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Cltristtttrts 1998

Merlin the Magnificent

by Stuart Paterson 24 November - 26 December


“OlllV lllt’ [my born to lie King (rill will

{lie trutqu Stitot'tlfrottt tlte SiOHL’..." L .

Tickets from £2.50 to £10

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I- / .. I ,_ 3,; BARNEY'S BIG SURPRISE! Wed 18—Sun 22 Nov, Wed 81 Fri 7pm; Thu 3.30pm; Sat 11am 8: 2.30pm; Sun 1.30pm & Spm.£10—£15.SECC. Finnieston Quay, 287 7777. He's a TV star, a movie star (Barney’s Great Adventure) and now Barney, the purple dinosaur, is treading the boards in the first ever stage production in the UK. The fun-o-saurus, singing and dancing extravaganza features special appearances from Baby Bop, Professor Tinkerputt and Mother Goose and incorporates a cast of children and storybook characters.

W * Fi'm . . . Paulie:A Parrot's Tale (Ur on Sun 15

ACtIVItles Ana Fun Nov. 2.30pm. £ I .50. MacRohert Arts

Terraformers Children's Nature Centre. University or Stirling. ()l786

Club Sat 7 Nov, 2 4pm. (‘ornalees 46l()t‘<l. See Film Index.

Bridge. (‘lyde Muirshicl Regional Park.

Loch Tom. lttvcrkip, (H475 52l458. Theatre

Find out what's about in the autumn Jemima Puddleduck Sat 7 Nov.

countryside. 2.30pm. £4 (£2.50); tantin ticket £l2

Magical World Of Christmas 'l'ltu l2 (£7.50). Howden Park Centre.

\‘ov -Tltu 24 Dec. Mon --l’rt | lam. 2pm Livingston. ()|5()6 433634. Tlte story of

' Opening end of October

& 6.30pm; Sat & Stttt ttoott. 2pm. 4pm & 6pm. £5.95; lantin ticket £20. Scotlanth Theme Park. Sttathclyde (‘outttt'y l’at'k. Mothervvell. ()l(i‘)h’ 333999, Festive fun at tlte theme park \\‘lll] a lull-si/e circus big top. ttnltmited rides on Santa‘s l'uttl'atr. lite- \l/L'tl attttttated scenes and a personal vistt to Santa. litee entry to tttdoor etttertattttttettt complex attd (‘ltristmas ha/aar.

Boneless Wonders Sat I4 Nov. 3 1pm. l‘l‘t‘t‘. (‘alderglelt (‘ountry l’at'k. Slt'atltavett Road. liasl Ktlltt'tdc. 0115.5 236644. Ages 8+. Discover lllttlt‘ about tlte creepy-era“ lie inhabitants of the pat'k.

Leaves And Trees Sun 15 Nov-.2 Jinn. .\1uit'sltiel ('entte. ('lyde \ltttt'sliiel Regional Park. l,(K,‘lt\\illllUL'll. (H.505 S4280}. Learn about trees attd ll(t\\' they adapt to \vtnlet v. tilt the countty stde ranger.

Christmas Lights Switch On 't‘ltn tr) Nov. 7 “pm. Stttltttg (‘tty (‘entre Sttrltttg enters into the testt\e \pll'll \\ till then annual t'\L‘lllllf.'. ot' tattttly tun. lt‘ullll'lltg‘ celeltttty guests. clowns. Santa ('latts. flames. and ol‘cotttse. lllttll\.lll(l\ ol' lany lights

the too-trusting Jemima Puddleduck attd the line gentlemen Mr Fox is brought to life iit lan Tut'hitt's Puppet Theatre show. Romeo And Juliet Wed ll Nov. ltl.3()am & 2.30pm. £7. Village Theatre. Maxwell Drive. liast Kilbride. ()l 3552 4866‘). The internationally acclaimed littglislt Shakespeare Company present

the hard‘s classic for hairns.

Macbeth Thu 12 Nov. 10.30am & 2..~()pnt. £7. Village Theatre. Maxwell Drive. liast Kilbride. ()l3552 4866‘). Shakespeare‘s study of ambition attd guilt cotttpletes the double bill from the linglish Shakespeare Company.

3 The International Purves Puppets

Biggar Little Theatre. Broughton Road. (MSW) 220631. £4.40 adults; £3.30

children (reductions l‘or parties of over

Ht). Sltovvs on offer over the coming fortnight are as follow s:

' The Nutcracker Sat 7 Nov. 2pm; Thu l2

.\'ov. It), l5ant; Sat I4 Nov. 2pm. An innovative puppet production based on lloll‘ntattn's famous story of fantasy aitd ntagtc.

Pips And Panda In Santa's Workshop

Stttt l5 & Sun 22 Nov. 2pm. Ages 7+. A

tteu adventure lot l’tps attd Panda as theygo in search ol‘ their lost letter to Santa.

Edinburgh’s first authentic bagel and sandwich shop

elep ants 8/ agels

37 Marshall Street, Edinburgh. (Nicolson Square)

Tel: 0131 662 8839

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