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Richie Hawtin

Name: Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, FUS E. Circuitbreaker and Cybersonic. Age: 28.

Occupation: Revolutionary trance and techno DJ, producer and label founder of Plus8 (With John Aquaviva) and Minus.

Nationality: English/Canadian.

What's with the dual nationality? Hawtin was born in Oxfordshire, then his family moved to Windsor, Ontario when he was nine after his dad got a job with car giant General Motors, Ontario is not best known for its bangingness, is it? It is however, jUSi aCross the border from Detron, home to the likes of techno master Juan Atkins and Derrick May.

So this influenced the young Mr Hawtin? Not half. He set up his own club in Windsor in the late 805 and was soon invited over the river to DJ in Detroit, He realised that DJs got more

respect if they made their own music, so

he hooked up with Kenny Larkin.

And they hit the big time? No, they only had one keyboard. But soon he met John Aquavwa who had loads of gear and they combined the Sparse elertronic rhythms coming out of Detroit and Europe with Aquaviva's studio knowiedoe. Together they set up PlLlSB.

He's had a few brushes with authority. hasn't he? Too right The sleeve for his

first album Sheet One got a guy in Texas thrown in jail tor five days as it looks like

an acid blotter sheet, and another time he had his records taken off him trying

to get into Germany when customs staff

were cencerned by the sticker on the side which read 'Caution' Explosives}

He's not allowed into the US as well, is

he? HOV-125$ banned from entering after being stopped at the border in '95 with

a car full of musical dear and no visa. It’s

all been sorted out now, though.

Was he bothered about this? Too right, it cocked up his recording schedule and meant that his trilogy of albums (now complete) took a completely different ending, i)"( oiiiinrj nitir h. more sparse and introverted (Rory Weller)

‘- Plasri'kman (decks FX and 9095,) plays at Pressore, The Arches, Fri 27 Nov Artitakts hr) is on: now on {v’ovairiute

80 THELIST I’i .'.'i. ’l‘tt T'JQB‘



I Buena Vista at Glasgow School Of Art (downstairs). l()pm—2.3()am. £3. A slice of Latin jazz and funk from Mark and Michael of Dclancy’s Rhythm Section with Nick Peacock (Back To Jazz) playing the last Friday of every month.

I Bump 'n' Hussle at Babazzi. 5.30pm—3am (Dis from I lpm). £5 (l‘i'cc before I lpm). £5. Paul Traynor with house. R&B. soul classics. garage and house for a drcssy. drinky. jump about a bit crowd. Dead. dead busy.

I Cheesy Pop at The Queen (Margaret Union. l0pm—2am. £3 (£2). Students and (our guests. It‘s chccsy and it's poppy and it's just unbridled fun all the way. brought to you by DJ Toast. Rack 'cin tip Toasty boy.

I Cleopatra's at Clcopatias. l().3()pm—2.3();un. £7. Pop. 7(ls and 8le party tuncs. Over 3 Is only.

I Crash at The Shcd. ltlpm-Qani. £4 (£3). The return of Crash al‘tcr 5 ycnt's with Dave Ross playing art cclcctic mix otkitsch classics. Drinks promos. Braitd new club for thc southsidc from the tcam behind the Garage.

I Cul De Sac Cul Dc Sac Bar. ‘)—tt‘li(llliglli. Frcc. Anton and Doug with pic-club head plitiiik. Check otit Kcnny it playing 5—7pm tor the Happy Hour too. I Deep Fried at Thc l3th Notc (‘lub (both lloors). l lpm—3am. £3. The Kung Funk Collective with rcggac. dub and mellow groovcs on the ground floor and hip hop. big beat and funk in thc basement. 3 Dec Dccp l-i‘icd wclconic l.ukc Vibcrt aka the wondcrt'ul Wagonchrist playing live. (£4).

I Face Off The Arches. l |piii-»3:iiit. £ l() (£8) 20 Nov only. A drum & bass. road blocking scll out spectacular and no messing. Slam present The Groovc Connection lt‘illtll'lllg thc mighty Fabio ck Groovcridcr. choscn tonight by the Phar ()ut Dls of Paul (‘awlcy and Alex llorton with The Jcngahcads taking thcir turn next time with Barry Ashworth on the 4 Dec.

