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Screenwriting Competition in association with DNA Films and Scottish Screen


rCompetition Guidelines DNA Films and Scottish Screen are proud to launch First Draft, a major new screenwriting competition for new Scottish writers.


Ten competition winners will be awarded a grant of £1,000 and an invaluable opportunity to work with experienced film industry professionals on the development of a first draft feature length screenplay. In addition, each winner will be assigned a second experienced film industry professional to advise on all aspects of finance, production and distribution.

How to Enter

Entrants are required to submit a treatment, outlining an idea for a feature film, and a sample scene from the film. For an application form please call Scottish Screen on 0141-3021756, or send a self—addressed envelope to:

First Draft,

Scottish Screen

74 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow (312 9JN

Competition closing date is 14 December 1998. The competition is open to all Scottish Nationals and residents of Scotland.


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36 THE lIST ‘:.

7” lltr.’ 15"le

Essential viewing: Ed Harris in The Truman Show

FILM INDEX continued

The Third Man tl’(il ((‘arol Reed. UK. 1949) Joseph ('otlen. .-\llda Valli. 'l‘reyor Howard. ()rsoii Welles. HM mins, Post-war Vienna and piin w riter .loseph t‘ollen moyes through corruption on eyery corner to try to Iiiid his old male Harry l.ime. who turns out to he not eserything ltis friend espected. Nigh-perfecl screen experience with strong plotting and characterisation from (iraham (ireene's screenplay. Anton Karas' memorahle lither music attd. of course. the truly electril'y mg presence of Welles at his peak as the enigiitattc lime. lookout loi' the famous "cuckoo clock speech which the hig man \\t‘ole for himself. lidinhurgh: l'illllllltllht‘.

Toute Une Nuit (All Night Long) I 18) i(‘hantal .-\kerman. l’rance/Belgtum. 1983) .-\iirore (‘leinent Jail l)ecorte. Angelo Aha/oilloii. 8‘) mins. .-\kerman‘s cle\ er take on A Midsummer Night's Dream. or rather Woody Allen‘s se\ comedy \ariant. dips into the low li\es of \‘lll'ltllls couples ox er one iiigllt in lime in Brussels, Sound. or lose hites capture melodramatic moments temhraces. hreak tips. etc.) and the result is all accessihle. erotic. comic pleasure. .v\kerman \\ i|| he present to discuss her career after the screening. (ilasgow (ill. The Truman Show il’(;i «Peter Weir. l'S. l‘)‘).\‘i .liiti (‘arrey. l.atira l.inney. lid llarris lll_‘~ mins 'l'riiman littrhank leads a life ol suhlime hanality in the picture perfect island community of Seahayen. hiit is tlle unwitting star ol the world‘s longest-running doctiittentary soap opera /‘/it' lit/unit: X/ioii lthe lltm iet is flawlessly ptit together. with script and direction perfectly iiidged. (‘arrey still a schtttuck hut less ingratiating than tisual. surprisingly giyes the mos ie its heart. (ieneral release.

Ulee's Gold 1 I5) t\'tctor Niiiiel. 158. I907) l’eter lionda. l’atrtcia Richardson. Tom Wood Ill itiiiis. l5onda proyes himself hack oit form \\ tlh this lilm ahottt a lice-keeping widower and Vietnam yet who is yanked otit ol his solitary e\islence to search for the missing wife of his imprisoned son. While atmospheric photography reinlorces tlte o\eral| mood. a gripping crime intrigue plot drixes the story along, l‘onda's adtmrahle perlormance is also holh mos mg and

honest Kllllltll'llt‘s‘h ()deon.

Velvet Goldmine I IS) i'l'odtl Haynes. t'S. NUS) .lonathan Rhys-Meyers. liwaii \lc(iregor. lfddie ll/ai'd 133 mins l‘smg the \ery liiitish glam phenomenon. the young .\merican director L‘\;Illllllt‘s more iim\ersa| themes. se\tiahty. identity. non~ conformity 'l'here‘s much fun to he had watching the charismatic perlormances A Rhys-Meyers doing Howie. .\lc(ii‘egor doing Iggy in this ‘Iong player” which

demands to he appreciated with a keen ear and eye. (ilasgow: (il’l‘. ()deon ()uay. lidinhurgh: (‘ameo

La Vie Révée Des Anges (The Dream Life

. Of Angels) ( l 5) tliriek '/.onca. France.

NOS) lilodie lionehez. Natacha Regilier.

l 13 mins. '/.onca's first feature follows Boiichez's young hackpacker who arrives in Lille without ajoh. Managing to wrangle a menial joh. she strikes tip a friendship with fellow worker Regnier. who offers her a

1 place to stay in the “at she's looking after. ' lop heavy with precedents. hut there‘s always room for films in acute sympathy

with their leading characters. lidinhurgh: l-‘illnhotise.

Way Out West (U) tJames Horne. [.38.

I937) Stan l.aiirel. ()liyer Hardy. James l-‘inlayson. ()(3 mins. The comic duo find themselves ‘()n The Trail ()l’The Lonesome l’ine' as they head out to hand over a gold- mine deed. Plenty of good gags in this fast- paced western spool. lidinhui'gh: St Brides Centre.

Western t l5) (Manuel l’oirier. France.

I097) Sergi Lopez. Sacha liourdo. l.‘~(» mitts. ()utsiders within their current

eny ironment. Spanish shoe salesman Pam and scruffy Russian Nino hecome unlikely friends when they drive from village to

\ illage in Brittany. ('omhining the attractiye countryside with a lTattlenco guitar soundtrack. l’oirier has created all amusingly cross-cultural hackdrop for this drny comic

t hiiddy movie. like a l’rench ll'iI/imii'l & Ion

the road. hut less eyeiitful. l€tlitlhurghz (Kimeo.

Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? twilliiim ls'lein. l‘rance 1965 (im Dorothy Mc(iow;iii. .lean Rochefort. Philippe Noirel. Ill) mins. With a title like this Klein's coilledy could only have heen tnade during The Summer

Of Love. However. tlle film. which revolves

around an innocent American model in Paris. is also a stylish media satire which

; henefits enormously from Kelin‘s

photographer's eye and the iwrformances of

a couple of fine l’rench actors, lies in with

the William Klein photography eshihition

lsee All listings). lidinhut'gh: liilmhouse.

The X-Files: Fight The Future i IS) tRoh

Bowman. liS. NUS) Dayid [)uchosny.

(iilltan Anderson. Martin l.andau. Ill mins. 'l'ransl’errtng the most culturally significant

'l‘\' show of recent times to the hig screen was always going to he a risk. Howey er. l-"iglil T/It’ Future is hastcally a really. really

good episode of TIN' .\'-/"//t's complete with almost incomprehensihle plot. With a

uumher of scenes of almost unhearahle tension. some incredihle effects and a deepening of the Mulder/Scull) relationship. this is a thrilling moyie which can he enjoyed by the .\'-phile and llt)\’lL‘C alike. ls'irkcaldy: Adam Smith. l.args: Bari'fields.