CLASSIFIED i saw you m

0 I saw you You saw me. at Mingin. Sat 3-1 Oct. Studio 2-1. getting punched in the face. Please contact .\'eil. Box No L'/3-I7/l.

O I saw you lean Brodie You were trying to stop your flat- mates from being vulgar. Just remember: Elephant shoes. L'/3-I7/3.

v I saw you Black. “My Place .\'ow '. t-shirt. Waverley Market. l()/l()/‘)8. Bi'otighton 3 IMO/()8 and The Pulse. Do our eyes keep meeting or am I just hoping? You tall dark Adonis me near- ly! Lets discuss over coffee. L'/3-I7/3.

O I saw you Libby. at Bewitched. Barclays. Princes Square. .lulians. low: the new hair! Fancy a coffee?'s catch up! Caroline. Bo\ .\'o L'/3-I7/-I. O I saw you l.iani from Glasgow. course in Stirling Youth Hostel. 36—28 ()ct. We met in ()‘Neill's. and I sat on your knee later. I had ftiii and I miss you. Annika from Finland. Box No L'/3-I7/5.

O I saw you waiting for bus on Hallow'en night. (Shandwick Place). Edinburgh. Got off at East Calder. Beautiful eyes. dark hair. smart looking. Me: sitting in front of you.'s meet up again. Box .\'o [7/347/6.

v I saw you at .\'oa asking for Sauza and Lemonade. Your voice was smooth and rich. just like your drink. What a refreshing change to meet a man like you. You can 'Sow Zar' me anytime.

0 I saw you with a guilty con- science? You stole Xena's money from her brown suede bag at the Polo Lounge (Trophy Room). on Hallow ‘en. Apology/inforniatioii sought. See your btitt. see my foot Xena. warrior pissed off. will be avenged. Yiyiyiyi' Bos .\'o [/3475

v I saw you Seoii the Hairdresser. in Daniel l-ield. Cresw ell Street. the last time you cut my hair. Where are you? Yours uiishorn and forlorn. a long-haired customer. Bo\ .\'o L'/3-I7/b’.

v I see you sL‘I'\ mg coffee. John Smiths Bookshop. city centre Long. dark hair and lovely smile. Blonde male. small spectacles. sips large latte and wishes he could smell your per- ftiiiie [7347!)

O I saw you Blue Moon

cafe. 4H 1. 3pm. You: Gareth; tall. dark (k gorgeous. leading Boy/ Me: grey sweater.

drank latte. spoke to Peter.

then left with a half simle.

Get in touch. Bo\ .\'o L'.’3-I','/|().

106 THE LIST 19 .’.'o~.'--3 De:


O I saw you Poodle. east of Havana on 30/l0. How about some pumpking pie? Hallow'en has passed. so I‘ll take off; my mask and share my marsh mal- lows with you. Love Gator XXX. Box No U/347/ll.

9 I saw you in Montpeliers. Friday 6/1 I. Maybe you‘re Fran? Definitely short. dark hair and lovely smile with two friends scraping together (if-p for bus fare. I wish you‘d got the nest bus. Box No L'/347/I2.

O I saw you Pooh. pining. Tiggei' misses you. Nowhere for nose to dock. no belly laughs. no pizza and champagne. The wonderful thing about Tigger is she'll wait a lifetime for you and your lacoste shirts. Box No L'/3-I7/I3.

O I saw you ex air hostess. . . now boring office girl! (haha). on your way to Callander to visit aunt in your big woolie jumper. o .\'ov. I dropped you of at station. Would love to meet you again. Can't get you out of my mind. Box No L!/3-I7/|-I.

O I saw you Gary. Mai'maris in June. You on holiday from Glasgow with Hamish. Me: waving a Scottish flag for a rea- son! How is your Turkish singing? Fancy meeting up? Box No L'/3-I7/l5.

0 I saw you Heather. (with Moira. Elaine and 1’). the Last Drop. 30/|(). Can't remember what we talked about for three hours. but it seemed really important: I was ecstatic all weekend! Thanks. Box .\'o L'/3-I7/Io.

0 I saw you wee fairy. on Easter Road. Your wings were bent. You told me jokes till sun- set then said ciao! I can‘t wait to do it again. mi amore. Box No L'/3-I7/I 7.

O I saw you Maggie.

Poptastic 3/5/98 and the Polo Lounge. 29/5/98. where we met. The past 6 months have been wonderful. In you. I have found my soulmate and I want to spend my life with you. All my love. always. Laura. Box No L'/3-I7/l 8.

0 I saw you on the number I3 bus heading towards YMCA (Glasgow). late evening. Monday 0 Nov. You. younger gorgeous man. playing ‘find the word‘ with the steamy window ‘no smoking' sign!? I almost stood on your toes a week earli- er. This gorgeous. slightly older man now a perpetual passenger on the no. I: is poised to deliver you this copy of The /./\I. Fancy a friendly drink - hope so! Bos .\'o L'/3-I7/l‘).

O I saw you Mancunian ()ptometrist. City Cafe. Fancy a checkup? Girl in blue. Box No L'/3-I7/2().

