jfldi Scot/Hunter S. Thompson

fear And loath/no In long Nrddrre, anyone? Gonzo poet and rork ’n' roll l;gge", lo<l< S(ot rs a host or‘e (ould absolutely trust to organrse a p‘ss-up In a brewery He's been (l‘ref Joint—roller and purveyor of gualrty yrbes for The (_ lash and Blonrlre Ill a prevrous (‘lesIOllCO and hrs (urrent (lnnkmg partner rs one Shane lyl< ()owan Suffrre to say hrs fortnmnvng (elebratron of S<ottrsh perforn‘ar‘me poetry should go wrth a smng So \tho the hell's the look-a-lrke7 IRodger Evans) I’m On fire Guest L/st Wrth /()(k S( ot, Asse/nb/y Rooms, Frirnburgh, Fr/ 13 Nov, 8pm Hunter S Hlornpson’s new nove/, [he Rum {)rary, /s out now, pr/r ed [ 76 99, see rel/rem p I IS.

all rile lmbrugha Not srn(e Kylre (lrt( 'leo her (harlene persona and slrpperl 'tte sornethrng more slrnky has anyone suueerlerl rn (rossrng tne Irne from soap star to pop orxre With su(h ease l-orrner Ne/ghbours a( tress Natalre lrnbruglra plays (iiasgow thrs month - ‘hat’s (lelrnrte Rumours that All lr'o'h/lorne Ant/Away s plannrng to km Kstart hrs brrl for sex srren status by (overrng 'lorn' have,

fortunately, been greatly exaggerated 'Jonatllan lrew'

AJam/1e /rn.‘)/og/1a p/ays Harm's/land, (J/asgozv, In I 3’ Nov



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