. , Jimeoin llStmgs Edinburgh: Queen's Hall, Sun 29 Nov.

Comedy is listed by date, then by Mischief Le Bar Cathedral House Hotel.

city. Shows will be listed, providing 28 Cathedral Square. 552 3519. From

that details reach our offices at least 7pm. Free. See Thu I9.

ten da 5 in advance of publication. .

Come y listings compiled by Simone Paisley

Baird. Joke Box Mr P‘s Bar/Diner. 42

Wellmeadow St. Paisley. 56l 7l l7. THURSDAY 19 10.30pm. Free. Brendan Riley. John

McGuinness plus one other. Compered

mang by Janey Godley.

Rob Newman Pavilion Theatre. l2l

Renl‘ield Street. 332 I846. 8pm. £ I0. The

dashing young Mary ll’liirt'lmuse The Stand 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. l;'.i'/m'iwire comedian has deveIOped a £6 (£4 unwaged only). Rhona Cameron. new career as a novelist. btit now returns John Flint. Martin Furby. David

to the stand-tip circuit with his McCreight and compered by Jane philosphonical brand ol‘ humour. Mackay.

Cheshire Cat Comedy Club Waxy's. 20

Candleriggs. 552 87 l 7. 9.30pm (doors

o en at 9 in). Free. Weekly. Gordon

Bihmton lTCZItlllliCS. with support from

Brian Hennigan and Gary Hagen. Ardal O'Hanlon Pavilion Theatre. 332

Raymond Mearns comperes. l846. 8pm. £l().5()—£l2.5(). Nationally

Cosy Comedy Cafe State Bar known as the wide-eyed Father Dougal.

(downstairs). I48 Holland Street. Ardal ()‘Hanlon provides a night ol‘sharp

Cliaring Cross. 332 2l5‘). 9.30pm (doors stand-tip. With support from special guest

open 8.30pm). £4 (£3). Billy Bonkers lan Stone.

comperes this regular night of stand-up. Comic Club Blackl‘riars Underground. 36

with guests .lolin Gordon and others yet Bell Street. 552 5924. Doors 8.30pm.

to be announced plus open spots. show 9pm. £5 (£3.50). Brendan Riley

Mischief Le Bar Cathedral House Hotel. from Liverpool headlines with support

28 Cathedral Square. 552 35 I9. From from Reg ‘Voodoo’ Anderson and Kevin

7pm. Free. Wild and weird bartending Devine.

action every 'l‘hursdav. Friday and .

Saturday l‘r'om the lrascible Tattoo-Faced

Nomads and other ‘manil‘estations' of Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? The Stand.

Glasgow's uniquely strange comedy 5 York Place. 558 7272. l-3pm. Free.

performance Mischlcl l.e Has. Enjoy inspired improvised comedy with a . meal or just drinks from resident duo

Edllblll‘gh Jack Weatherall and Paul Graham.

Christie's Comedy Cellar \\’.J. l Pint-Sized Comedy The Stand. 5 York v

Clil'lSllL‘ix. 228 37(159plll. £4 (£3). l PlilCC. 7272. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£2). jimeoin; he don't Thursdays

Regular compere .loe Heenan introduces Allan Miller hosts some comedians new

David Kay. Stuart Potter anti headliner to the circuit as well as the more . .

Viv Gee. experienced John Flint. Playing Edinburgh's 1000-seat Queen’s Hall might seem a daunting

The Stand 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. Comedy Off The Cliff Christie's prospect for a comedian, but for Irish Australian stand-up Jimeoin it

£4 (£3). John Hurt. Kevin Spence. Martin Comedy Cellar. WJ. Christie's. 228 represents an evening of relative intimacy

Furby and David .VlcCreight will no 3765. 9pm. £4 (£3). Raymond Mearns , , - . i . . doubt be kept in line by resident compere introduces Craig Hill. Joe Heenan and I m d°"‘,9 a 9'? to 100'000 pimple at the Melbourne cr'Cket Ground', tie Jooii Broon. Loren Crombie. making at Christie's told The List. It s the 25th anniversary of Mushroom Records, and Kylie s Tartan tantrum Comedy club The , dchur playing, and Jimmy Barnes, and me. It's not the size of the crowd that Canon‘s- Gaii._2_32 Canongate.55({448 l. bothers me, it's those 200 in the mosh-pit at the front. If you say, "are you '"lm'mill'mi 1‘3 3 l 73- 8P'"- L“ W”- l MONDAY 23 havin’ a good time tonight?" or, "rock 'n' roll" you're fine - but more than

Fortnightly. Ness introduces Parrott.

