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The trtle - stark and unsentlmental says rt all. Glasgow performance group NVA, last seen c'reatrng an outdoor spectacular mth The Secret S/gn, present a one-man show by Graham Cunnrnghan‘. In whlch he QIVE‘S a no- messlng account of hrs 34-year battle wlth chronic rheumatoid arthrltls. Defrantly refusing the ‘vrctrm' tag, Cunnrngham’s multl-medla performance offers a vrsron of posrtmty. (Peter Ross)

Pa/n, Old Fru/tmarket, Glasgow Sat 27 6; Sun 22 Nov; Traverse Theatre, Ed/nhurgh, Thu 26 Sun 29 Nov. See prey/em, page 67.

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South Park


For skaters and Pepsi Max drinkers everywhere comes Psyaade/c, a rather nlfty PlayStatron game combrnrng elements of the rac mg and platform genres. ChOOSIlTC] to play one of two characters decked out rn Vans gear, you belt around (Ourses on hoverdeks airborne skateboards baslcally to the fly sounds of Dayrd Holmes and Bentley Rhythm Ace. lPeter Rossl Ps‘ybaciek IS re/eas‘ed Frr 27 Nov,

If you've been suffering cold turkey for horny cooks and cheesy poofs since the flrst serles of South Park ended, get ready for a marnlrne hrt of the :wrsted ’toon. The second serres Is now up and runnrng on Sky and a Cartman-sI/ed load of merc h Is headlng for the shops. Chef Ard: The South Park A/bum lnc ludes exclusrye tracks by Prodrgy, The Chemtcal Brothers, Wyclef Jean, Wu-‘l’ang lansman Ol’ Drrty Bastard and

a duet betx‘treer‘. pop l‘.eavy\.\e|ghts l\,leat|oaf and Isaac Hayes «the vorce of Chef In the SOTIOS‘. M‘anwhrle, the South Park PC Desktop Theme and Screensayer features all the characters as well as sOund samples lll( ludrng Of: my Godl They krlled Kennyl' lrnally, watch out In the New Year .‘or a \."|(j(’() game South Park: Deep

Impac ted. :Peter Ross’

South Park, Sky One, Suns,

I 7pm, Chef A/d ls re/easec/ Mon 23 NOV, The Off/( /a/ Desktop Theme and Sc reehsat’er rs arm/able from H1 20 Nor;

[19. 99, South Park Deep Impacted '.‘.//// he avar/ah/e rn earn, I999 for N64, P/a),'Stat/on, P(‘ and co/our Game Boy