I Suzanne Bonnar ('otliet"1'11catt‘e. ()3 Hyndland Street. 357 38118811111. £10 (£8 ). This \ersatile 1117/ \ocalist celebrates the release other new album. lint/111' 'l1'1/1/1'1.

I Catfish Keith Bourbon Street. 1118 (Range Sueet.552()Lll.8pnr £5.See kilo


I Chroma .la// 1111111. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm 1:1111111and11n stage around 111111111g|11 ). £4 (£3). Quartet offetinga t'1es11.11e\\ take 111) drum 'n‘ bass. with vocals from Heather .\lc1.eod. The resident 111 is Sound/ Related.


I Burt McDonald Band (‘11111111;1(‘;11‘1'~ 1111111101nggls.1‘;111111'1\.1115:-1(1110119. 2pm. (11111.11'1st(ie111‘ge Burt and sa\11pht1111s1 Ray .\lacl)11natd. any backed up by (icotgc |.y.115 111) bass and .»\1;111 l’enthetch 1111 drums. launch their new .111111111()/1//1'//’11



I Altered Beats - Phase One Ja// JUHH.K \hultuu)$1hkd.231 1355. 1111111) 3.1111111an1111n stage around 111111111g1111. £411.31. l)_lsR1c111e Rtifftone .11111\'1(;1.1Signate111111e1.1by musicians 1111 peicussion. keys and sa\. plus \ ariotIs guests. 1111 an 1111pr11v1se11 e\pl(11‘ation 11f the (an/11111111 '11' bass crossover.



I Nigel Clark And The Hot Club ‘t‘1-1111 '1’11e.1t1‘e.(13'1‘11111;'.1te.552-12(17.7.30pm. £15 The lust 11l Basement Jan's winter se1’11's11l 1.1//111111)1‘1 e\ ents sees soprano s.1\;1l;ty1-1'1{111111.111111111111gtheband. 111111111s111;111e11p11lcore1111'111bers11f S11.111g‘).\.1)11111.-1 starts .11 T301111). the pet (111111.111cc st.1:(s at 9 30pm .11111 the £15 ticket 1111c;- 1111'111111‘s .1 two-coutse meal. I John McLaughlin R11y.11('11ncert 11:111. Satic 111111.111 S'tect. 28" 30pm. ’13 £11 £15 11.Hl d as11Hc()llhc greatest g t1111111s1s111 111s gent-1.1111111. .\lc1.;1ug111111 and 111s toe-piece ensemble. The Heart ()1 The Matter. pit-sent another helping 11f cutting e11ge11111111-1111;1//


I The Dynamic Duo .ltll/ (111111. s .\1(1ll'lst)l‘1 811112221 1.28.8. 10pm 3.1111 (11.111111111 stage .11‘11111111 (Midnight). £3 The 111111. .11.;1 1)J 1',\1l.t .11111 1).l Mm ()111‘ (the 1111111111 111(111syeai's Sc11ttis111).\l(' .\11\111;_'(‘11.:1111111111s111ps1..111‘ 1111111‘1111_\ rappers .11111 11111s1c1;111s 1111' 11111 .11111 1111 sk11111 11111111111 \1111's


Edinburgh I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers’ Night

Jal/ 1111111. \ .\l11t:1s1111511111.221 1288. 10pm 3.1111111.1111| 111) stage .11‘11111111 111111111g1111. £41131 B11111 established singers .11111 111111 1.'11111e1's 1111111 111 for (111s (1.1111111111;11 1.1// night \\ 1(11 lYJtlle‘ from the Btian Kellock '1'1111 l).ls Kulu and hue support


Stuart Gorman Quartet Blackt'riais 1'11111-1111'11111111. 311131‘11St1ccl.552 5924.

9 1011111 L2 Jan :11 1111' 1111111 Schofield 1111111111 11111111111s lt)1|lst)lliC. 11111111'1111y (111- .11111 1111111112 young guitarist (11111111111.


I Tina May 81 Nikki lles 111111 (“1-1111111 1111tt-~1'.11111111'1 81111411125544510

s 30pm £811-11. \1ay 1s11111‘11l'1111lalli‘s lint-st 1.1// singers. .11‘c11111pat11cd here by 111's1111 111.11111

I Bespoke la// 1111111. .\ Motttson Slit-ct. 221 1288 10pm 3.1111(11atid 1111 stag1';1111111111111111111ght) £4 (£3). Soulful singer'1‘111'1a'l'11a11headsuptliis s1\<piece


band. who mix electronica with contemporary jazz and breakbeats 111 create a very underground sound. With 1).) lih'.’ W111)?


I Glasgow Jazz Record Club (5111111111111 Church Centre. 72 Berkeley Street. 221 3154. 7.30pm. Jazz on a shoestring with .lim Henderson. Further details are available from lirnie Speirs. 14 Glendee Road. Renfrew. 1’.1\4 0A1). 0141 88(1 2949.

I Dr John The ()111 1-'1‘tiit111a('ket.Albion Street. 287 3554. 8pm. £15. This legendary psychedelia-titiged blttes artist. aka Mac Rebetmack. has won two (irammies and worked with stars from The Rolling Stones (11 Spirituali/ed.


