Dirty Work

’The Sunday Sport were very drsappornted,’ admrts dll'GCIOT Tlm Etchells. Despite the picture, the performers In Dirty Work the latest show from Shefheld’s experimental theatre company Forced Entertainment are fully clothed. The group’s work us not to be taken too literally either -- which Is fortunate, really, since the show begins wlth hve nuclear explosions, Besides, there’s nothing llkC a few fairy lights to make flo- leaves look festlve. (Andrew Burnet)

D/rty Work rs at the CCA, G/asgow, on Tue 8 <9 Wed 9 Dec. See preview, page 70.

The Tower

The phrase ‘Take hrm to the Tower' used to be enough to stnke terror :nto the heart of even the staunchest chap, but slnce the opentno ot' the new Tower restaurant In the Museum of Scotland, the words have assumed a more pleasant meamng.

Beautifully desrgned and as up-to- date as tomorrow's news, The Tower :s run by the people who run the a\\.’ard-\'\.'r'rnlno Wztt hery restaurant or‘ the Royal Mlle and It promises a sunruar standard of cuisine. Best of all are the Views whit h stretch across tl‘e Edinburgh skyline. Book now or su"fer hearrno about 't from your ‘ue'lus endlessly. (Jonathan Trewl The lower; Museum Of Scot/and, (‘r’ra/nhers Street, Ed/nhurgh, 0/3] 225 9003 See Food News, page 124


Absent-minded skaters wrth a tendency to venture out wrthout their boards can now slide down the banlsters of pUbIIC burldlngs and generally get slrppy wrth It around town USlng only therr trainers

Soap shoes, newly arnved In Bntarn from AlTTCTICd where they have shifted 200,000 pairs, have a chunky plastic plate or 'gnnder' bolted to the sole to mlnlmlse friction and maxrmlse your ablllty to ’skate' on benches, ledges, handrails, curbs and stalrs.

Danger-lovers wrll be thrilled by the sticker VVlllCh comes With the trainers, warning that wearers run the rrsk of ’senous bOdlly harm, ITKlUdlllg head Injury, spinal llljUTy or death’. (Peter Ross)

Soap shoes are (war/able from branches of Schuh,

[89.95 [I 70.



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