I Fellatio at Bar Sauza. Spin—iiiidnighr. l-‘rcc. Dccp Philly t'unk. ltottsc and garage. Pic-club.

I Foresight at Rocksy's Bascnicnt. l0piti—2..‘i()ain. £4. 27 .\'ov and last l'l'l ot the month. Long running l-‘orcsight i.ight playing tcchno. drum & bass and housc. I Fridays 'r' Tweakin' .ii Thc Temple. Ilpm—3am. £5 (£4). New night promotcd by Clear Station at this new vcnuc that tiscd to bc Follics. lltiggy troni Burgcr Quccn is your resident for thc night

joincd by Nat-cm (Record l’layaz) with :i

i‘cli‘csltiiig (l(l\c‘llltll'c‘ liom swing bcat and soul to garagc. All drink £l bcl‘orc lain. I Get Smart at Spy Bar. 5 -‘)ptti. l‘icc. New loungccorc night ol phtituiistic music from DJ :‘ylingo-go and llush Puppy. Ha py lloui' cocktails.

I Gold 'n Delicious :ii Archaos.

l lpin 3am. £6 (£4 t. Day id (iilmorc playing quality housc and gnragc amidst thc spectacle ol the Malay night ;lL't.\ .lamic Strung in bar I plays soul and R&B plus Michacl chcncy in Bctty \ with disco. gai'agc and chccsy \lllli'. Drinks promos.

I Goodfoot at The Stib (‘luh

I lpni 3am. £5 Ill Nov and monthly. 'l‘hc Northcrn Soul rcvolutiozi continues with thc ('ioodloot crew. now in their cighth ycai' following on li'oni tltc success of lltcil' last night \i. itli :tlttitlict' l'lotit? scorching cvcnt. Tonight the); wclcoinc :tnotlicr lcgcndtiiy gticst. the mighty ch Dargc. back again nl'tcr a top night last ycar. personally asking to conic back.

I Havana Barcelona ill Barcclonn.

Spin -inidnight. l-rcc. 'l‘hc sound ot thc Latino housc underground l'roin l).l .la/x. l’rc-clttb.

I Katch .it 'l'hc (Httltotisc.

|(l,3()pin- 3am. £4 i: U bcl'orc ll.3()pnt). 'l'hrcc ii()til'\ or rock. hip hop. cltcniical lictits. gi'tingc and ciintcnipoiaiy indic. Drinks promos bcl'orc nndnight. 20 Nov it‘s 'l'hc ('.itliotisc\ cighth birthday party with loads ol' li'ccbics and gixc- tt\\'tty\ lltc. Ntic‘l Rt‘tltltlth l‘;t\\( ’9. it guitar signcd by Rccl'. rccoid tokcns .ind

a whole lot more all sponsored by McC.‘ormack's.

I Lime at The time. l().3()pm—3am. £4 (£2). DJ C‘ammy with house. garagc. nu soul and hip hop. Drinks promos.

I Living Room at The Living Room. 9pm—midnight. Frcc. Brian M and Jim Hutchison with deep house. Pic-club.

I Love Bug at The Garage. l().3()pm--3am. £3 (£4). An eclectic mix of good-time party tuncs. Drinks promos. I Mystic at Rocksy's Basement. l()pin—-2.3(lam. £4. 2| Nov and monthly. Underground movers and shakers Mystic. a gang of Glasgow dcsigncrs and DJs now out in Paisley.

I Paul Cawley at Air ()rganic (downstairs at Miro's). Opin-niidnight. The Sub Club‘s Thursday night resident and labcl boss of l-'cnctik Rccords down at this who modci‘nc bar cycry week for hip hop. druni (k bass and brcak. l’i'c- club.

I Polo Lounge at 'l'hc Polo Loungc. Ilpm—3am. £5. 'l‘ak‘c thc choicc ot thc Polo Loungc upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ Michelle in main club with ‘)()s club and indie or down in thc Trophy Room with Tom for a more commercial mix. Guy.

I Planet Peach at Planet Pcach. ltl..‘~()pm—«3am. £6 (£4 l. l-rcc bcl‘orc midnight. Paul .\".lic with housc. garagc. R&B and soul in this ncw city ccntrc vcntic. Drinks promos.

