Kyle Cooper

Some peoiile won say it's the best bit of' the move Kyle Cooper 's award- wrnmng titie 8(‘(ltl(‘l‘.((‘ fOi Seven sets the tone


The fortnight’s finest. . .

Film: My Name Is Joe Glasgow's Peter Mullan won the best actor prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his portrayal of a recovering alcoholic falling in love for

With its (lisor‘1erttatinq, 4 F a ’1‘. "1‘ gt}; the first time His powerhouse Scratdly ""5le! “M905 ' . {tit-3} 2": "if: F. performance makes this Ken Loach's an off-klter opening - I " 1" ' _ a i;§:§l;};§ :;. . , . . best film for years. See feature and that Wits <31 “70 b‘i‘d’k " a . .jg 3'1; ’3, ; _;- review, page 14 and 30. Selected world to come. Far too l » r .3 ' r, 1 : release from Fri 6 Nov. I‘, y,‘t¢_‘:;..,- : Lu’i":

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. 4 t ,‘2 gig“ . ' , a; ,2} ‘- eerie novel, written in 1963, IS lllLO tl‘iC‘ (lCnthi'l, UL»; 2 a} ‘1 r ‘3 ' brought up to

others have al70\~.eo title sequence designers to create an ar‘tform ali of its O\‘.':‘ Saul Bass did it 9‘. the 50s and 60s wth Anatomy Of A Murder and Psycho, later, l\«’la_.v‘i(’e Binder name the beginning 0‘ each James Bond movie a taking poset :n itself. But the man of ll‘t‘ moment it‘. this llOld is stirey Kyle Cooper, whose portfolio fl‘.C.ti(l(‘S Donnie Brasco and The Truman Show. The Creatwe D:rector ol LA's lntag nary Forces drops il'l'tO Glasgow tltzs month for a presentation on his work, which ranges from (ii‘ema to L()lllll‘-CTCYdlS, l‘.(?\.‘.' filtKl‘d and dengn ‘or print. A nevi: 'nillennzaei of graphic design starts here. (Alar‘. l/lorrisoi‘...

Kyle Cooper; M/tc ne/l Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 1/ Nov, 7.30pm. Tickets from Ange/a Beavers on 0/7] 83/ 9777.

adapter Mark Healy. A butterfly- collecting clerk wins the Lottery and decides to trap more exquisrte prey: an art student named Miranda. Can she escape his clutches and survive? See review, page 66. Edinburgh: Royal Lyceum Theatre, until Sat 27 Nov.

Music: Blondie Probably the first crush for a generation of thirtysomething guys, Debbie Harry was the epitomy of punk cool. More importantly, she wrote some classm songs. Here’s your chance to relive your youth or invent one you never had. See preview, page 45. Glasgow: Barrow/and, Thu 79 Nov.

Theatre: Under Milk Wood Andy Arnold and his Innovative Arches Theatre Company tackle the erotic rhythms of Dylan Thomas' classrc poem-play, set in rural Wales. See preview, page 63. Glasgow: Arches Theatre, Tue IO—Sat 28 Nov.

Music: Billy Bragg The Bard of Barking continues the tradition of protest through song and tackles the work of Woody Guthrie. See feature, page 16. Glasgow: Arches, Sun 8 Nov.

Books: Easy Riders, Raging Bulls Peter Biskind lifts the lid on the bad behaviour of the ’New Hollywood' generation, documenting wild times with Dennis Hopper, Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman etal. How their off-set degeneracy produced such on-screen classics is a miracle. See reVIew, page 30. Published by Bloomsbury, out now, [20.

Comedy: Ardal O'Hanlon The star of Father Ted is far from being a simpleton in real life, as his sharp and satirical stand-up act will make abundantly clear. See prevrew, page 75. Edinburgh: Queen’s Hall, Wed 78 Nov. Glasgow: Pavilion Theatre, Fri 20 Nov.

CASTlNG 3’ Ardal O'Hanlon

. o kins. Suzanne 5"“ _ Billy H f’ Ban!” 5 l9Nov 1998 THELISU