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Gigs are listed by date, then by cit . Performances Will be listed, provi ed that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and Pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Roger

Evans (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

The prices given are for tickets .

alone. in many instances there wall

be an additional booking fee. Some

venues charge a booking fee even

rathen tickets are bought on the cor.

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Virgin, Argyle Street. 204 515.! Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 227 551 l.


Virgin Princes Street. 220 3234. Ripping Records South Biidge. 226 70 t0.

Assembly Rooms George Street. 220 434‘)



I Blondie Barrow laitd. (iallow gate. 552 4(it)l. 7.30pm. S( )t .t) ()t 'T. .-\ nostaliga trip par escellence for l\\ enty and thirtysometliings who can still remember when Noel lidiiionds presented 70/) ()1 [Ii/lt’ I’M/iv Blondie were (and. who knows. maybe still are) the definitive gutsy guitar pop hand. They We got a new album .'\'u [2):] in the pipeline. htit this set is hoiitid to he chocka with all the gieais like 'lleatt (ll~ (ilass'. ‘r\tiitiitc" and Union (‘its liltie‘.

I ldlewild, Moniac .iiiit Peeps Into Fairyland King Tut's \\'ah \Vali lltit. St Vincent Sheet. 22l 527‘) 8.30pm. £5 plus booking fee. lziliiihurgh's finest return from touring w itli .’\\l) to htiild on their ptiiik pop tornado v-. itli their new album Hun/w Is Important.

I The Hair Pocket, Post-Diluvian aiiil Majestic 12 the Uni Note (Hire. King Street. 5.53 “‘38 0pm. £2. local hand hill including the melodic garage rock of The Hair Pocket and the lie.t\_\ tunk of Majestic IS.

I Solar Plexus Nice ‘n' Slca/y. Saucliiehall Street. 333 ‘)(i37. ‘)pm.

I Nerve, HFS, Jumble and Bond The ('athouse. t'nioii Street. 248 ()()(lf). 8pm. £3. t‘nsigiied band night.


I Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri Assembly Rooms. (ieorge Street. 220 4348, 7.30pm. £8 (£(i). (':\N('lil.l.lfl). I Orange, Imperial Racing Club and Mr Wish Attic. l)yers Close. (‘owgato 225 8382. 7.30pm. £3. Naggingly addictive power pop is how we described Imperial Racing (‘luh’s debut single so if that's you hag. you know where to go.

I Soul Providers Nti‘s liar. Baliiioi-al

l l l l i i l l

Hotel. Princes Street. 556 24 t4. ‘).3()pm. Free. The clue is in the name.

I Bespoke Jazz. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. l0pm—3am. £4 (£3). Sis piece trip hop outfit.



I London Community Gospel Choir Pavilion Theatre. Reiifield Street. 332 1846. 7.30pm. £8.50/£l0. The most popular of the country's gospel choirs give it some old time religion. plus plenty of funky modern stuff too.

I Mike Peters Kitig Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pm. £7 plus hooking fee. The ex-Alai'm man performs an acoustic set which will probably have a few passionate. air- piinching moments for old times sake.

I Snap Her itlitl Newtown Grunts Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 0037. 9pm. Buckie-belching punk mayhem from the (irunts.

I Trampas (Brand ()le ()pi'y. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. ..30pm. £2.50

l .50 members). Country.

I Transaudio, Fli and It linry Mtii'rys. Maxwell Street. 22] ()5 | I. ‘)pin. £3.50 (advance): £4 (door). including entry to post-gig club.

I Astrid McC'huills Way ()tit West. Kelvinhaugli Street. 22l 556‘). I0pm. l-ree. Winsome indie pop from the (ilasgow via Isle of l .ewis four-piece with a couple of singles behind them already. See singles.

I Big Lick MacSoi‘leys. Jamaica Street. 572 0l‘)‘). 9pm. liree.