I Pressure at The .-\I'c‘ltc‘.\. llpiii -3ain. £l3. 27 .\'o\ only. Thc mighty musical Richic llawtin aka l’lnstikman docs his dcck‘s is and 909s hc was supposcd to do at ’l‘ in thc Park. but didn't bccatisc lic got stuck in (iciniany. .loining thc Canadian wondcr .ii'c l). \\'ynnc (Dctroit). Slam‘s Stuart McMillan and ()rdc \lctklc. Siliconc Soul and |.;tui‘cncc. Scc llitlist and l’hactlilc,

I Radio City at 'l‘lic .-\tric.

l(l..‘~()pin- 3am. £3 (£3). The original t'ctt'o club. playing Stax. Motown. Stones. The Who. ctc.

I Rico! .tt Havana. Spin midnight. l‘rcc. C‘lub ('tibuna‘s Duncan Kane and Shannon Shicll joincd by l’ni'nh tor a yyidc ixtngc ol‘ lit-NRO Latin and tropical lltittl"\ll;lkc‘l'.\ l'roni tcchno-inci'cnguc to thc latcst latin rap. via smooth salsa and who l.;itih gi'ooycs. Pic-club.

I Salsa Sabrosa .ii lllt‘ l.‘~ili Nolc (‘ltiti ibascnicnti. Spin lll.45pin. £4 (£3.50). Knrcn l’asi :akcs lici' inassivcly popular Salsa classcs li‘oiii 'l‘hc l.llllL‘ down to 'l‘ltc l.‘\tlt \otc cyci'y l‘l'ltl;l}‘ night. Bcginnci's \ycicomc. l’ic-cluh. l‘icc tickcts ;l\';lll;tl)lt‘ l'oi' thchth that runs .tl'tci'w aids.

I Shag .it l’tii‘y .\lui‘ry ‘s. l lpni--3. l5;ini. {J (£5 l. lltc‘ SL‘\lc‘.\l. c‘llc‘c‘xlt‘Sl ltillc‘s c‘\ t‘l' li'oiii Mark and Janics (i playing to .i largcly \llltlt‘ltl crowd in thc smoky. dark. gct :i snog Ill thc coinci l‘ltl'} is.

I Soaterama :ii \tcc 'ii‘ Slcn/y (ground floor bait. Spin midnight. l'l'c‘c‘. chtilttr l-iitlny cycning do. with thc licst in .lll \tll'l\ ot l'iclds li’oiii .-\nicric:in;i punk to dtib. ditiiii (k bass and cvcn ’l'hc Smiths. I Soul Shine at Bar l :ititrcc's (upstairs). Spin lain. £2 :il'tci‘ lllpiii. li'cc hcl'oi'c. Dls \';ilois .llltl (‘oi‘tc/ tl;‘ll\c‘l \tilll. l'tink. lii'czik hcats and w hatcycr l'ccls good to boo/c-l'illcd soul hooligans tip thc stairs at |.;ititrcc\ Drinks promos. l’rocltib.

I Speakeasy .it Rocks} '\ Buscnicnt. lllpni 2.30am. £3. 4 Dcc and monthly. Soundclasli cicw plying c\ cry thing li'om l.t‘c‘ l’t‘l'l'y It) llillk' Sll'dllglcl‘s.

I Spectrum :it g3. llpiii 3am. £.\' l £(ii. 'l'hc crc'w bchind thc incga. nicga Sti’ccti‘ny c and (‘olotiis lll()\ c thcii' night l'toin Archaos to this llL‘\\ \ciiuc tip bcliind tlic (iai‘agc. lx’csidcnts zit thc yycckly night will bc .loii Mancini. lain 'Boiicy' (‘lni'k and DI (‘iosby playing hard no-pi'isoncrs housc.

I Strathclyde University Student Union Illpiii 3am. l‘icc. ('hccsy dancc .ind indic in l.c\ cl S ;tlltl cluh .llllllt‘lll\ in 'l‘hc Dark ly’tttiltl. plus ‘l’l.inct Boogic' in 'l'hc Baitiny Bar \\llll Porn Star l.ioncl Vinyl .iiid his "(Us disco-lcst \Vcnr ihilllc‘} 70s the“ to l’lanct Boogic and w in .i pi'i/c (which I\ t|llllc likcly to hc sonic Still (it drink to hpr you t'orgct you'rc \ycat'ing .itt .il'io \vig and I3 ittclt llat‘csl.