O I saw you Jane. looking ecstatic iii your secret garden. Salsa walls. zebra patterns. shiny mirrors your own little dance floor. Got my ‘access all areas' pass and hastily saving my Ecu‘s for that special treat. lets get tluffy. . .' The Finger Doctor. Box No [7347/] I.

O I saw you Safeway. .-\nniesland. Sunday 3I/lt). You: buying cat food. head—shay ed. leather jacket. cool boots. Me: behind you in the queue. Interested? Please get in touch -- Love to meet cat. B()\ .\'o L'/3-I7/23.

v I saw you Hallow'en: change at Jamaica. you: Eliiik and Ghrey from Norway study- ing in Edinburgh. Me: Jack from Glasgow. You must have changed your mind. I didn‘t. Try again? Box No L'/3-I7/23.

O I saw you Gary McNeil] who was LGB officer with NL'S Scotland and a bouncer at Club X. Craig and Jim would like to hear from you. Box No L'/3-I7/2-I.

O I see you. Amy. Bryan A‘; Boris in our gorgeous. comfy. easy. wine-filled. relaxing amazing house everyday. As Lynne says - our days will be lazy - the nights already have been crazy and very. very hazy. Here's to us four and our happy. happy home. Lots of love. Abiss. Box No L'/3J7/25.

Q I saw you Sorry to have missed you last issue. My ad may be censored but not my love. I also saw u up the ladder. looking a bit wobbly but cute as hell. even covered in dust and grime. Thanks to you our love nest is slowly taking shape. Shall we get together for a bit of hibernation? Baby 7. \s. Bo\ .\'o [7347/26.



U I saw you Bonnie from Atlanta in\\'histlers' Mother. Thursday night. You asked for ftinkadelic btit left before I got the chance to get your phone number. Please. I'm desperate -- get in touch. Box No [7347/27. 0 I saw you in Inverness. at a cafe window. You waved at me passed you three times you had blonde girl with you. I was guy with glasses that caught your eye contact. Box No L'/3~I7/28.

O I saw you Friday afternoon. 6/] l. Chambers Street. George I\’ Bridge. young French woman. earning a difficult In mg from restaurant work. You'd like may be to move to Scottish Islands. I liked talking with you. Bo\ .\'o C/3-I7/2‘).

O I saw you Saturday '.'th at the New Town bar. You: dark. good-looking. dark jacket. white polo-neck with striped collar. Me: dark in brown leather jack- et. Meet fora drink? Box .\'o L'/3-I7/3().

O I saw you and spoke to you gorgeous in red dress. ‘Why .\'ot'. OH 1. Me; dull bloke in green kilt. ready to die happy knowing that true beauty L‘\I\I\ iii the world. Box No [7347/3 l. O I saw you Lucas. at Edinburgh airport on the Ioth. Me - ecstatic. You »- perfection. Thanks for making me complete again. I.'/3-I7/33.

v I saw you crisis! Kay .losepli. genuinely -- it's not me. I wrote the original \ ia

e-iiiail in Australia about a 'i'eiiarde' friend of mine.

And I'm gay. so care not about your orgasn‘.s - fake or not. [7347/33.

9 I saw you at The Hive. You wearing black and white top. blue jeans. Me wearing Tommy top. Wanted to talk to you but had no good reason. Must share with you. U/3-I7/3-I.

O I saw you Waterstone's George Street. Sunday l8/l0 by -I.()()pm. buying book in base- ment. You ride black CB750 with yellow wheels. Browsing book you smoked cigarette. Me waiting for bus opposite. Please write. Male adorer. Box No L'/3-I()/ l.

O I saw you honey monkey in my neck of the woods. seeing you made me swing from the trees. let‘s monkey around again soon. Box No L'/3-I()/2.

0 I saw you Head chef of the Grain Store? You cooked the a tender piece of pork. iiiiiiiii. I wonder if yours is as juicy. See you at the City Caf. Box No [3/346/3.

O I saw you Smillieface in Ryan's on 2 H8: your grey top dazzled me I nearly knocked my drink over. Your scarred friend tried to save a forest. Let's have coffee. The smitten kitten. Box No L'/3-I()/-I.

O I saw you giant slug. being a stitiiggle. burning potatoes. pre- tending iiot to be iccle. I would- n't trust you with my pot plants. but I will always be your pen- gtiiii. Box No L'/3-Io/5.

O I saw you cheerful waiter with the French accent in the Filiiihouse bar 3(I/l(). Lost for words. Should have come across to your table. I think you are gorgeous too. Box No L'/3-I(i/().

O I saw you outside Ryan's. You dark hair with lots of girl- friends. Me sitting in Ryan‘s coffee shop. You waved and called me to come over. I should have! Let's go for a drink. Box No U/346/7.

0 I saw you at EHI drinking Sauza and Lemonade. I thought you looked interesting and I liked your taste in drinks. We have been together for a year now. I want to celebrate with my favourite man in my favourite bar with my favourite drink.

O I saw you Australian boy (Simon?) at Brodies in August. Interested in retrieving my com- bats. as yours don't fit! Please get in touch The Canadians. Box No L’/3~Io/8.

U I saw you Heritage. Traverse 32/10. You. young dark handsome male in brown furry zippy shirt. Me. silvery guy in specs who‘d rather watch you than the play. Box No U/346/9.

Edinburgh EH1 ITE


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