A Side orders 2 Tiger Beer

Tuger Beer us ab0ut to receuve a Wuder

' launch in Scotland’s pubs and clubs thus autumn. Prevuously avaulable only un ethnuc restaurants and specualuty off- lucences, ut‘s on the verge of appearung ? un the lukes of Sirius, Aquarius and The Basement un Edunburgh and Budda, The Monkey Bar and Sadue Frost’s un Glasgow.

Brewed exclusuvely un Sungapore sunce 1939, Tuger Beer us a strong, clean- tastung bottled lager Wuth a ruch golden colour. In Aprul this year, the beer scooped the World Championship Gold Medal at the Brewmg Industry lnternatuonal Awards un London Voted the best out of 191 entrants after a blind tastung by an Independent body of brewung experts, the award confirmed what beer drunkers un South East ASIa had been thunkung to thenuselves for the last 60 odd years.

In 1946, Anthony Burgess used the then current Tuger Beer advertusmg slogan, 'Tume For A Tuger', as the tutle for qus book about the Far East. While ; unable to claum the same Iuterary merut ; as Burgess, we are JUSi as capable of u punchung an advertusmg slogan and 1 Iueartuly reccomend that you put a 5 Tuger un your tank

Tiger Beer is on the prowl throughout Scotland


& drinking


The Basement

IOa-12a Broughton Street,

557 0097.

Restaurant qualuty food at pub-grub pruces, served 'tul 10pm un luvely, colourful surrOundungs.


Common Grounds 2/3 North Bank Street.

2261416. {LY/5 Amerucan-st Ie coffee '-\~\’ 8 y ' "‘ \fl\‘

house on The Mound. Food served all day. Luve mUSIC most evenungs. 32c Broughton Stru 478 7246

Global food wuth stylush decor. Tuesday

- Saturday nights, Sunday lunch. We need ’U’ to tun DSK to O'U’SK


EH1 197 Hugh Street 1:, 220 5277 e ' Christmas menu avaulable

through Dec 3 cOurses £13 95, Mon- Thurs tul' 10pm, Fri-Sun tul’ 7 30pm. Also temptung dauly specuals served daily untul 7pm

Elissa; 88 Lothuan Road g 229 5932 FILMHOUSE

Relaxed, atmosplueruc cafe bar, serVung great value snacks, salads, specuals and brulluant cappuccmos 10am tull late

Hasta la Pasta! 47 Hull St Lane North 226 3355 An inexpensIve n restaurant where the “0‘3 0' I food us good and the urQO‘ScQ‘ decor a little eccentruc Fund ut

between Fredruck St and Castle St for lunch, dunner of Just a coffee

Pancho Villas 240 Canongate, 557 4416 Mexucan-born owner Mayra Nunez says 'If yOu're goung to eat Mexucan, then don't be bland ' Lunth untul 5pm, dunner until 11pm


24 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbrudge. 332 4476. Cosmopolutan cUuSune wuth dauly set pruce dunner menus from £12.50 (bookung advusable), lught lunches, coffees, beers and wmes.

Peter Sellars

11-13 Wullluam Street, 226 3161 Icelanduc experience, new cuusine comes to Edunburgh on Sundays wuth the best of Nordic food - FOOD OF THE GODS!


41 West Nucolson Street 667 6676

Come along and enuoy thus F is; small bistro wuth a bug menu, featuring dushes from all corners of the worldRemember to brung your own bottle to enjoy wuth your meal.

Back Alley Restaurant

8 Ruthven Lane, 334 7165,

World wude cuusune, weekend breakfasts, Happy H0ur, lunch menu, evenung specuals and Glasgow's best burgers!

Balbir's 51 West Regent Street

331 1980. Not bug, not deSugner, not sexy, JUSi brulluant.

Huqu qualuty lnduan cuusune at affordable pruces.

Brel bar: restaurant 39 Ashton Lane.

342 4966

Belguan beers


; (draft Leffe and Hoegaarden), fune

l wunes, rustuc food, cool musuc, relaxed


Caffe Latte

58 Vurgunua Street, Glasgow, 553 2553. L

Pizzas, Pastas,Salads, Sandw:ches, Snacks Lucensed untul mudnught,

seven days Relaxed, fruendly atmosphere,

Grassroots 20 Woodlands Road

353 3278.

Scare-free food, organuc grocerues, excellent bread, fune cheeses, herbs and spuces, wholesome foods - yum, yum

design 8: manufacture

, All types of design: 0 interior 0 furniture 0 bar & sign

0 indigo yard

0 iguana bar

clients include:

0 medusa hairdressers




Le Petit Pain

239 Byres Road.

337 1118 (phone/fax). Coffees, qualuty sandwichesand pastrues to go or to stay. Outside caterung.

Market Bar um a ., 24 Candleruggg M1 kitchen

Relaxed atmosphere at this

stylush new bar/kitchen, servmg modern unternatuonal cuisme ’tull 8pm. Much acclaumed


a unique blend of modern brasserue cooking un an untumate settung.

Mojo 158a Bath Street, 331 2257.


28 Gubson Street.

334 2665.

Fresh Scottush ungreduents, authentuc and orugunal reCIpes, award-winnung cooking, lively and Informal atmosphere.

The 13th Note

King Street. 553 1638. Bar/cafe/venue wuth a totally vegan menu of wholesome food wuthun a relaxed atmosphere.

The Ubi uitous Chip . . _ 12 Ashtoqn Lane. Uh“?in .91? 334 5007.0ne of Glasgow's

finest restaurants servung

modern Scottush fayre.

Tron Bar Chusholm St. 552 8587 Contemporary European style bar and newly-refurbished restaurant, servung excellent cuusune and wine in comfortable, relaxed surroundings. Open tull mudnught.

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