OXFORD STAOE COMPANY in wunam Shakespeare’s easel; comedy

A Midsummer Night’s ream

A crystal clear retelling of Shakespeare’s greatest comedy of three distinct worlds bound together by passion, filled with music, comedy and a real sense of magic.

8,...something to savour and treasure, a piece of magic woven ; a master of the theatrical art... the magic is potent, alpable and dangerous.

V 'j‘lt is a deliciously sexy production, vigorously fresh, pffortlessly funny and played with spirit.

i: “Every moment on stage has an exquisite look and a ‘;Calculated depth.

ifThere is not one sign of weakness in this cast.” ‘_ The Stage

{‘Modesty is abandoned in a show that is up to the company’s usual sexy standard but delights in slapstick lust, drawing the biggest laughs from

' 3; lovers when the gentleman ‘chose’ to prefer blonds.

1Hillarer can a Dream have produced so much aslaughter. Great fun is to be had in this Athens of the mirth. " The Herald


i’Reta/lack has assembled a cast that represents Experience and young blood, whose members {' re capable of playing together quite beautifully every sense of the word. The Guardian


17-21 November

Tickets from £4.50

Box Office 0141 -332 9000 (booking fee) 0141-556 5555

First Call

This week of performances is sponsored by Scottish Brewers

5—19 Nov 1998 THE LIST”