Blast From The Past delves back to the musical sleuth's first case to answer a few outstanding questions. It does and it doesn't, but then what is life if not an eternal search for that girl in the peach dress? (RE)

PAPERBACK FICTION The Peculiar Memories Of Thomas Penman

Bruce Robinson (Bloomsbury £6.99) ****

like any other thirteen-year-old lad. Inquisitive about sex (specifically his grandpapa's porn stash), infatuated With a girl (Gwen Hackett, a year younger but Well on the way to womanhood) and increasingly unable

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118 THELIST 19 Nov 3 Dec 1998

Thomas Christopher Penman is almost

to control his excremental functions, he is further hampered by being an ’asthmatic short-arse With big ears’. Yet, something very dark is lurking beneath the surface and discovering what lies Within his family’s roots proves less savoury than even he can antICIpate.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is Bruce Robinson's first published novels havmg made his name in film screenwriting and directing, most notably With Wit/mail 81 l and Jennifer 8. Less astOnishing is his ability to capture a sense of place (rural England) and time (the 50s) With Wit and sympathy. They call this thing bitter-sweet. We call it dead good. (80)

CRIME NOVELLA Death Is Not The End Ian Rankin (Orion £5.99) air it *

There is little doubting that Ian Rankin is the current King of Scottish crime writing. He consistently occupies most of the slots in the Scottish book charts, so perhaps only he could get away With publishing 72 pages of prose and charging six QUId for It. Still, there are much worse ways to spend a couple of your hours.

Inspector John Rebus is on the case of a missing person back in his home town, Naturally, this evokes much nostalgia and regret, particularly With an ex-sweetheart, the mother of the missing boy. Through close-circjtiit footage of the club Where he was last seen, Rebus stumbles over something much, much bigger.

Tight plotting and real characterisation are among Ian Rankin's chief attributes and it's all here. Yet, as this story acts as a sub- plot for his next full-length Rebus adventure, Dead Sou/s due out in February, only ardent Rankin-philes Will be expected to rush out for this. (BD)


Simone Baird, Ellie Carr, Brian Donaldson, Rodger Evans, Alan Morrison, Denyse Lyon Presley, Peter Ross, Brendan Wallace


* x t * * Unmissable

a ir * it Very good

i t it Worth a shot

tr iv Below average

it You've been warned



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