Edinburgh Monopoly

[)e'.'olutror~. rs all very \.'.ell, hut S<otland has rolled a douhle srx and named further down the road to true natronhood \‘Jllll the lawn l‘ of an Fdrnhuroh versron ol the lylonopoly hoard

oanre The spet Ial eu'rtton says ooodhve to Pmadrlly and fare\.‘.ell to lerteste" Square rn favour oi Prrntes Street, the

Royal lslrle and a host of other lo< al referen<es rn< ludrno tne Tyne<astle and Easter Road football grounds. The tradrtronal playrng tokens rernarn unchanged although the

\.'.ee srlver (loo's resemhlan<e to Greyfrrars Bohhy was tlll(()l‘l|l'lll(‘(l as 'Ihe liSl \.'.ent to press

llo\.‘.e‘."er, the game's makers, Wrnnrno lvloves, may have to plav Tl‘:(‘|r' (let Out Of Jarl Free (ard after the

llS(()‘.’(‘l"/ of pla<e narne blunders and the rather (lrsapporntrno tatt that the lo<atrons (hosen for the hoard have been rnt'luen(e(l hy sponsorshrp

St'll, Wrnnrno luloves expe<t the name to sell out

before Chrrstntas and are (onsrderrno featurrno the next S(ottrsh Parlrarnent hurldrno In a 1999 edrtron. Next yea." \.‘.rll also see the rntrodur tron of a

Glasoox‘. ‘Jersron to tre rn nurth the (rtv's terrure as ('IV of Ar( hrte( ture and Design «Peter Ross: [’(l/llt‘N/I'Q/l /"/7onopo/j,' IS out now, pm ed {2499.

l'tere's a frosty n;p in the arr, a bulge o‘ (atalooues In the post'nan’s sa<k and a (le( lrne rr‘; tr'ter‘rplownent among the a( trno professron lt

seasor‘ Cue hlo< k-hookrnos at theatres all one" the land, nurly :nen lrollr< krnt; rn trtlly fro< ks and (hrldren hollerrno ‘hehrnd you" In file hope of herno re\.'.ar(led nurth a sho\.'.'er of s‘.'.eetres We at [he IIS.’ ‘.'.'|ll he (onerrno pantos and C nrrstmas sho‘.'.s ‘.'.'|ll‘r our usual (rusto over the next three rssues, and ot' (ourse avordrno all the ( l|( hes ()l‘. yes ‘.'.e (l'oh'

:Andrex‘. Burnett

See page 69 fora prey/e27 of some of the best (hr/(liens S/)()'.‘./S this (hr/stmas

left; //‘ene Ma< [)ouoa/l Mays the (We role Ill The Snoz'x Queen at [he Roya/ /j,'( eu/n [heat/e, fd/lrhu/‘qh

‘Joe McFadden and World AIDS Day

S< ots S< r‘eer‘. star Joe l‘.l< l adden has spoken out In support of the l lth ‘.".'or”(: AIDS Day, r.'.'l::( h rs (lesronated luesday l l)e(enrl)er.

We won Road at to." turned hearthrol), (urrently starrrno In a West l‘nd proouttior1of thehrt ntusr<al Rent, ‘~.'.’hr(h(leals‘.‘\.rth AIDS, (ornnrented “axe to liope tor a l)t';(]lll(‘l' future and that through love and a.‘.<‘:"e"ess :a:‘ at help heat thrs ‘xrrus'

l'ns {,rear, tama AIDS Day ‘o< usses on the rrnpa<t ol the <ondrtron on ,roa'to neonEe l‘xerj/ '12rr‘ute, frve young people around the ‘.‘.'()l‘l(l aged 10 2‘1o<~<onrerrrfe<te<l .'.'rth lll‘~/ ll’eter Ross:

l"."/()l'/(//\/[)S l)a;,, lue / [)et Isle/rt, ,Sha/teshurj, Iheatl'e, [om/on

(an onlv mean one tl‘. 7M] lhat's "rol‘t It's nattto