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ROCK & POP: GLASGOW, SUN 22 NOV cont. mEsnAy 24

CI , 'c o ' A 'C e ' t s I Sixteen ton and Alice McLaughlin Glasgow L : t Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 l288. I Bis and The Most The Beat Room. 3. IOpm—Ram. £4 (£3). Contemporary The Polo Lounge. Wilson Street. 7pm. t n C n n c t swing sounds from this sixteen-piece big Free. For info. call Bev on 338 3123. The a r ' band. Sixteen Ton. Urban souls vocals Betti R00!" is a music and chat show on . . . from l\-'lcl.ouglilin. BBC Choice. Each evening. two 6 culllln MUSIC " I Anomalous, Freefall and The programmes are recorded. each featuring euseow «me rm wunomtsmovmsn » 22.33%??? 333533.11?‘Efl'i‘é‘ticxfii asterirf"? “staff: °‘ EDINBURGH LIQUID Rooms SUNDAY22nd NOVEMBER ‘. . 8‘ “t f , -.=. ' “‘i‘ p ' *' f 1' . P" Y "WE ' s“ . . Local thrashy llOlSL merchants. whose infectious new single Eurodisco

is all over the radio at the moment. The

NO AGE RESTRICTION 23 second show features a performance from

(mostly) girl group The Most who cross

+ S T Glasgow the melodies of the 60s girl groups with a

OW Tom Jonas Cly§Le7A1tiltiit7optgzi SECC. ralgget'l‘ptiittkyledge.N O b inniestoii uay. -t . ).. pin. e uc S ie . ti ote ti . BARROWLAND SOLD our. See sun 22. Clyde Street. 243 2i77. 9.30pm. £2. SUNDAY 22nd I Roddy Frame and Astrid ()ld Garage rock from The Ducks who play NOVEMBER Fruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 551 1. fast and furious with their 60s 7.30pm. £l() plus booking fee. Tickets influences. I from the Ticket Centre. (.‘andleriggs. 287 I Seraphin and The Jeepseats The 55l 1. Virgin in Glasgow and Edinburgh l31li Note Cafe. King Street. 553 I638. and Ripping Records. Edinburgh. The 9pm. Free. return of the prodigy doing much the I Bandido Torn. Bi'el. Ashton Lane. 342 _ , . _ :_ g _ ._ _' same as he did in his Aztec Camera days 4966. 8pm. Free. Weekly drum & bass ‘:2 a." :::1 . .-. 'f- in . ,ij: i?» i "' v. '- . _E3 but with new product branding. i.e. his night. tonight featuring Alan Wylie'sjazz ' " '- 33 . '. -- " " _ " own name. See preview. Support from jungle Project 6‘) and [DJ/percussionist Ed H Astrid the individual. as opposed to Hig tins. . i .. .. . ._ - .. .. +Ymkm- Astrid the band. I P anet Fuse MCChutlls. Htin Street. I The Levellers, Snow Patrol and 552 2135. l()pm. Free. Residency for the Tartan Amoebas Barrowland. Irvine indie band whose set has original j Gallowgate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. £ l 2 plus material and 60s covers. - l booking fee. No age restriction. Mttligtteti I Glasgow Songwriters featuring . __ folky rockers whose uninspired plods Suzanne Vance Blackfi'iars. Bell Street. . i don‘t compare well with the verve of The 552 5934. ‘).l5pin. Free. New Age folk ' H E R +gAm ..,*' : Tartan Aiiioebas and the bite of Snow I rock from the singer/songwriter who , 32;“ g; l Patrol. an unusual choice of support on previously went under the moniker Lark. W this tour. having nothing whatsoever in Plus open mic guestspot. Arrive early to common with the headliners. book your space; priority Wlll be given to l I The Radio Sweethearts l‘hc l3tli first-time performers. l Note Cafe. King Street. 553 l638. 9pm. , I Live Music Glasgow University i £2. A new fortnightly club hosted by 5 Union. University Avenue. 33‘) 8697. a Glasgow's alternative Country exponents ; Free. Students and guests. l whose album New .l'lt'niuri't's was inucli ; , praised for its authentic Gram Parsons l Edlnblfl'gh feel and which has just been reissued I The Dynamic Duo Jazz Joint. 8 with bonus tracks. 2 Morrison Street. 22i I288. l0pm—3atit. I The Lanterns The Beat Rootii. The £3. Winners of last year's Northern

Polo Lounge. Wilson Street. 7pm. Free. For info. call Bev on 338 RIB. The Bear l and musicians for hip hop and jazzy

R00”! is a music and chat show on BBC vibes.

Choice. Each evening. two programmes l I Room 101 and Frontside Attic. Dyers

; Mixing Championships joined by rappers

are recorded. each featuring a band and ; Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. 7.30pm. £3. guests. The first of tonight's recordings I Your worst nightmares come true. II the

has a ladies night theme. including a name is anything to go by.

performance by last issue's l‘aniespotting :

stars The Lanterns and the conclusive 5 m


Siiidy vs Barbie contest. The second : recording will be an l{&B show with E Glasgow I b ~ .- .. . .. S , baiid to be confirmed. ? I Teena e Fanc u and V Twin Grand ' .uu. JAMESI lihVELLF I Acoustic Night Nice 'n' Sleazy. : ()le ()pi'ygl’aisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. l"\“."." 49—1 + “if scgt/itcn , Sauchiehall Street. 333 0637. 9pm. i 7.30pm. £8. Tickets from the Ticket l’lt If SI l in“ pmvn‘w Showcase for local performers. 3 Centre. Candleriggs. 387 55l l. Virgin. ' ' t '1 1 ' ‘L MD . . Argyle Street. Missing Records. \\ i ‘K- ' ‘i ta Edmblfl‘gh Wellington Street. F()PP. Byres Road. " LIMA FARMERS I Altered Beats 98 Preview Phase John Smiths. Byres Road. and The l3tl‘. j One Jazz Joint. S Morrison Street. 22l Note. King Street. A special gig which IZSS. lfipm-Saiii. £4 ILiI. Drum iv Bass i marks the first of this next block of l() f The Jazz lileiiient. : Day Weekend events. Glasgow's _, m I Blues Night Tron Ceilidh llouse. favourite lazy hazy iiielodicists play in 3 Hunter Square. 447 520‘). S..‘i()piii. Free. 3 the renowned country venue supported ,. ’;‘- = A night of blues w itli l)ave Dick and by the eclectic sounds of V Twin who —.-': *‘ 3 Dynamite l)ylan.. j have also been known to pen the odd 5 W h I Lightning Brothers Whistle Biiikies. ! country-iiillected ditty. Check out the l()

. Niddiy Street. 557 5| I-l. llHllpni. l‘i'ee. _ j Day Weekend website: www.tendaycom. I



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. l in concert



SUNDAY 14th MARCH , TICKETS: VENUE BOX OFFICES, VIRGIN GLAS & EDlN , SECC B/O. i GROUCHOS (DUNDEE) & BY CREDIT CA D (24HRS) 0 41-339 8383. Miles Hunt unveils his wonder stuff at Glasgow's King Tut's, Wed 2 and Edinburgh's

Venue. Thu 3 Nov.

56 THE LIST 19 Nov 7% Der 1998