(ialway's puckisli performer entertains with Ann Conroy Burke in musical support.


I Itchy Fingers New Haw n Folk Club. Rt\erside ('lub. l‘ox Street. 3-18 3 l-l-l. 8.30pm. £3 £5. line-part \ocal harmony. pipe tunes and new traditions.

I Hue And Cry/Nick Harper ('astletnilk Folk Festival. Castleinilk Community Centre. Castlemrlk l)ri\ e. 7.30pm. £7 (£3). Tickets (ii-l 5789. Front rock cltatt success. to their ./ri.‘.‘ .\'n/ In: album. the brothers prox e they also slot quite nicely into the folk genre.

I Vagabonds Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 553 .\'(i.\‘ 1. 9pm. Free.


I Joe Burke Bellshtll Cultural Centre. .loltn Street. Bellsltill Spin Tickets and mint matron “HMS Sl LS 2- l. Accordion star. See l'tltnhntgll. \Vetl II.

I Dr John ( )ld l-rnnmarket. 8pm. £l5. The legendary \tglit 'l‘ripper himself. Louisiana swamp/blues and \oodoo piano from one or tlte world's great

.sl_\ llsls See Rock and .ltl/l llsllllg‘s.

I Midge Ure And Vicki Clayton ('asth‘niilk Folk Fesntai (listlemtlk Community Centre. Castlennlk lime Illpm £7 t£3i Tickets till V89 l-x-l lrraxox frontman Ill his solo. less rocky guise

I Ceilidh Dance Riyerside Club. l‘ox .Sllt‘t‘l. lib ii-Li l)irtil'\ ttl‘t‘ll 7.5llplll. in e bands

I Ceilidh Dance the Ferry. ('lyde Place. 553 95-5" “pin L5 Tickets at the \enne or III .itl‘..rnce lront the Ticket Centre. (Lintllet rggs. 23" 55 l 1.


I Club Latino Bongo Club. Nev. Street. Ill illpni - L51 l l\ e band | a Banda \\ Illl l),l\ llance class ll you come early I Ceilidh Dance Assembly Rooms. (ieorge Street. SSH-1H9 .‘s'pni. £8 t£5 l. Benelit for the .’\illlll Learning l’roiect. Move from the Robert l'tsli Band.

I Refugee Council Ceilidh Dance Cafe Royal. \Vesl Register Street. 8pm. £(i

i l. 'l‘tekets from SRC. Broughton Street. 55" NUS i. Music from the .-\uld Rcekie Band and Nexus.



I Eddie Reader t ‘astleimlk t-nlk l'csll\.tl. (‘mtlennlk Community Centre. .illpm. £7 t £3 t.

('.ist|ennlk l)ri\ .- S

Polly Philips gets intimate with her songs at Edinburgh's Bongo Club, Sun 8 NOV.

l Tickets 634 5789. Support to be

confirmed. The ex-Fairground Attraction

singer draws on the acoustic side of her

angelic voice.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside Club. Fox

: Street. 248 3l-1-l. Doors open 7.30pm. £5. Live bands.

Edinburgh i I Ed Miller Tron Folk Club. Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 226 ()93l. 9pm. £4 (£3). The Tron presents another top-flight singer of the 70s song explosion ~ a Scot. now exiled iii the US. who remains one of the very best singers in the Scottish tradition. but currently leads an eclectic band based irt Austin. Texas. See Music preview. I Ojczyzna Church Hill Theatre. Morningside Road. 7.30pm. £6 (£5). Polish music and costumed dance troupe with a seven-piece traditional band. I Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffiti. Mansfield Church. liast London Street. 9.3()pm—2am. Tickets £7 (£6). Live Latin tunes from lil Cometas ll). l)ls Joseph Malik and Fh‘.’ Wunf. Information 550 37H». I Ceilidh Dance Caledonian Brewery. Slateford Road. 449 5-114. Doors open 7pm. £(i.



I John Wright Band liastwood Theatre. liastwood l’ark. Rouken (ilen Road. 8pm. £5. Box Office 577 4970. Wright is a passionate. powerful singer. leading this cheerful fiddle. guitar and harmony vocal threesome.

I Joe Burke Southside Social Club. l’ollockshaws Road. 9pm. See lidinburgh. Wed l I.


I Songs And Ballads 'I‘lie lass. High Street. 2 5pm. Free. Singing session in the afternoon. instrumental music into the evening.



I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Kinning Park Complex. Cornwall Street. Kinning l’ark. 7..‘s()-19_.‘\()pm. £4 t£l.5()). Workshops- on Scots attd Cape Breton fiddle styles. for advanced players. beginners and intermediate levels. Young beginners classes comtnence earlier in the e\ening. Information 779 9047.


I Christine Kydd lidinburgh Folk Club. l’leasance Theatre Cabaret Bar. The Pleasance. 8pm. £4 (£3). children free.


Songs. from ballads to recent compositions. with and without guitar. from leading Scots singer and club favourite.



I Ed Miller New Dawn Folk Club. Riverside Club. Fox Street. 248 3 I44. 8.30pm. £3—£5. US-exiled Scots singer on tour. See Music preview.

I Vagabonds Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 552 868 l. 9pm. Free.


I Eden La Belle Angele. Cowgate. l()pm. £8 (£7) £6 plus booking fee. in advance from Avalanche and Coda. Usual DJ’s and Afro/Celtic/roots dance trance sounds with live music from The Rootsmen and Celtarabia.

I Bert lansch Pleasance Cabaret Bar. Pleasance. 9pm. £6 (£5). Pentangle's guitar star.


The following details are for regular free weekl dates: see main listings for one-o or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city then by day. Residencies wil be listed, provided that u -to-date details are supplied to us. olk Residencies listings are compiled by Norman Chalmers.


I Tolbooth Bar Saltmarket. 8pm. Free. Irish/Scots session.

I O'Neills Kilmarnock Road. Shawlands. 9pm. Free. lrish theme bar. Live bands.

I Finnegan's Wake St Vincent Street. 248 4989. 9pm. Free. Live bands.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. 339 l7l5. 9pm. Free. Martin Pottinger and Co.

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