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Fancy footwork: the Curve Foundation in Alien


Allen Glasgow: Cottier Theatre, Fri 27 Nov

‘.'\’e'=.r-n all hidden behind our hands and snatched Sigourney Weaver playing hide-and-seek wrth those pesky aliens But hm-x many of us have seen the Alien films turned into a dance show7 Doing Just that is promising Edinburgh outfit the Curve Foundation, With this Sharp-edged modernist dance take on the Alien trilogy Created on a budget that might stretch to Scottish Ballet's weekly tights bill, choreographer Ross smacks of potential 'rzernrned in b.’ l~nant iai constraints

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really slithers into View, as a clawed hand or crab-like dancer is writ large across the stage. But these are flashes that never quite Ignite to match his obvrous ViSion. What really dominates is the young choreographers base style of starkly geometric floor patterns and high-powered extensions that scythe through space to the live sound of 1.8. Bach's Cello Suites.

Particularly engaging in this department is Soraya Ham, who flows Cooper’s steps through her compact, lithesome body like slow-melting treacle, The two boys seem slightly less at ease, but this could easily be put down to first-night nerves and a breakneck pace With one foot on the brakes their well-muscled posturings could be truly captivating.

Framing the whole show is a series of brilliant lighting ideas that also hint at the dream of bigger budgets. It’s all wildly ambitious stuff But Judging by this Cooper has every right to think big (Ellie Carr)

‘Z‘i‘ Seen at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

snogging, but her presence certainly dominates

As a series of encounters between three ambiguous characters, LoveB/tes never seems to gurte go all the way. The soundtrack u wrth snatches of Peggy Lee songs woven into clubby mixes supports the energetic movement well enough, though a section With the dancers rolling on the floor palls very quickly As in all of Cnreig's work, there are moments of guietly beautiful fluidity and provocative athletiCism - but still a few too many when you might find yourself considering the why factor. tDon Morris)

Between two lovers: Rebekah Stokoe in LoveBites

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reviews THEATRE

by Stephen Greenhorn

a politicalrthri'ller

World, Efrem L e re; MOTH E‘Rw'EL'BConcerrHaiiiw ,8, Tickets: 016 98 267575

James Arnott Theatre. Tickets: 0147 287 5511

November 26; December 1-6

"a funny. thought-Aprovokinr‘igiand gripping state-of-the-natidh thriller..."’-,THE HERALD

full deter/sham.- 016i 334 6686

"f 7; OF Hit mi ul:.i.uii ()l tiiis COUNTRY OWNS 8‘ iii tiit wuLtii -f;ouuc [he ((onomisl mar.


The Green Snake

CREATING A BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS“ A modern fairy tale. Inspired by Goethe. An extraordinary blend of mask, puppetry, trapeze, choral speaking and original muslc.

2, :3, 4 DECEMBER 1998, 8PM.

01453 834317



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dundee rep’s contemporary dance company

“utterly absorbing” The Glasgow Herald


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