French Film Festival

Erench l'LlllS art or arsel‘ 801'}, .t Antolne de Caunes has anytnlr‘c; to do ‘l.'.;tn .t. Yes, :noeez: that 's l«.’lonsleur '{ao‘o'o lllll‘ISOli, reuea "c; lies o'er/'lere for the “>98 French film ies’.s.a programme We reason for the (llsrohenrent ls oe (Launes' role In l_’Homrne is! Une Fern/he Corn/nu les Alli/es, '.'.Tll\ h translates ‘.'.:th a tel", Eur'otr‘ash aesthetic

as A Man ls A ‘.":*ornan The TV presenter, author ar‘o ac tor plays a gay le‘.'.'lsh clarinettlst ‘.'.'l‘.() hecon‘es the onJect of allectror‘ of Yloolsh soprano Elsa Z‘,«'lt)erstc‘-lrt although In the photo, tiooks :lke she's about to pa, the ‘.'.oo<i‘-.'.:nd Bot'lde Cannes a"<: Z',"i)("‘$’_(‘l.’l

c.'.ho t)(‘-( alne a real-'lte

coupe alter humor; ".55! atteltc: the Edll‘harol‘ (it‘ll Giasc;or. sc reevmgs of the lllll‘.

Aan i.lorv'lson.

The lrenc n Ell/n lest/"gal, Glasgox.’ [HI/ll Theatre and Erl/nhur‘c; r El/rnnouse, H; 20 Sun 29 ho. [Ho/nine {st Une Fern/he (‘ornrne les Autres screens ill Glascy‘ro'. ano’ Eur/llmrgh on Sat 28, '.‘."lt'll .«nfr'ocluc [lo/ls and (ll/(‘8l/Oll-(HTUI-dll‘);'.’(‘l' sesslons a! notn screen/rigs See l’l/lll pro/lea, l’lsrlngs and Index


What’s making our lives almost worth living this fortnight.

Film: Rounders Never agaln wrll you thunk poker Is a game of luck, Matt Damon and Edward Norton play a par of card aces who could make a fortune ll thelr scam comes off. See revrew, page 34 Selected release from Fri 20 Nov.

Music: Pulp Whlle last album The Is Hardcore wasn't perhaps the barrel of arch laughs that hls record company had hoped for, Mr Cocker and band stlll do a great We show. Tlme for the mlsflts to get togged up and party, Great support from the less than ecstatlc; Eels and the qurrksome Tiger. Glasgow: Barrow/and, Sun 29 Nov.

Books: A Man In Full lbm Bonfire Of The Van/ties Wolfe's first novel In a decade takes over 700 pages to explore the sour slde of the Amerlcan Dream. See revrew, page 116. Cape [20, out now.

Art: Museum of Scotland Seven years In the making, the provocatlvely curvaceous exterior of the new Museum of Scotland ciontalns flve dlfferent tlme zones whrc h explore Scotland's hlstory through the ages, See feature, page 22. Edinburgh: Chambers Street, opens Tue l Dec.

Film: Out Of Sight After the dlsappolntments of The Peacemaker and Batman And Rob/n, George Clooney's lllm career heads for flrmer ground mth this sllck and sexy Elmore Leonard adaptatlon. See ieature and revrew, page 35. General release from Fri 20 Nov.

Games: Tomb Raider III The pneumatlc Lara Croft bounces back onto the nation’s PIayStatrons and PCs for the thlrd lnstaIn'lent of her adventures Expect more puzzle solvmg, baddle blastlng and puzzled sexual development among male teenage fans See feature, page 13 E/dos [44. 99/09. 99, Fri Nov 20. Theatre: Under Milk Wood Dlrector Andy Arnold and the Arches Theatre Company pull lt off yet agaln, wrth an lngenlous and wrtty production of Dylan Thomas’s well-loved poem- play, set In a sleepy Welsh seaside town Ill the early 50s, See revrc-rw, page 69 Glasgow: Arches Theatre, untl/ Sat 28 Nov.

Museum 0 ' Scotland

19 rm; 3 Dec 1998 THE llST5