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Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now The weird world of the Web

(SCI) £34.99 .~ Glebe's Thrift Tunnel

http://www.koekieorguk/funnel/ If you're addicted to he work of Chris

Morrrs, the arch media terrorist and total inentalist, check out Glebe's Thrift Tunnel With its comprehenswe Information on Brass Eye, On The Hour, The Day Today and Blue Jam. There’s also a massive list of ’lvlorrisrsms' including ’The twrsted brain-wrong of a one- off man mental' and 'Now fact me till I fart’

So You've Decided To Be Evil

If you’ve been considering straying from the righteous path and rorning the forces of the night, then this Site should probably tip you into the abyss. There’s less-than-serrous information on thwarting the fOrces of good, fashion for the evrl doer (black is in!) and an evrl henchmen guide. Villain-tasticl

ldlewild /Arena/4546/main.html

Edinburgh band ldlewrld’s album Hope Is Important proves them to be the anti-Belle and Sebastian and is causing spontaneous outbreaks of punk rock in The List OfflCeS, Info on the band, the mUSlC and press coverage can all be found here but, for the ultimate IdleWild experience, you’d be well advrsed to catch them live.

Carmageddon 2: a pa pa '

The game which sent the BBFC into convulsions of morality and public decency is back. The original Carmageddon, with its addictive mix of car chase and gorefest, has become something of a cult and there is little doubt that its follow up will sell by the bucket load. Carmageddon 2 is much the same as its predecessor, but with so many tweaks and additions that the mayhem and mutilation has been multiplied.

Most combat racing games suffer terribly from aimlessness, the charging combatants endlessly circling each other, looking for an opening. Carmageddon has solved this by introducing a race element. Not that you have to race; indeed, you are rewarded for ignoring it. Time bonuses and power ups are to be found well away from the track, with the underlying strategy being remove your opponents and who's going to beat you?

The tracks are fun and varied, with city streets, airports and open cast mines all prepared for carnage. The hastily added zombie pedestrian mode of the first game has also been polished, with the living dead shuffling, moaning and hissing as they wander the streets. Mow them down and you get time and credit bonuses as well as a wicked grin on your face when your windscreen becomes awash in green mucus.

The cars have also been improved - every panel bends, buckles and spins across the blood-soaked streets. By collecting credits you can beef up your car, although the ability to add offensive weaponry would have been nice instead of just a general toughening of your statistics. That said, there is probably enough smash and trash for any pain junkie out there. To get the most from Carmageddon 2, you should get a 30 card. It can be played without one, but you miss out on all the gore, guts and twisted metal.

This is a worthy successor and a wickedly good ride, but there is one big drawback: Iron Maiden do the music. Still, you can always turn them off. (lain Davidson)

The Parochial House httpzi’i’wwwiol.lei/~ejordan/tedsounds.html

What With Lrnehan and Mathews’ Big Train diVidrng opinion across the land ialthough nobody can say the office manager who did card tricks wasn’t vein- poppineg funny), Why not check out this Site about Father Ted, a show that never let you down? The best thing here is the masswe SOund archive which Includes classics like ’That would be an ecumenical matter’ and ’Don’t tell me I’m still on that feckin’ island’. The worst thing is the live View of Dublin why.7

Bill Is George Clooney httpu’i’—getcom/george/

The List has an interView With George Clooney - the star of the really rather good Out Of Sight -— in this very issue, but maybe we’d have been better talking to this guy, ’Brll' claims to be one of the hottest celebrity look-alikes in the country iArnericar and is available for TV commercials, conventions and grand openings. Hmmm,

Bizarre Magazine

Possibly the only magazrne on the planet where you can regularly expect to see pictures of spontaneous human combustion and blokes With five foot fingernails, Bizarre is now on the Internet. Go here for exclusive features like Katie Puckrick on the Joys of eating insects and a picture of the week which is quite likely to be

make an tin-self conscious silent novre, but Capcorri are still developing ZD beat 'em ups like this swell into the

through various levels teac hing it what to eat, what to avoid, how to work switches and generally get on in life.

Telckeir age And it's good Poc ket fighter is to the Street Fighter series what Muppet

As time goes by, your prodigy learns how to deal With tasks on its own, alloy-ring you to sit back and take pride


The Hitchcock Page


As the world prepares to pull back the curtain on Gus Van Sant’s shot-by-shot colour remake of Psycho, you can go back to the socirce here and download the entire shower scene broken down into rndivrdual frames. It’s actually giiite a l)i‘c->atl‘:taking series of images.

Meth's Wu Tang Chambaz


This site dedicated to big-league mystical hip hoppers The Wu-Tang Clan is so good that the guy who runs rt has to keep insisting that he is not, in fact, the Method Man Anyway, With a flurry of Wu activrty imminent, now’s as good a time as any to go here and check out pics, sOunds, news, vrds, links and an excluswe intervreW With RZA.

Babies is to The Whippet Show all your favourite characters rnade cute and kid-like Admittedly, that sounds a bit crap, but this is packed With garneplay, power-ups and spec ;a: l‘"()\."(‘8 that make it a delight to play Okay, so rt doesn't actually feel or look 'ike a real figlzt, but it feels like a fun game and that's what counts Ortce again, here is proof that the \..'.'orld

in your handy work. Yes, this is a game where the longer you play, the less you actually do 7 what a stunning breakthrough in the gamrng experience Undoubtedly, there is some very clever programming at work here, but normally this results in either the garneplay oi' the graphics suffering, not both Pet In TV rs rubbish to play and rubbish to watch The only reason rt doesn't begrn and end in 30 and the gets such a high mark is because one sooner rnore developer's accept tlat rniist alwaysencourageinnovation. fact the better rPR‘ ill)-

Pet In TV

(SCEE) £34.99

Oh my Lord, where to start7 Pet In TV is a tai'ragoc hi, a platform pii/xle game and one of tie rrrost chrn-

ctr bbiingly dull pieces o‘ software you ‘I ever experience We point of the

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