I Tangent at The Sub Club. I lpm—3am. £7 (£5). 27 Nov and fortnightly. A-man and Panic with their ever-evolving night which takes the Subbic from deep funky house through beat and bass and coming out at sublime techno. A quality night and no mistake.

I Tchico at Russell's Bar/Cafe. 8-! lpm. Frcc. DJ Tchico with R&B. hip hop and swing.

I Test at The Glasgow School ofArt. l().3()pm—2.3()am. £8 (£7): tickets from Fopp. GSA and Concrete Skates. 20 Nov only. The biggest ever Tcst. taking over the whole of the Art School for one night only. The night of techno cxccss t'caturcs residents Shandy. Davc Tarrida. Ncil Landstrumm (livc). Tobias Schmidt (livc) all in the main room. Downstairs they’re bringing over hip hop scratchmcistcrs Phil t‘ylurray and Chris C‘aul (joint winner of Radio ()nc's Essential Mix of “)7) and the whole vcnuc gets extra sound. extra light and that added Tcst cxtra something. Scc panel and Hitlist.

I Trash at Trash. l lpm--3am. £6 (£4). Busy. easy going night with funky housc in Room One from Stcvic Smith and strch soul. swing and classic grooves iii Room Two trom DJ Grahame. Drinks promos.

I Traxx at The Market Bar. Spin-inidnight. l-‘rcc. Traxx's Derrick and Simon playing blisscd-out deep underground housc of thc highest quality. Check out their monthly night at Fury Mttt't'y's too.

I Velvet Rooms l()pm-3am. £o. Alan Ronald iii Room Two with an open mix from housc anthcms and disco to soul. Martin llcskcth in Rooiii ()nc playing mcllow hip hop. swingbcat and classic soul.


I La Academia De Salsa at Havana. 3.3(l--5pm. £4 (£3). it‘cd tip with shopping on a Saturday attcrnoon'.’ Try this instcad: salsa and mcrcnguc dance classes for absolute bcginncrs cvcry week. from the makers of Club (‘ubana Hot and saucy.

I Archaos at Archaos. Ilpm—3am. £8 (£o). Kris chgan and Al mix up garage and housc in the massive round room dancc tioor. which has one of thc lotidcst sound sy stcms and most imprcssivc light shows in Scotland. lain Thompson playing chunky disco in Room Two whilc Paul Tray nor plays R&B. swing and hip hop in Sky Bar.

I Bar 10 ()pm- midnight. l‘i‘cc. Busy hard housc pic-club with Nick Peacock and guests. Still pretty much the main l‘ccdcr-bar tor the Sub Club and The Arches.

I Bargo at Bargo. ‘Jpnr—midnight. lircc. Rotates bctwccn dccp funk and housc li'oni thc 'l‘angcnt DJs or Shirley 'l'cmplc's Ms Alston with chunky housc. Pic-club.

' I Bennets ll.3()pm-3am. £6 (£5). 1).!

Sara with a good dattccy mix. Drinks promos. Gay.

' I Bite The-Bullet .it (‘ltib iitititiu.

I lpm 3am. £(i. (‘olin Walker of New York Alliance/Tonka tame with his first

club i'csidcncy (or a while. picking this

itcw vcnuc to play his characteristic brand ot dccp New York housc. Joined by (iarcth Somcrvillc and laurcncc Hughes on a rotational basis.

I Bom :it The Boni. llpm--3am. £6 (£5). Stcvic Smith. Kcith l’ypcr and guests with l'unky house and garagc at this dressy vcnuc still trying to prove itsclt'. Drinks promos.

I Bankers at Boiikcrs Ilpm—3am. £5

:il‘tcr itiidiiiglit. £4 hcl'orc. (‘ltib classics at this :it'tci‘ oll'icc hung-out with i'csidcnts Day id Campbell and Nobblc Whitclaw. I Budda at Budda. Spin midnight. Free. Solcniusic's Stcvic lot‘ garage and deep housc. Drinks promos. l’i'c-club.

I The Cathouse Ill..‘\(lpm~3am. £4 (£3.50; £3.50 bct'orc ll.3(lpm). Thrcc lloors of rock. grtingc. contemporary indic and indie dancc. in one of the best rock-stylcd vcnucs in thc country. Drinks promos.