John Gillick. Richard Allen and Ria Din. Edilfll‘gh that and “we '°“ “‘5'”, . . . . . Interested acts should call ()l383 850038. Red Raw The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 Fans Who can't make 't to the 9'9 can can" J'meo'n 'n aCt'O" "9)“ Year 7373, 730p.” g i, Liane [ems rejoined when he makes his motion picture debut in The Craic, for which he’s also

mmflv 20 by eight or so beginners and special guest written the screenplay. 'It was the hardest thing I’ve done, because I hate

mang Pal" Graham applying myself to anything,’ he admits. ‘You can write a stand-up act bit

Mischief Le Bar (.mhcdml HUN Hum. m by bit. You can do five minutes, but you can’t do five minutes of film and

28 Cathedral Square. 552 35I‘). From i . say' “that's a" from me”,

7pm. Free. See Thu 1‘). ' EdIlIbll‘gl'l With his act a hit on three continents, Jimeoin should be ideally placed to

Edinburgh ‘Hggge737ffiFt3n lTlhe provide an insight into the world’s punters. He is, but not in the way you

Cream of Scottish lirunton Theatre. ; hi‘dbhbovaitci‘l). £i1LpLer perso—n m'ght exPeCt. AUdIences are the same the worm over’ he faker“. There 5

more difference between days of the week than there is between countries. Thursdays are always the hardest I blame late-night shopping.

Mtisselburgh. 665 2240. £7.50 (£3.50). The Calder's Gilded Raloon autumn

Team tip for big board games including 'Name That Tuna' and 'Mongoose

Comedy Circuit brings to town Marian Mayhem'. Fab prizes to boot. Mondays are 900d because people 3'9 trying to get (“’9' the blues: and

Kilpatrick (see laughing Hag). Jimmy } Friday everyone's totally full-on, but there’s something about Thursday . . .'

MWHL‘Y- (301310” B"“'”“” “lid (""11 Hi”. : WEDNESDAY 25 The comic is looking forward to playing the capital free from the

The Stand 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. . . - £5 (£4). Stand dch {m Rhmm Can]an i masgow atmosphere of late-summer madness. I ve played the Edinburgh non-

joined by John Flint. Martin Furby. Talking Frankly Glasgow Royal Concert Fest'val before" he says“ [It's qu'te enl'ghtemng to see the (“Y OUtS'de Of David McCreight and compered by 5 Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55l I. that YOU aCtua'IY get to see people Who live there a” Year round: and it's 3 Susan Morrison. 7.30pm. £l().5()-£l l.5(). Frank lot calmer. The Festival is like one long Friday.’ (Rob Fraser) Tartan Tantrum Comedy Club Tron Pilkington. Scottish psychic astrologer. Ceilidh House. ‘) Hunter Square. 226 ; offers a night ol’entertainment and (WM. Information: 558 8l78. 8pm. £5 ; insight. (£4 l. Fortnightly .loliii (.iillick ioinetl by . Cosy Comedy Cafe State Bar I The Stand 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. Brendan Riley. Sand)‘ Nelson and .loliii . (downstairs). I48 Holland Street. (‘liaring £4 (£3). The l‘iilikelv lads headline. McGuinncss. : World Of Comedy Quiz Show The Cross. 332 2 l 5‘). 0.30pm (doors open i joined by David Kay and Paul Graham

Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. ‘)—l lpm. 8.30pm). £4 (£3). Tonight: .lohn (iillick plus one open spot. Comperetl by .looii

21 ; Free to spectators. U to play. Bill Dewar antl Craig Crookston plus open spots. ' Hroon. hosts and a £ l()() rollover jackpot. Com iered by Billy Honkers.

mang ' Misc ief Le Bar Cathedral House Hotel. 27 Cosy Comedy Cafe State Bar ; 28 Cathedral Square. 552 35 l‘). From ~ Glasgow

(downstairs). I48 Holland Street. 7pm. Free. See Thu ll). 5

Cliaring Cross. 332 2l5‘). 0.30pm (doors Glasgow . l Mischief Le Bar Cathedral House Hotel. open 8.30pm). £5 (£4). Weekly. ()n i Chesire Cat Comedy Club Waxy‘s. 20 Edinburgh l 28 Cathedral Square. 552 35 IO. From tonight's bill: Brendan Riley l'rom : Candleriggs. 552 87l7. 9.30pm (doors Christie's Comedy Cellar W..|. Christie‘s. i 7pm. Free. See 'l‘liu l‘).

Liverpool. Martha Maclirier and Frank I open at 9pm). Free. Weekly. Joe Heenan. 228 3765. 9pm. £4 (£3). .loe Heenan i .

()uinn plus guest comperc Raymond ; Skank and Ian Foy are hosted by comperes with Craig Crookston. Reg ! Edlnblfl‘gh

Mearns. E Raymond Mearns. 'Voodoo‘ Anderson and James Donlan. 5 The Kit Kat Klub Christie's Comedy

76 THE LIST l9 Nov—3 Dec 1998