INTRODUCTIONS I Getting sorted forthe new I Would-be Dorothy Parker I Edinburgh gay guy 29. I Gay male, 32 shy. sincere year? Stereotype first footer —- tall. wonders if anyone else iti enjoys - Cinema. music and and intelligent. seeking genuine slitn. dark and attractive tnale. seeks Glasgow thinks there might be a good company. Recently moved friends who value similar female (28—35) for the bells social dimension beyond back to Edinburgh. Looking to honesty/respect/conversation. 3- and hopefully beyond. (Lump of shouting over deafening tnusic. make new friends. like meeting D men/if they exist/wanting

. coal optional). Box No 347/6. sucking on as many fags and others with GSOH an fun to be more than brief encounters with llte lmruductmm pints as is humanly possible with!! Box No 348/50. a stranger. Glasgow/Ayn Box and/or discussing mortgages and I Glasgow professional 30. No 348/58. ,lu. "HM/m. ,,,,,.,,‘/,,..,,',,,, NEW TO EDINBURGH babies over the grilled goat's 6ft lin. good-looking. non- I Professional, gay male 3]. Wm (. I“, BMW.“ Inn/(mum, Young. 38. professional gay guy cheese salad. [like a good . scene. straight acting/looking. fit. enjoys. gym. cinema. A: I’M/"ruumml [NW/m, WI.TM younger. good looking laugh. stimulating conversation non-smoker. with active but reading. wants to meet similar guy for friendship and hopefully adn people who are interested as incomplete soc1al life. Looking gay male for friendship or more. 0 You enjoy your job much ntore. ALAWP. well as interesting. Age for similar male. 26—35. for way from pub/club scene. Photo . You read The List Box No. 345/57. irrelevant. Come jom me'.’ Box friendship or maybe more. Box appreCiated. Box No 348/59. No 348/10. No 348/51. I Successful artist early 40s. You buy CD'S I Dreaming of my soulmate I Edinburgh straight-acting considered very attractive. 0 You like Mavics I Edinburgh female Wl.TM music-loving. male graduate. 37. lad. 23. seeks similar young absolutely non-scene. with Listy . You relish caring om new friends. m/f. 40—60. independent down to earth. scally for clubbing. comedowns attributes plus fitness. tired of . You live day (0 day interests include cinema. the . sensitive. enjoys conversation. and Tomb Raider 3. Photo chasing rainbows seeks ‘normal' arts. walks. conversation and life travel. seeks intelligent. appreCiated but ALA. Box No sensitive. s/a. s/l soulmate. ° Y0“ “’3‘” "‘0" development. I)o write and tell attractive. optimistic woman for 348/52. 27—40. to share the fuller picture - me what interests you. Box No laughs. hopefully leading to I This 50 year old passionate. of excitement. quietude. heart. 236:1? 2132:??jzourliitcafd f/348/l. long-term Sunday morning athletic. long-haired and bearded hearth and life. Box No 348/60. p h pch. I Wanted - special man who'd cuddles. Would love to share life gay male human being. serious “we the“ and 0‘ a ( "‘9' be excellent company in with someone special. Reveal motorbiker and climber. feet "you are “do”, about a long Edinburgh. My friend did this yourself! Edinburgh/Glasgow well and truly on the ground. mm relationship. Take comm]. ; and she's having a fantastic based. Box No 348/1 1. seeks guy. 20—40. prepared to . time. Now it‘s our turn. If I Edinburgh male early 40's take calculated risks in life. who The L|st Personal Call Elite and Wm genuine 35—45. just send fun letter and with strong and demanding has a mind of his own. and Ads people. who want to meet photo. Box No 348/1. nature. looking for fun. loving whose identity doesn‘t depend . j . _ someone. just like you. I Two ‘PersonaI-ad-virgin' female for drinks. food. cinema. on his sexuality. Box No 348/53. “’9 dcs‘gm’f‘ {Prymdmdu‘lls ‘0 _ girls (slim. attractive. educated. love and to be tied up in binding I Gay female 27. warm- meet 0m” '"dmduals' Arm 9 Ya“ and “"‘h 3 °mccs n/s. Edinburgh based). seek two relationship. Photo if possible. hearted. easy-going kid with in cam“ 5C0‘land- 1‘ “’°‘l‘-‘- ‘blind-date-virgin‘ guys. (slim. Box No 348/12. crazy sense of humour. requires C. j . . . ' ' ' W " ' .‘ Two an els seek two wise emervenc friendshi and .. mum” promommal Elite lntroducuons. dilmulu‘ Ld‘uc‘lud‘ "A‘. l g y . _ . P y .. . p . literature and offensive m as 10 in] as Mr Spock , Einburgh based) for deviance. men for gold. frankincense and supportfrom similar females material are not forwarded 8 l decadence and delinquent maybe myrrh. We are sincere. With a liking for music. gurtars h . _ . ' i ' " . ' 2. ‘ducated well-travelled 30ish adn da -dreamin ’! Box No w c.” duunmd’ if yo?