I dour Stroke Sive .la/z .loint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. I0pm—3am (band 1111 stage around midnight). £4. 1)ancelloor-friendly vibes from this band. who combine 1111 skool hip ltop w 1111 contemporary (all at this fortnightly slot. MC lyrics and [)1 (tines come from 1'11)st J.

I Mick Taylor Queen‘s Hall. Clerk SHCN.667777G.S30pnr£ov£13.Thc rock/blues guitarist. who replaced liric Clapton iii .lolm Mayall's Blttesbreakers and Brian Jones 111 The Rolling Stones. fronts the All-Star Blues Band.

I Midnight Blue With The Jazz Crusaders Cafe (iraffiti. Mansfield l’lace Church. Broughton Street. 557 8003. 9.30pni-2an). £8. The folk front Midnight Blue celebrate their first birthday 11) the company of the legendary .la// Crusaders. These blues/funk fusionists started off 111 Texas in the 19(10s and the \arious 111embe1‘s have since worked with the '11 1111's who' of the music world frotn Diana Ross (11 Dionne \\'arwick. l‘Ulllttlttlg 111e111be1's Wayne Henderson and \Vilton lielder regrouped in 1995 and. with the addition 111 some 1.outstana—inspired 1'11} thms (11 their trademark sound. they haven‘t looked back. Tickets available 111 ad\ ance from 1‘11ppzllltl Professor Plastic. See music preview.

Cathie Rae hits the high notes at Edinburgh's Jazz Joint, Wed 11 81 18 Nov.



I Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffiti. Broughton Street. 557 8003. 10pm—2am. £6 (£5). Tonight's live music slot comes from the very funky El Cometas 10 (see Thu 5). with DJ support from Joseph Malik and Unkle Fawaz.

I The Ugly Groove Movement Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10p111—3atn (hand on stage around midnight). £5 (£4). This funky ten-piece. who play a highly danceable soul/jazz]!.atin fusion. move to a fortnightly Saturday night slot at the Jazz. Joint after their one-off appearance it) September. l)J support from Sly Si and guests.


I Mr Wonderful Howden Park Centre. Livingston. 0150(1 433(134. 7.30pm. £7 (£4.50). Craig McMurdo and his sevetr piece backing band. That Swing Thang. pay tribute to the late. great Frank Sinatra.


I Brad Mehldau (‘11111e1-Tl1et111-e. ()3 Hyndland Street. 357 3868. 8pm. £7.50 (£5). .1\ solo performance from this jazz pianist. who is fast becoming a name 111 watch out for on the American jazz. scene. See music preview.


I Chroma Jan Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. 10pm—3am (band on stage around midnight). £4 (£3). See Sun 8.



I Altered Beats Phase One Jazz. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. l0pm—3am (band on stage around midnight). £4 (£3). See Mon 9.



I The Dynamic Duo .lazz Joint. R Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm—3am (band 111) stage around midnight). £3. See Tue 10.



I Martin Taylor (‘uy 11all.C‘andleriggs. 287 5511. 8pm. £8 -£|2. The renowned guitarist celebrates the Hot Cltlb swing style 11f his late collaborator. Stephane Grappelli. He is joined here by his regular Spirit Of Diango quintet.


I Louise Holden 81 Jeremy Devlin- Thorp Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 22(10931. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). A mixture ofia/z standards and originals from vocalist Holden and pianist Devlin- Thorp. at this performance 11) aid 11f l.othian Marriage Counselling Service. Tickets are available at the door or from Jeremy Devlin-Thorp on 4(18 0762.

I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers' Night Ja/z Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm -3am (band on stage around midnight). £4 (£3). See Wed 11.



The Morph Quartet Blackfriars Underground. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9.30pm. £2. This outfit are fronted by a Cardiff guitarist who has become so111ewhat (if a stalwart on the jazz. scene over the years.


I Stekpanna Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 554 4510. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). This Scandinavian guitarist plays original songs as well as sortie innovative interpretations 11f old classics.

I Bespoke Ja/J. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. l()pm--3am (band 111) stage around midnight). £4 (£3). See Thu 12.



The following details are for regular free weekl dates: see main listings for one-o or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by ci , then by day. Residencies wil be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Abigail Bremner.


I Live Jazz Yes Cafe-Bar. 22 West Nile Street. 22l 8044. 8pm. Various artists. I Jazz Piano Baby Grand. 3—7 Elmbank Gardens. 248 4942. 10pm. Lounge pianist.


I Bobby Wishart Borders Books. Music and Cafe. 98 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. (1.30-8.30pm. Mellow.

I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Thu). 8pm. Artists vary.

I The Graham Trio Yes Cafe-Bar (see Thu). 9pm. Traditional.

I Chris Clark Quartet Kelvinpark Lorne Hotel. 923 Sauchiehall Street. 334 4891. 9. 15pm. h’lainstream and Latin.

I Andy Young Baby Grand (see Thu). 10pm. Jazz DJ.


I Violet Leighton Trio Boutarde Brasserie. lilderslie Street. 333 9735. 1—4pm. Free. Singer and band.

I George Penman All-Stars Bourbon Street. l08 George Street. 552 0141. 2-~5pm. Traditional.

I Harry Margolis Big Band L‘Attachc. 27 Waterloo Street. 221 32l0. 2—5pm. Big band.

I Lauder's Big Band Lauder's. Sauchiehall Street. 331 5180. 2—5pm. The big band sound. with vocals frotn Heather Whiteford.

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