I Cruyff and Imperial Racing Club ('afe Roy ale. West Register Street. 556 I884. 8pm. £5. Two stalwarts of the local rock scene. (V‘ruyt'f‘s new single 'l)own Your l.ine' is out now on Human Condition Records. See Thu l‘) for Imperial Racing (‘lub

I Hub Central .laH loan. 8 .‘ytoi-i-isoii Street. 22] I288. l0pm -3am. £4. C'ool funk meets hi'eakheat chemistry with vocals from Tony King.

I Sativa Drummers and Gas Giant 't'iip t)‘l.aui'iston. l.auriston Place. 22‘) 404 l. 8pm. A different kind of big heat from the Sativa folk plus indie atmos from (ias ('iiant.

I Poptarts Nli's Bar. Balmoral Hotel. Princes Street. 556 24l4. ‘).30pm. l-"ree. Bt'itpo ierania.

I Holy Tomas (‘ommon (iroimds. 2/.3 North Bank Street. 22o l4 to, 7.30pm. l-i'ee. Highly lattded sitiger/songwi'itei'.



I Martyn Bennett And Cuillin Music King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 22] 527‘). 8.30pm. £6 plus hooking fee. Last chance this year to see the man who‘s taking piping into the next century before he concentrates on recording his next album and touring Ka/akhstan. as you do.

I Grand Drive illltl Gold Rush g2. Sauchiehall Street. 332 ll20. 7pm. £4.50 pltis hooking fee. Tickets front Missing Records. Wellington Street. 400 I77(i. Spell-binding melancholy sounds with a country tinge. See singles.

I Carwash liottt'holt Stieet. (ieot'ge

The Levellers demonstrate that crust never sleeps at Glasgowe Barrowland. Mon

23 Nov.

Street. 5520141. 7pm. £5 l‘).50 \\ ith dinner). Sis-piece party hand who recreate the hits of the disco era and come decked out iii suitably lly stage costumes.

I Waylander (irand ()le ()pry. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 53%. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50 members). Country grooves.

I Open Stage The llalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 1527.4—8pm. liree. .lam session for local musicians.

I The Infidels The Halt Bar. \V'oodlands Road. 564 I527. ‘)pm. Free.

I The Dazes Waxys. ('andleriggs. 552 8717. ‘).30piii. Free.

I Jinx MacSoi‘leys. Jamaica Street. 572 ()l‘)‘). (i—-8piii. Free.

I Touch And Go MacSorleys. Jamaica Street. 572 ()l‘)‘). ‘)pm. Free. Not to be confused with the woman who wants you to go to bed with her and then leave.

I Nimmo Brothers Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. 5--7pm. tree.

I Gratis Quo The Wharf. Yoker Ferry Road. 95‘) 20th. 9pm. l'l'L‘L‘. Status Qiio tribute combo. Do they do the co- ordinated headbanging too'.’

I Jimmy Riff l.autrec‘s (downstairs). Woodlands Terrace. ‘)pm. Free. Residency for the solo performer whose material includes roots. folk. country and rock styles.


I Elemental Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. l0pm -3am. £5 (£4). Jazz. ftiiik

I Makossa Nli‘s Bar. Balmoi'al Hotel. Princes Street. 550 24 )4. ‘).30pm. l‘i‘ee. African roots and reggae.

I Blacka'nized l.ll'/(tl'(l Lounge. (‘afe Graffiti. Mansfield Place Church. Broughton Street. 557 8003. l0piii--2ain. £6 (£5). The hip-hop superheroes return. Their latest lil’. ‘The All New Adventures Of Blacka'ni/ed‘. is very good.

I Recidivist (llttl Substate Attic. Dyers Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. 7.30pm. £3. I The Ze hyrs and Peeps Into Fairylan (‘as Rock. West Port. 22‘) 434 I. ‘)pm. £3. l.o-fi .-\mericana from The Zephyrs with support from the recently ldlewild supporting Peeps.

I Rang-A-Tang Cavendish. \y'esi Tollcross. 228 3252. l0pm. £5. l‘ree hefore llpiii. A tribute to the glorious sounds of the 70s and 80s.

