated. cerebral. b11lli.1nl. (ilasgow: (il’l l'dtnbttrglt l‘llllllititlss‘

George Of The Jungle 11'1 15.1111 \y'eisntan. l'S. l‘)‘)"1lhe111l.111l-raset. l.eslie.\lann. Holland ’laylot. ‘l! 111111s. l otncloth-clad hero (ietoge Il r.1ser1 saycs San l5rat1s1scan soctaltte l 'tsula (.\lann). bttt his trtp to the urbatt [tingle 1s shottltved when he hears of the k11inapot his hairy stdektck. .\pe (voiced by John (‘lceset 'l’hc plot Is the usual blend of humour actton. slapsttck. adventure and. 11!.1-111'se.111111.1111'1'. while tlte lsttowtng and punchy scrtpt 1s eastly up \\llll tlte best of 111ode1'11 l)1s11ey Kilntarnock: ()deon. Glasgow 1999: Rick Mather l’ronitnent architect \lather's work ranges from the 111te1‘1111 des1gn ot the international /.e11 chain of ('htnesc testatn'ants to tlte .»\1'c11 bttildittg. ls'eble (‘ollege (lsford. 'l'he w tuner of the design competttion for the ‘llomes lior The l-ttttnc' 111111;111\e1oneot the flagship dexelopments for tlte (ilasgow I‘N‘) celebtattonsi talks abottt his plans for the plotect (ilasgoss (il'l

Godzilla 1l’(i1 (Roland l~'.111111e11ch. l ’S. 1998) Matthew Broderick. Jean Reno. .\laria l’ttillo. l-Il) mins. Nuclear testing causes a lizard to grow to an enormous s1/e. reproduce asesually and head 111 New York to lay some eggs. When the utilitary take the offensive. it's tinte for the rampaging reptile to demolish 1\'lanhattan. (hula/[u goes beyond insulting its attdience and makes the grave error of forcing our sympathy away from the monster and onto the non-descript humans. (ilasgow: ()deon Quay. lidinbttrgh: Brunton 'l‘heatre.

Golden Eighties ( l51 (Chantal Akerman. France. Belgium. Switzerland. l98m 911 mins. What The (."111/11'1'1/111 ()f ('lwr/mtug did the petrol station. this livley and colourful 11111sieal does for the sl.opp1ng mall. While the shampoo girls of l.1li‘s hair salon flirt with clothing bouttqtte-ow ner Monsieur Schartz's lustful s1111.s\l.e1‘111;111 does likewise with all that is kttsc'a

(ilasgow (il'l.

A Goofy Movie tl’t tlse‘. 111 l.lltl;l. l'S. l‘)‘l(11'l'he \otces of Bill l'arttzer. lawn \larsden. Jtt11(‘11111111111gs 'T-l mtns .-\tter a school prank backftres. (ioofy decides to take troublesome son .\la\ off on a bonding fishing trip. .\la\ is trying his best 111 be cool. bttt that isn‘t easy when your dads this particular [)isney star .\11 incident-packed tourney provides plenty of laughs which should keep restless kids attd accompany 111g adtilts amused lidinburgh. lldeou Halloween H20 1 181 (Steve .\liner. t'S. W931 Jamie l.ee(‘ur11s. :‘yltchelle Williams. .losh llartnett. h“) 111111s forget the tiresome scslltels that followed l‘)\'l 's Hal/11111141 _‘ 'l‘he plot picks 11p with l .1111‘1c Strode \‘.l111. haying changed her ttlenttty to that of a respected school headmistress. tematns haunted by the 111asked face of Michael Myers. her insane killer-brother Perhaps the only slasher movie to 111als'e any c’l;tll]1[11[he ct‘tm 11 of .lohn (‘arpentet is original. (ienet'al release.

