Schrodinger's Box

Stirling: MacRobert Arts Centre, Fri 6 Nov. Edinburgh: Assembly Rooms, Thu i2 & Fri 13 Nov.

Asi-i Hole \.\"etlterell about the huge bruise on his arm, and his calm tones mutate into those of a man who's Just caught his pet liei in his zip, In an edgy, high—pitched voice, performer/director \'\i’etberell explains that his new show 'gets a bit violent in parts'

it's hardly surprising that Strirozfi'riger’s Box, by Nottingham- based tor'ipany Reckless Sleepers, gets

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PERFORMANCE ART Burnt Offering (1: at

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Poppy play: Jules Dorey Richmond in Burnt Offering

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.‘r g Boxing match: Reckless Sleepers in Schrédinger's Box

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There’s no strong language, though in fact, barely any language at all. However, upholding Reckless Sleepers' tradition of innovative use of space, there is, in a sense, a surfeit of set 'For Schromnger’s Box we've created Our own little stage that’s a bit like a Russian Doll, With a big proscenium, then a smaller one, then decreasing sizes of little proscenium arches in it '

Never mind all that how's the cat? i'Gabe Stewart)

suspect yOti may die there

The second, less terrible of these experiences happened to DaVId Richmond's father, who served in the British Army during World War ll. Expecting to fight in France, he found himself \‘vhislced hush-hush to North Africa, where he was hopelessly oveidressed for the heat

This story helped inspire Bur/it Offering, a new piece about World War ll created and performed by Davrd and Jules Dorey Richmond Audiences will be reguned to hoard a bus, and be taken to an undisclosed spate, cold, darl; and industrial 'lt's that sense of not knowing, of being taken somewhere and not being in control,’ explains DaVid Richmond 'lt's a very, very small piece of how we imagine it must have felt

Burnt Offering is the fourth war performance by the Richmonds, a Glasgow-based couple whose background is in theatre and installation art Apart from their parents' wartime stories, they have drawn on their experiences during a recent 'pilgriinage’ to Auschwnz, and \‘Jirle-ranging accounts from surVivors, art hiVIsts and veterans ini ludiiig artist George Wyllie and poet Hariiish l-lenderson

'lt was one t;f the flOllllll‘d] iiioirients of this <entury,’ believes Richmond 'Tlie way people perceived the world thanr;etl diastit ally during that time'

,‘x homage ot ieiiieinbrance, Burnt Offer/rig ‘.‘/lll marl: Armistice weel: with a rare sense of respect 'Aiirirei.‘.r Burnetl

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