I Cress tlllvl Debris Tap 0‘ I .i'lttl isiiin. l.auriston Place. 22‘) 404 t. 8pm. (‘ress sound like (frass meets Haw kwind. apparently.


I Tom Jones ('lyde Auditorium. Slit'C'. liinnieston Quay. 287 7777. (i.30pin. SOLD OUT. ()ne of the lucky living legends who seems to appeal to all age groups. The housewives love him for his pelvic grinding. the youngsters love him for his hammy. kitsch crossover appeal. .»\ppat'ently. he‘s performing a version of ‘l‘emale ()leie Species' these days and coincidentally the originators of that fine time are also in town tonight. Probably too much of a time clash to facilitate any guest appearances at each others concerts.

I Space and Straw Barrow land. (iallowgate. 552 4601. 7 30pm. £10.50 pltis booking fee. No age restriction. See feature for those Iovahle scallies Space

is ho are competing with their spiritual foi'efather at the Sli(’(‘ tonight.

I Electrasy and Moa g2. Saiietiiehall Street. 332 ll20. 7pm. £5.50 plus booking fee. Tickets from Missing Records. Wellington Street. 400 l77(i and Ripping Records. lidinhurgh. ('(‘ hooking: 0870 (i0l 0002. lilecti'asy are eclectic htit hardly out of the ordinary combo hut support hand Moa should definitely he checked out by l?ma Thurman fans. as her double performs singing duties. They are an Icelandic hand with a playful approach to modein pop on their debut alhttm ('nn‘i'riul. otit How on 'liolitltly Boy Records.

I Elephant, The Underground Apes and The Few The l3th Note ('luh. (‘ly‘de Street. 243 2l77. 0.30pm. £3.

rock & pop MUSIG

Loving our lobes this fortnight. . .

ROCK Pulp All hail the gangly god of geekiness, the man who lets the awkward feel at one With themselves, the great promoter of polyester: King Jarvis! 'Hurrah’ scream the kids. Glasgow: SECC, Sun 29 Nov.

Space The Scouse scamps inject a bit of fun into the pop/rock brew which makes a welcome change from so many of the dour-faced, miserable monkeys out there. See feature, page 20. Glasgow: Barrow/and, Sun 22 Nov


Salsa Celtica Big Band Edinburgh's hottest Latin-Jazz outfit expands to mega-band prOportions, With trumpeter Claude Deppa and vocalist Carlos Pena as special guests. Edinburgh: Queen '5 Hall, Fri 20 Nov. Glasgow: Cort/er Theatre, Sun 22 Nov

Benn Clatworthy The American saxophonist is a new name in these parts, but advance word suggests he IS a powerful and inventive player in the Sonny Rollins mould, and his interaction with the excellent Brian Kellock Trio has the potential to be a memorable meeting Edinburgh: Tron Tavern, Sun 22 Nov


Shoots And Roots The second part of the reformatted Edinburgh Folk Festival concentrates on Scottish song in all its forms. From emerging talent to well established artists, it's all here. See prewew. Edinburgh various venues, Fri 20-Sun 22 Nov

I Lemon Grass (.il'tttltl ()le ()pi'y'. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £2.50 l .50 members). Country rockin‘. I The Solution and The Crack Nice 'ii' Sleazy. Saiichiehall Street. 333 9637. 0pm.

I Jam Session MacSoi'leys. Jamaica Street. 22l ()t‘)‘). 7.30pm. Free. With Randy Savage And The Ninja Rabbits. I Live Musrc Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. ‘)pm. l‘l'CL‘.


I Martyn Bennett The Liquid Room. ‘)c Victoria Street. 225 2564. 7pm. £7.50 plus booking fee. The inimitable Mr Bennett wraps all sorts ofethnic rhythms around acid/techno beats and let’s not forget the bagpipes nor. indeed. the fiddles.

I The Exploited and Dog Toffee The Jaffacake. 28 Kings Stables Road. 22‘) 7‘)8(). 8pm. £7. Wrinkly (but very hard) punk geezers supported by Ker-rung! favourites. Has the time finally come for the “Troops ()fTotttot'row'.

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