Hana-Bi 1 l8) ('l'akesht Kttano. Japan. Wllh‘i ‘Beat‘ 'l‘akeshi. Kayoko Ktshimoto. Ren ()sugt. lll3n1it1s. ls'itano teturns to the director's seat and also stars as a cop suffering bouts of guilt lhs wife 1s dying 111

hospital. his partner has been paralysed dttrittg a stakeottt and he‘s so far in debt to the Yaku/a that he‘s contemplating robbing a bank. A more subdued atmosphere floats over a work that skilfully draws together its visual and emotional plains. while also displaying moments of deadpan comedy. Edinburgh: Cameo. Stirling: MaeRobert. Henry Fool 1181 (Hal Hartley. US. 1998) Thomas Jay Ryan. James Urbaniak. Parker l’osey'. l37 mins. lntelleetual vagabond Henry l-‘ool drifts ittto a small American town attd shakes 11p the monotonous lives of a bickering family. most notably of shy garbageman Simon (irim. who 111etan1otphosed into a celebrated writer. As usual. the humour manifests itself in the characters' dry philosophical musings and here Hartley's award-winning script benefits from ti ne performances by new additions to his acting entourage. See review. (lltisgow' (il’l' liduibnrgh: liilmhouse.

Hope Floats 1l’(i1 1l-‘orest Whitaker. US. l‘tllo‘i Sandra Bullock. Harry Connick Jr. (ietia Ross lands llJ mins. 'l‘old 1111 TV that l1e1 husband 1s having an affair. Birdee l’rttitt (Bullock) tucks her tail between her legs and heads for her mum's. l)11ck for cover. because here comes that self-conscious brand of ‘women's 111ovie'wi1h which llolly wood insults female audiences

e1 e1} where. lt's all so obvious. you 111st know Bryan Adams is going to croon along to the final credits if you don‘t get 11111 the door fast enough See review. (ieneral release.

The Horse Whisperer 1 121 (Robert Redford. l‘S. I‘NSJ Robett Redford. Kristin Scott 'l‘homas. Sam Neill. 111s mms Redford indulges several of his favourite passions at once 111 British author Nicholas livans' best-selling tale of an equme shrink. .\s w ith Redford's prey totts directorial efforts this is a fttie looking and intelligent film. pitting the yuppie values of east coast 111aga/1ne editor Scott 'l'homas agatnst the

\ irtuous all-American qualities 11f .\lidwesterner Redford lidittbtn'gh Brunton 'l‘heatre. l.args: Barrfields.

The Hunger 1 131 t‘l‘ony Scott. t'S. 19331 Catherine Deneuve. David Bowte. Susan

index FILM

Sarandon. 99 mins. Hugely stylish but somewhat abstruse adaptation of Whitley Strieber‘s novel. in which Deneuve plays the last survivor of a race of vampires. whose sexual partners enjoy an extended lifespan. followed by a rather sharp decline. Bowie (who looks rather more healthy in his second century than he does new) and Sarandon are her victims. Beautifttl and erotic. bttt pretty darned confusing. Edinburgh: Filmhmtse.

Jackie Brown (IS) (Quentin Tarantino. US. l997) Patti Grier. Samuel L. Jackson. Robert De Niro. l54 111ins.'l‘arantino's blaxploitation homage is proof that the director just loves to hear his characters run their months off. However. the dialogue is pure pleasure in this sprawling. funky. triple-cmssing heist movie about a Federal Agent sting to trap a gun runner. A classic Hollywood thriller in the sense that it is about the entoyment of the moment. rather simply finding out whodunit. Edinburgh: ()deon.

Je, Tu, II. Elle ( l 5) (Chantal Akerman. Belgium. W74) (‘laire Wauthier. Niels Arestttp. Chantal Akerman. 85 mins. :\kern1an‘s second feature involves a taut circular narrative. passing through the singular personal pronouns. Akerman herself (Je) writes a letter to her female lover (Tu). and encounters a lorry-driver (ll) travelling to see Elle 111 person. 'l‘autly structured investigations into sexual identity and urban alienation. Glasgow: (il’l‘. Jungle 2 Jungle (PG) (John Pasquin. US. l‘)97)'l’i111./\llcn. Martin Short. Lolita Davidovieh. l()5 mitts. Hollywood remake of lireneh box office hit U11 [111/1m [)(ms Le til/1' with sitcom star Allen east as a New York stockbroker who's life goes into turnaround when he takes a trip to a remote South Amerian island to secure a divorce (as you do) and discovers he has a son there. Allen takes the erstwhile Tarzan back to the Big Apple and thereafter we are subjected to a series of unimaginative jokes. I’rgnm/inn/ (.‘1'111'111/1l1' Dundee-style. Ayr: ()deon.

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