62" bLhdHOUf 89x N0 348/ i L ‘. . y L“ receive such material With I Errant knight with pleasant i and counting on a miracle. 348/54. our BOX re '1. W INN H m

0141 236 7777 countenance. 40 years a- Photo essential. Box No 348/13. I Gay Londoner 34. talented {now writcpcz‘clzsgftgc

108m to 10me wandering. seeks fair lady. artist. nice house. nice jobsnice material. [OZ'Ckmi‘fichds at (32—40). to point him in the looking. seeks average. active The LN

Open 7 days. direction of a life filled with guy. non-smoker. around same

mm.“ "mm ,1". {/K A: 15,-". shared pleasures and guaranteed age. Hurry up! I'm desperate! romance. Edinburgh. Box No Box No 348/55. Remember... m 348/3. Q I Lipstick lesbians - where are I Handsome, sincere you? Slim. feminine. attractive. . j n . . Edinburgh tnale. 26. needs to witty. intelligent Edinburgh dim" Emmi” “If?” find an attractive. slim female female. 35. seeks similar for fun “253?;

WHAT ARE You with GS()H to share romantic nights out (and fun nights in!) n::;:lb:‘r" rm“ or L LP 0m

times with and enjoy generally Enjoys the usual List pursuits. ' DOING AT THE WEEKEND? being pampered. Photo No bisexuals. Box No 348/56. ° DO [6“ 11 ffscniwm‘fc YOU - - appreciated. Box No 348/4. I Glasgow gay prof male. 38 are going 2m W 1" time you over 500 different reglonal 5 I New to Edinburgh attractive I Glasgow gay male 28. on 5ft llin. medium build. no. 1. c"PM ‘0 be home- and nal'Onal events to Choose single mum (35). to very funny 2in. s/a. s/l with rugby player goatee. told attractive. s/a. s/l. . Always meet in a pubij from. The adventure group lOl v girl (2). Passions include books. ! build. A little out of shape seeks getting in good shape. needs place. ordinary people who want to ; humour. food/wine. France. I non-camp personal trainer. training/gym partner (Marriott) . . countdown. WITM anyone who 3 (20-30) to help re-establish to push him harder in regular do exuaord'naly lh'l'gs- likes or has children of similar fitness for sessions. Box No 348/57. Phone Spice on age. Potential for-romance a t fun/friendship/relationship. Box 01 3 bonus not a priority. Box No : lNo 347/50. . 348/5. | I Handsome, blue-eyed lOl a ltee NW l I 27 year old Edinburgh male. professional man. (31). seeks R E P A l seeks guitar playing female attractive. relaxed and

soulmate to share life. fun. intelligent guy (25 to 40).

5:13:1ng Bisetrilt (timuP . nights in/out. and everything I'm friendly. fit and good- B N U M B E R l U mu“ LL “r l else. Genuine replies only natured and into music. '

su ort/socialisin'.7.30 2 . . . . pp 1‘ pm "‘1 please. Anywhere iii Scotland. cinema and socialising.

'63:} \fsdhgdfliulf jiégljihgfi Box No 348/6. 5 Photo appreciated but not All you have to do is address I «let-O?” ‘1'} l C :9“, ‘52. 9"“ I Dominant male, 30 caring. ! essential. Box No . “r “rm ‘1‘" “"1” ’l'(‘ H sensitive but strict. I am good- 347/54. your letter to‘

Dixon Street. Glasgow (il 4Al..


looking. intelligent and z I A soulmate is not just - - - trustworthy. seeks articulate. for Christmas! Genuine The LlSt C'aSS'f'edI submissive female needing to Edinburgh gay male. attractive. - ? give up a little control in her 36. blonde. sporty. seeking Street or at the

life. Box No 348/7. intelligent beings (male). . . I Wild woman of the west 25—40. for friendship and who Ed'nburgh saUChleha”

36. full ofcontradicions loves knows. possibly more. Box No

i country life. but. will techno till 347/62.

; dawn. Seeks complementary I Intelligent, attractive - .

. caring ntale. 30/45 with male. 24. Professional. and we WI“ forward It-

; enthusiastic. independent edge graduate. easy-going and a '

l to stomp up and down hills 7 non-smoker. Enjoys travel. Remember to wrlte the

I witEh.hl.3lox ltlo 348/8. ; the outdoors. quiet pubs. BOX Number Clearly

f I x I arting moments l cinema and eatin ' out. -

I inglude parascending. Seeks like-mindeéd female. 'n the

. ro ler coaster rides. countin v Edinbur in Box No 347/65. . -

i stars in Hawaii. reaching (it: I Go oii take a risk! Rephes WI” be forwardEd Once a I Edinburgh guy! 29 (21mm. ; top ol‘the mountain. [n the What have you got to lose'.’ you send several repllesl send them In one sltaring guv witlt osoii set-{mu ' “WM 0‘ “”-"“""‘c "r G“ ‘" “we” and “Pb-"r" lar e envelo 9 Don’t stem the re lies but “mil.” guy for t-mnd‘hi and ~ I megamoney for repeat on a voyage of self-discovery g _ p ' _ p p 'm'm‘ncg In“.le Ci‘nc'z'l mqu experiences. Glasgow woman. with cool Glasgow. gay guy. do wnte the apprOprlate BOX Number I, ' t‘ 4 _ '1 34. seeks male adventure. Must 44. tall. slim and young at heart. I 1“ “f xpon‘ mt) 5‘ “‘17” mm i have a sparkle in your eve. Box Let's enjoy all that life has to On each envelope and drink. Box l\o 345/... M) “8/9 ' “Her! Bux’ N0 347/66.

l9 Nov—3 Dec 1998 THE “ST 105